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A crush that didn't end 1

by Test 2 months ago in Love
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A Jing is my best friend in college, as the name suggests, she is a very quiet girl, smiling with a shallow dimple, talking in a soft voice kind.

A Jing is my best friend in college, as the name suggests, she is a very quiet girl, smiling with a shallow dimple, talking in a soft voice kind.

I just broke up during that time, sentimental, sad, about Ah Jing to KTV singing, and Ah Jing confided in a lot, pouring bitterness, I finished, two people are silent.

Jing coldly came to a sentence: "At least you have a beginning and an end, I am before the beginning of the end." The look is quite a bit to see the taste of the red world.

I frowned, my mind flew through the boys who had crossed paths with Ah Jing, and suddenly a man appeared to stop in front of me.

"Who is it?" I gulped and asked tentatively, "It's not Fei, is it?"

In the bright and dim light of the booth, a hint of panic flashed in the corner of Ah Jing's eyes, and quickly covered it up.

"It's really Ah Fei ah ......" I sighed, "I can't believe it."

A Fei has a girlfriend who has been talking for seven years, long distance relationship.

"How long have you liked him?" I took Ah Jing into my arms, the same end of the world fallen people ah, trapped by love.

"More than a year, from the first time I saw him at the beginning of the school year." Ah Jing forced a smile, "then we entered the same club I was quite happy, at least the opportunity to get close to him, only to find that he already had someone, and talked for so long."

I, Jing, and Fei were all in the literature club, and when we got to sophomore year one of them became president and the other vice president, and there was more communication between them. Sometimes to hold activities need to apply for classrooms, check the process, etc., the two of them are acting together, but the two are official business, outsiders can not see any clues.

I really didn't expect Jing to like Fei and stick around for so long.

"So do you think it's possible?" I stared into her eyes.

"Long-distance love, who, who can say it ......" Ah Jing fell some stammering.

"To put it bluntly, Ah Jing, he has an object, if you want to forcefully insert, you are the third party ah." The room is not very breathable, the air is dry and hot.

Jing lowered her head, not knowing what she was thinking.

After a while she spoke, "I know, so I never crossed the line a little bit, but, I'm so painful."

"Are you sure you really like him?" I asked, undeterred.

I got a stammering affirmative answer, and after a while, Jing was vague and unclear.

The recent activities of the literary society are successfully concluded, A Fei said while not busy to go to a big game to relax, and finally we unanimously decided to go to the party.

After all, we have spent more than a year together, we are very familiar with each other, jokes are uninhibited, the atmosphere is very cordial.

In the evening, everyone gathered in the lobby of the villa to play games, a member of the community proposed to play the game of king, the king can designate a number at random, the person called to the number to do what the king designated, the scene was once lively, screams are almost overturned the roof.

One round, I was forced to kiss another boy across a poker for thirty seconds. But I just thought it was hilarious and funny because that boy was a very, very good friend of mine.


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