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2nd Tale of Tavros

by Corinne Del Cid 8 months ago in Short Story · updated 8 months ago
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The meeting of 2 soulmates

The Journey Ahead

As the whole Pequeno Village all crowded around Tavros & Zuteous wishing them a safe journey and saying Goodbye! The new found friends begin their quest. Tavros asks Zuteous where he has been the whole time while they met 3 days ago when Tavros 1st arrived. Zuteous refreshed Tavros’ memory and said that he turned into a raging bull and he chased after Zuteous, Tavros wasn’t very happy that Zuteous witnessed his curse, Zuteous dearly learned that Tavros was unaware of what happened when he transforms at night.

So Zuteous reveals a secret of his own, that he too can transform into an animal but he can at anytime he wants. Tavros was so surprised and kind of relieved that he met someone who can relate. Tavros asks Zuteous a lot of questions such as when did it start, how old he was when he learned it, if only Mycro & the villagers knew.

Zuteous found out when he was about 8 or 9 years of age because he played hide and seek, he wished he can turn into a small animal so he could hide very well and he was upset as a child that he was so much bigger and different than the other kids, he concentrated on a small squirrel then he turned into one. To his surprise he was amazed and scared that everyone in the village would be scared and they would turn him away so he kept it a secret but little did he know that Mycro actually knew because when he was left at the doorstep he was actually a baby fox, when he saw him but then he changed into a newborn human baby. As warmhearted and non judgmental Mycro is he decided to keep Zuteous for he had no family. No one else in the village knew. That is why Mycro pushed Zuteous to go with Tavros on his quest because Mycro knew of his curse as well. Mycro was an old wise man that was a child around the time Borem and Bevelin were a couple. He had been close friends with the parents of Tavros. They grew up together. Mycro vowed to move away and start a colorful happy village of his own with his own family now of 1,000 village members. He remembered his friends Octavio and Carolina the names of Tavros parents. They were such good dear friends to him, when he learned of their accident it saddened his heart.

Tavros and Zuteous had traveled to a secluded abandoned village out in the middle of nowhere Zuteous had said that they arrived at “Cyrus Village” made of tall beautiful green cypress trees with so much greenery. There were so many abandoned mid size cottage homes but it looked like the villagers were attacked by something vicious. There were huge claw scratches on walls, windows and doors broken into. Old blood splattered everywhere no signs of human life, when we stumbled upon this village the day turned to night very quickly and they were very tired for the next village was 2 days away Tavros transforms into a raging bull, Zuteous takes cover and Tavros is a huge dark black bull with red raging eyes with steam coming out of his nostrils then from across the broken down homes they can hear the crackling of the twigs that is on the ground then out from the shadows emerges a huge beautiful giant female wolf her fur is a light color gray her cheeks and chest are white ear tips are black she has black beatty olive green eyes, a magical wondrous thing happens between her and Tavros, their eyes lock as one Tavros seems as though he is in a trance, while he is stuck he can hear a voice in his head,(kind of like when Jacob from Twilight imprints on Renesmee) he then realizes the voice in his head is coming from the beautiful female wolf, she tells him her name is Coryna, she asks him his name. He answers her and then she also asks why they are there in her village. She said it used to be her home but a pack of werewolves killed and ate everyone there. The leader took a liking to her and thought her to be his mate, he bit her transforming her into what he sees before him. Every night she transforms, she admitted that she managed to kill the leader and his pack ran off, she then remained there. Tavros asked her how it is that they can telepathically communicate, she answered Tavros that she didn’t know, but for some reason when she saw him she believed that deep down they can communicate this way. For all these years she has never known that she can do this! Tavros then asked Coryna how long she had been this way. She answered for 10 years now, she was told once by a wise traveler by the name of Mycro that someone would one day come to meet her and this person would be her soulmate but only if she remains there, for her soulmate would find her and he would be as extraordinary as she is, and he would help her to become human again by finding the gem heart of the sorceress’. Tavros thinks to himself, how can Mycro even know of Bevelin’s gem heart? The two had been together telepathically communicating the whole night and to Zuteous it looked so awkward from where he was, which was far up in a tree, he had no choice but to sleep there. To Zuteous they both looked so scary to him he was not sure if they would eat or attack him.

The very next day Tavros wakes up alone on the floor looking and searching for Coryna and then Zuteous jumps out in front of him startling him, and then asks Zuteous, where have you been? He then answers that he has been keeping his distance from the pair because they both looked terrifying! Then Tavros walks off searching for Coryna then suddenly next to a river nearby a beautiful young woman appears her hair is jet black long straight thick all the way down to her bottom, her eyes were big almond shaped the color green her body is thick and curvy, she hardly had any clothing on she looked like a wild woman. Her skin color was tan light brown, she had voluptuous pink lips, arched eyebrows, high cheekbones, round slightly chubby face, slightly tall flat nose, long eyelashes. She was very calm and poised. She walked over to both very slowly and said. Good morning, both guys were so mesmerized by her beauty they both stumbled and answered back they cleared their throats, then Zuteous introduced himself. Returning his gratitude, then Coryna tells them that they should start the journey ahead ASAP, the two follow happily.

Short Story

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