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155.160 MHz

by Crystal A. Walker 5 months ago in Horror
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The channel for 'Search and Rescue' becomes 'Hunt to Kill' in the Alaska Wilderness.

Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels

The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window. Watching the shadows dance across Sarah's eyes as the sun sets over the mountain range, she reflects on her dire circumstances.

I cannot believe I got lost. Marissa and Joseph are probably freaking out by now. Once I get back to Crowne Point, I owe them a few stiff drinks.

Three days ago, Sarah, Marissa, and Joseph set off on Ptarmigan Lake Trail for a backpacking adventure near the inland coast of Alaska. With Sarah's pending divorce, her long-time friend and her husband invited her to escape life's hustle-and-bustle in Los Angeles to join them on a hike through the wilderness. Their chosen location: Ptarmigan Lake.

Tucked inside the Chugach National Forest, the lake is cloaked amongst a blanket of foliage including pine, Cow Parsnip, and Devil's Club. The lake is nestled between steep earth as the mountain range creeps east to west for miles. Surrounded by gold and crimson hues, it's difficult to believe that fall is already greeting Alaska in August. While a plane ride away, Sarah could be back in L.A., where it's still hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

August in Alaska is typically known as the 'rainy season.' On a whim, the summer can morph from a sublime paradise to a torrential downpour in a minute. As a tourist, that's your queue to get out of the wilderness and back to civilization before the snow falls in a few short weeks while the land prepares to slumber inside winter darkness.

Sometime between taking out her iPhone to capture images for her social media feed - proving that she's a rebounding divorcee - Sarah became separated. To the best of her knowledge, the last point of contact made with Marissa and Joe was somewhere on the east side of Ptarmigan Lake. After hours of trying to find her way back, Sarah knew she was officially lost.

On her first night alone, all she could think about was becoming the next meal for a grizzly bear as she shivered under a blanket of dead leaves. Desperate and dehydrated, she nearly gave up hope and was on the cusp of letting death consume her. Dismissing the temptation to succumb to a cold demise, Sarah stumbled onto a dilapidated dwelling tucked in the shadows of Andy Simmons Mountain in the south and the abandoned Falls Creek Mine to the north. Oh my god, yes! A welcome euphoria sweeps over her, feeling her plea finally answered.

The simple one-story log cabin sits quietly inside a small prairie where a family of black-tail deer grazes. A few feet above the roof line, a dark stove pipe perches itself in the air. No smoke.

After several knocks on the heavy wooden door and no reply, Sarah peeks through the window. Seeing it vacant, she cautiously wiggles the handle. It's unlocked...

She pads inside, letting the dust on the floor stir from her entry. Examining the source of the stove pipe stemming from a small cast-iron stove in the corner, her eyes fall to a hearty pile of chopped wood and tender stacked neatly next to it. Almost beckoning, Sarah makes a beeline across the living space to light the furnace. Not wasting a moment to get a fire going, she sheds her wet clothes, laying them over a set of spare kitchen chairs. Shivering naked in front of the stove, she hugs herself in a lonely embrace.

Getting her blood pumping to her fingertips, plums of dust fall around Sarah as she rips open the cabinets, causing her to choke back several coughs. Eyeing a bag of half-opened rice and a jar of honey, the corner of her upper lip curls as she hears her brother's voice ring in her ears. We learned how to survive on bugs and bark in Boy Scouts. Later, as a Navy Seal, I once ate a half-eaten kebab out of a trash can in Iraq and ate a salmon right out of the waters of Kodiak during cold-weather training. Food is just fuel. So, quit your b*tching, eat your chow, and return to the mission.

With a quick boil on the stove, she pours herself a hearty bowl of rice into a nearby dish. After dousing the grains with honey, she jabs the tip of her fork into the fluffy pile. Pulling the morsel into her mouth, Sarah examines the chipped flower bowl of food, trying to ignore the ill-tasting concoction on her tongue. Inhaling another spoonful, she moans, realizing that some of the rice isn't fully cooked when she hears the grain crunch between her teeth. Despite finishing her portion, the feeling of hunger still knots in her gut. Sitting back at the table, she watches the candle flicker as it keeps her company.

Taking a swig of her canteen to push the half-cooked rice down her throat, the owls hoot as a pack of wolves howls in the distance. Licking her tongue over her teeth, wiping any sweet residue, Sarah holds her fingertips up to the half-burnt wax pillar to examine her skin. Seeing the tips transform from a deathly blue to a healthy pink, she lets out a sigh of relief. Thank goodness there are no signs of frostbite.

Letting out a cat-like stretch, something catches her attention. The floorboards are a different color from the rest.

Pushing her empty dish away, Sarah makes her way to the planks in three giant strides. Kneeling next to the wood, she runs her fingertips across several deep scratches spiraling out from the timber knot that has rotted away. Fitting the tip of her finger perfectly inside the hole, Sarah pulls it toward her and lets the floorboard fall to her side.

Waving more dust away, she switches on the flashlight on her phone to examine the pit, Just for a second. My phone doesn't have much power left, and I have no signal, and I'd like to save the battery for when I have at least one bar of signal strength. Quickly scanning the corners, the light lands on a thread-bare bundle in the corner. Powering off her cell's torch, her fingertips dive under the wood floor, searching for the tucked heap.

Grasping the wrapped heap in her hands, Sarah raises it to eye level. Blowing off a layer of grime, she gently unwraps it. Pulling back the burlap, she runs her thumb across the deckle edge before tossing the wrinkled leather cover open to the first page.

Examining the different handwriting styles, Sarah dissects the book into makeshift chapters, each ending with '155.160 MHz' haphazardly scratched inside. On other pages, the writing is cut so deep that it marks the page beneath while repeating the same thing. 155.160 MHz...155.160 MHz...155.160 MHz...

Slumping in her chair, Sarah rubs her chin, trying to recall the channels she'd heard while fishing with her ex-husband in the Gulf of Mexico. Remembering the Coast Guard's repeated notifications on Channel 16 broadcasting on 155.800 MHz, she knew this scribbled frequency was not an at-sea Search and Rescue channel. Maybe, it's a land Search and Rescue channel? A warm rush flushes over her skin. Ptarmigan Lake is less than thirty miles from the coast! Perhaps I can call for help on Channel 16!

Ripping open the closets and cupboards, Sarah goes on a wild spree looking for anything that may have served as a radio. However, after tearing each pantry door and storeroom open, no sign of any wired-salvaged communication could act as her beacon of hope.

Leaning against the counter while biting her lower lip, Sarah looks around the one-story cabin. Letting her gaze fall to her feet, Only one stone is left unturned, she kicks the corner of a curled rug. The crawlspace.

A draft from the open flooring tickles her skin. Caressing her arms, Sarah's eyes fixate on the dark void beneath her feet. Squinting, she peers into the cracks seeing a foreboding smile beneath. What the...Her mind races witnessing a set of bright yellow eyes fixed on her.

'Hello, Sarah,' a low disembodied voice echoes under her toes.

Hearing the wood popping inside the cast-iron stove, breaking her trance, she looks back at her feet. I could have sworn something was there. The blood in her face flushes to her toes, leaving her trembling against the chipped stone counter. Be brave, her brother's voice pierces her ears again.

Pinching the tattered rug between her fingers, Sarah yanks the cloth away like a loose end of her boot's shoelace, making the floor's draft blow through her hair. Placing her palms on the deck, Sarah crawls on all fours before placing an ear on the deck. Hearing nothing but silence, she cups an eye between the cracks. Seeing nothing but darkness, Sarah activates her phone and sees the screen at less than a 10% power level.


Powering her phone off to save the little battery left, Sarah tucks it into her vest's breast pocket before plunging her hands into the dark abyss. Wiggling the tips of her fingers in the vacant space, the static in the air ripples across her skin, only settling once they make contact with a foreign piece of cloth. Before she could bring the clump to the surface, a loud BANG lands next to the cabin window.

Gasping, Sarah looks at the candle fluttering under the dark window sill. Taking a deep breath, she shuffles her way toward the frosted panes. Examining a branch lying on top of the deck, she watches the sun set over the mountain range and clouds rolling in.

Hearing the scratching of tree limbs on the roof, Sarah makes her giant stride back to the floor's pit. Pulling up the tattered heap, she gently sets it on the floor, revealing an antique radio and mic.

Smiling ear-to-ear, she cradles it while gently placing it on the counter like a newborn baby. After cleaning it up and plugging it in, she waits for the first sign of life. Frantically turning the knobs and pushing the buttons, the radio remains silent. Checking that the power cord is plugged in, she tries the switches. Of course, that's my luck. It's f*cking dead! Sarah slams her palm on the top.

Suddenly, the digital reader lights up while a high-pitched squeal screams across her ears.

Gripping the heavy mic in her palm, Sarah tries to dial Channel 16 on 155.800 MHZ, but only giving her the option for 155.160 MHz. Radios are capable of pulling up hundreds of channels. Why is this one only letting me up this one? Keying the mic, "Hello? Can anyone hear me?"


"My name is Sarah Garcia, and I'm lost and have sought shelter in an abandoned cabin. I think I am somewhere east, between Crowne Point and Primrose."

Image captured by Google Maps

More silence.

F*ck! Someone answer. Please....answer!

Slamming the mic against the shiplap backsplash, Sarah runs her fingers through her damp hair. This cannot be happening! First, my husband cheated on me, then I filed for divorce, and now I am lost in the Alaska wilderness. If I ever meet Kharma, I'll slap that b*tch in the face.

Sighing, Sarah reaches for the power button to switch off.

"Hello? Sarah! We have you loud and clear. This is Ranger Hawkes. Stay put, and I'll send some help your way."

"No sh*t, Ranger Hawkes. I'd like to get out of here as soon as possible. I was separated from my friends near the lake, and - "

"Whoa, Ma'am. Calm down and save the power to your radio. Give me some facts so I can help you. Where did you last see your friends?"

After a brief pause, "Ptarmigan Lake. They are probably worried sick somewhere on the lake's east side." Unclicking the mic, Sarah lets the static fill her eardrums for what seemed like an eternity. "Are you still there? Hello? Ranger Hawkes?"

"Don't worry, Sarah. I'll find your friends and get them squared away."

Sighing with relief, "Oh, thank you, sir."

"Please, call me Logan."

It looks like I just met my first date as a divorcee, and I owe him a drink too. "What do you suggest I do in the meantime?"

Hearing a muffled chuckle on the other end, "Ration what you have and sit tight. Read...or...journal by candlelight. I'll be in touch."

Looking over her shoulder, back at the table to the melting candle illuminating the dusty diary, That's odd to say.

Sarah drops the mic on the wood countertop and plops next to the diary. Starting at the first page, she sees the scribbled text, 'Help Us.'

Furrowing her brow, she turns to the next page.

August 10, 1996

My name is Raegan Miller. I'm 17 years old, and I ran away from home. My father was an abusive alcoholic between fishing seasons, and I thought I could find refuge in the forest. However, one night I stumbled across this cabin.




Suddenly a voice whispered to me, 'The floor.'

My eyes fell to the wood planks where I found this journal I am writing in. All of the pages before mine didn't make any sense. Some were strange symbols, others were menacing drawings. However, the only understanding I could make was through the SOS message. '155.160 MHz' scribbled on the random pages. However, it confused me as the station I am familiar with is the International Distress Frequency 156.8 MHz, better known as 'Channel 16.'

My father was a fisherman and made me memorize it early in my childhood. With my mother dying while giving birth to me, my father was left with a strong-willed daughter, eager to learn the way of life. Despite growing up fast, I remember him always queuing up the radio in the living room before he left for crab season.

'Listen to this channel, baby. If you hear my voice, know I am not coming home.' Each time he went out to the fishing grounds, I knew that I may wake up one day without a father. However, little did we know that it would be me giving the last hail and distress call, but not over Channel 16. Instead, the only frequency picking me up is 155.160 MHz...Strangely, it's the only frequency I've been able to have any communication on.

If you're reading this, tell my pappa that I love him and that I will do what I can to get home.

- Raegan

August 27, 2001

This is the journal entry of Amy Hunt. Following what Raegan did before my entry, I figured it was best to follow suit. I'm 24 years old and lost in the legendary Alaska Triangle after a plane crash with my brother. The last known position is the east side of Ptarmigan Lake.

Our plane landed on the icy sheet of the lake before the cold water sucked it under. As much as I tried to pull my unconscious brother from his seat, I could tell that his fate was sealed, resulting in him being taken with our Bush Plane.

We lived a simple life, and all of our money was sunk into that plane as a small business. Now, all I have to remember him by is the matching tattoo of a compass we both got when I turned 18.

After our crash, I headed south, over the Andy Simmons mountain, and towards the coast. However, after a day and night's hike, I found myself inside this crippled cabin, where I found this journal tucked in the back of a closet.

Some of it I could interpret, but the majority made no sense, and I interpreted it as gibberish. I almost closed the diary when I flipped to another page when the gruesome drawings caught my attention. There was a doodle of a woman running through the forest with an ax buried deep in her skull. Since I stumbled on that page, let me tell you: I don't feel safe here.

- Amy

Reading the journal entries, the accounts of the people who have stumbled upon the cabin get darker and darker. The drawings, more sinister and detailed, making Sarah's heart pace. Just when she's about had enough reading, her eyes flip to another page. This time, she sees the dismembered body of a woman after being frozen to a tree. But, when her eyes land on the drawing of a dismembered forearm with a compass tattoo on it, her stomach churns. Amy Hunt and her brother had matching tats.

Forcing herself to turn one more page, Sarah reads the last entry.

September 19, 2003

If you're reading this journal, leave the cabin!

The radio is busted, and people are playing tricks on you. Like other entries, I couldn't reach anyone on Channel 16. Keying up to 155.160 MHz, I contacted a forest ranger who said his name was Logan. However, shortly after hearing him say that he received my distress call, several women's voices echoed on the radio. However, something seemed off.

Their voices were ethereal, unlike anything I had heard over standard static radio. Their voices overlapped, each saying their names: Raegan, Amy, Holly, Morgan, Cloe, Trish, Barbara...The list went on and on while they tried to recount their morbid stories.

Each story was different but had one thing consistent: They all died near a cabin east of Ptarmigan Lake.

Trust no one except for the women on the radio. Hearing their plea to run, I cannot help but feel it's the right thing to do.

Wish me luck, and stay safe.

- Diana Finnegan

Page after page, Sarah flips each one over.

SOS. 155.160 MHz. SOS. 155.160 MHz. SOS. 155.160 MHz. SOS. 155.160 MHz. SOS. 155.160 MHz. SOS. 155.160 MHz. SOS. 155.160 MHz. SOS. 155.160 MHz....

However, something catches her eye in the last entry.

"He's going to kill you."

Sarah's heart beats hard enough that she hears it in her ears. Shaking her head, No. No. No! This cannot be happening!

Breaking her concentration on the journal, another slam reverberates against the cabin. This time, by the kitchen window. Tossing the journal aside, Sarah reaches the window and scans her surroundings. Goosebumps ripple across her skin once she realizes, There are no trees or branches on this side of the cabin.

Backing away, another BANG reverberates against the walls! Whipping her head in the direction of the source, she sees a hand pressed against the front window. Watching the candle quiver, the imprint fades in front of her eyes. Despite fear keeping her frozen, she musters the courage to latch the door and pulls the table in front of the entry. Centering herself in the middle of the cabin, Sarah's heart practically bursts through her chest as she tries to gather her bearings.

A draft of cold air tickles her ankles where the plank remains ajar where she found the book and radio. Before she can close the lid, the radio comes alive.

"Hell...Hello?" a woman's shakey voice cracks over the air.

Reaching for the mic, Sarah holds it close like a cup of hot chocolate to her lips. "Yes? Hello? Ranger Hawkes? Is someone there? I'm stranded in an abandoned cabin. Supplies are low, and..." Sarah's voice catches in her throat. "I'm scared."

"...You. Should. Be..." a demonic voice cackles over the frequency.

Choking back a sob, anger fills her reddened face. "Who the f*ck is this? Do you think this is funny?!"

"He's...going to kill you," the terrified woman's ethereal voice sobs.

Eyes wide, she gazes at the book while swallowing hard to keep her queasiness at bay. Gripping the mic, "Leave me alone! Whatever sick game you're playing, just stop," her voice cracks.

"Ranger Hawkes is going to play a game with you tonight," a choking voice gargles over the radio before it erupts into manic laughter.

Covering her ears, Why would anyone want to torment someone like this? Unable to keep the women's voices at bay, Sarah grips the radio and slams it to the ground. Screw this! I'm out of here. Grabbing her backpack and putting out the fire in the cast iron stove, Sarah starts to pull the table away from the door to make a run into the woods, but before she can set one finger on the tabletop, the radio hum startles her.

No way, I broke that g*ddamn thing. Cautiously turning around, she tiptoes to the illuminated digital reader, dialing itself to 155.160 MHz. Tracing the power cord with her fingers until she finds the cold plug, she eyes the wired connection sitting in her hand, yet the radio is still powered on.

"R...u...n...Ru...n...RUN!" a woman shrieks over the air.

The door rattles and bangs behind her, making the candle on the table shake. Gasping, Sarah looks for an exit. Running to the window to open it, she hesitates. This is such a small cabin. Whoever - or whatever - is at the door will easily see me escaping.

"Sarah..." a voice over the radio whispers.

Bracing against the wall, she hears the radio calling for her again. This time, instead of picking up the mic to answer, she kicks the radio to the side. Ignoring the splinters digging into her skin, she pulls more floor planks away and wedges herself into the crawlspace. Still hearing banging at the cabin's door, she shuffles on the top of the loose dirt.

Scratching at the earth, Sarah notices several smooth lumps under her belly. What are these? Cobblestones? Who'd make a cabin's foundation out of cobblestones in the middle of nowhere? Hearing a crunch beneath her, a deep voice whispers her name behind her. 'Sarah..."

Glancing over her shoulder into the darkness, nothing but shadows dance around her. Listening to the wilderness, she can tell she's near the edge of the crawlspace. As soon as I am free from under the cabin, run. In any direction into the woods. Anywhere, away from here!

A sudden warmth washes over her back, making her furrow her brow. Gazing up, she can see a small blaze above the floorboards. Oh, sh*t. The cabin is on fire! Trying to catch her breath, she looks at the dirt under her, softly lit from the cracks in the floor. Cutting her hand on a sharp edge, she looks at what appears to be a broken piece of cobblestone. Squinting, she blows the dirt off.

That's not cobblestone.

Holding a fractured piece up to the light, she scrunches her eyebrows together and studies the odd shape in her hand. In her palm lays a smooth piece of bone with her fingers protruding through the back of where an eye socket would be. However, it's not that her fingertips are protruding through a part of a human skull that captures Sarah's attention, but a protruding gash where an ax had wedged itself about the brow. Raegan Miller...

"Sarah..." the dark voice whispers again.

Squinting to make out a figure behind her, Sarah's eyes make out a man crawling on all fours. Lifting his body like a spider, he inches closer with a devilish smile with teeth filed to daggers. "I'm here to rescue you," he shuffles toward her with two tomahawks gripped in his fists.

"Get away from me!" she scurries to the nearest exit. Pushing a pile of cut logs away from the foundation, the smell of pine flooding her nostrils, Get to the trees!

Before she can climb to her feet, a set of razor-sharp nails snag her pack. Wiggling her arms from it, she leaves the bag behind and bolts to the nearest forest opening.

Run! Run faster! Keep going! The anxiety pulses through her veins. I want to go home! I want to see Joe and Marissa again, and I desperately need to hug my brother, warm tears flood her cheeks in the chilly breeze.

After running for what felt like a trek across half of Alaska, Sarah sees the warm glow of the cabin in the distance. Sucking the frigid air into her lungs, she feels her chest burning with adrenaline. Looking at her feet, she's relieved that no snow has hit the ground yet. Snow would make it much easier to track me. Pushing the wet leaves away with her feet, she's comforted, knowing they are still wet from a recent drizzle.

Leaning against a towering tree, Sarah gazes at the canopy watching the aurora borealis skitter across the atmosphere. I'm from L.A. How the hell am I supposed to know which direction I'm going? I remember that in deserted movies, people would look for the brightest star in the sky or something like that. Flipping open her phone to see if she can pull up a direction finder, she queues up a map. However, before it could calibrate to her location, the last of the battery life depletes itself. Sh*t! I don't know what to do, she runs her fingers through her greasy hair and sobs.

"Pssst..." a young woman peers out from behind a tree.

Nearly losing her footing as she spins on her heels, Sarah cups her mouth to prevent a scream.

Holding a finger to her lips. "Be quiet, or The Ranger will hear you. Right now, he's hunting. Just like did to me and everyone else who found that cabin."

"Wha- What are you doing out here? You'll freeze to death," Sarah pushes herself away from the trunk.

Cocking her head to the side, her dark eyes watch Sarah coming closer. "There's more to fear in these woods than freezing to death. Luckily, I feel nothing anymore except darkness now. But you," she points a boney finger in Sarah's direction. "There is hope."

"What is your name?" Sarah shivers.

"Amy Hunt..."

The same Amy Hunt who made the journal entry?! "Impossible. You survived a plane that crashed here more than two decades ago. Your brother didn't make it, but you did. You found your way to the cabin and made an entry in that journal. But -" she eyes her head to toe. That would make you more than 40 years old today, yet -."

A sinister grin cracks over Amy's pale face before pulling another finger to her lips, shushing Sarah. "Make your way home and reunite with your brother. Otherwise, you'll end up here rotting away with me...and the others."

Swallowing the lump growing in her throat, "The others?"

"Yes, many more people here have met their demise by The Ranger. Now go! He's near."

"S-A-R-A-H!" Ranger Hawkes's voice bellows through the trees.

"That way," Amy points into the darkness.

Before she can turn to dart in the direction, a whistle bustles across Sarah's face as she watches a tomahawk's blade dig into the bark in front of her. Looking over her shoulder, she sees the voice calling for her. This time, Ranger Hawkes runs in her direction. "SARAH!" his voice booms against the trees.

Tripping over a branch, she catches her footing as Sarah heads in the direction Amy's apparition indicated.

Unprepared to figure out how to fight the specter in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, Sarah's muscles welcome the sense of flight filling her veins. Running faster than ever, she hurdles over fallen branches and weaves through the deciduous trees. In the distance, a faint warm glow catches her attention. The road...

After sliding down the slippery embankment and leaping over a small creek, she clinches fistfuls of mud, making her ascent. Rolling onto the asphalt, she reaches her feet and heads directly toward the closest street sign. Seeing a burning light reflect against the green reflective surface, she shields her eyes with one arm and waves down the car with the other. Frantically signaling her distress, she lets out a furious cough trying to catch her breath as a pool of blue and red lights illuminate around her.

"What are you doing out here?" the highway patrolman asks, getting out of the patrol car.

"I'm...I'm lost..." she weeps. "My name is "Sarah Garcia, and I lost my friends near Ptarmigan Lake."

Recognizing her name, "Your friends have practically called the governor ordering a state-wide manhunt for you."

Delusional from shock and coldness, That sounds like Marrisa and Joe. Before Sarah could fall to her knees, a thick wool blanket drapes over her shoulder as she's directed to the back of the vehicle. With a few keys of the microphone, the patrolman calls for dispatch. Only able to catch small phrases, Sarah can tell that radiomen have been notified and that she's on the way to the closest hospital.

"How did you find your way to the road?" the trooper adjusts the rearview mirror to look at her.

Forcing her eyes open, Sarah lets the words roll off her tongue. "Ranger Hawkes was after me, but Amy Hunt told me which way to go."

Slamming on the breaks, he throws the gear into park. "Do you think that's f*cking funny?" his reddened face spins around to bang his hand against the steep partition. Ranger Hawkes was a part of my jurisdiction and a respected man of the law, and Amy Hunt is yet to be found!"

Confused, her head rolls to the driver's side of the patrol car, where The Ranger has another tomahawk poised over the patrolman's window. As a scream reverberates from the back of her throat, the blade finds its way into the trooper's jugular. Peeling the handaxe's glistening edge away from the back of the patrolman's spine, Sarah sees the eyes of various bloodied corpses standing in front of the headlights, waving at her.

Amy, Holly, Morgan, Cloe, Trish, Barbara, and Diana.

The blade slices across her throat like a cold wave flooding her veins. "It's time for your next broadcast, Sarah" Ranger Hawkes's devilish smile gleams at her as her sight fades to darkness.


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You can find all of my articles on my blog as well on Medium where I'm most active in Humor, Lifestyle, and Travel. I've self-published one fantasy fiction with the sequel in the works.

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