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by Erin N Hand 4 months ago in Short Story

A Recording from the 2060s-70s Invasion, Transcribed by Micah Stone, 11.23.2203

Room B4, Kepler-38 Exhibit, The Seattle Heritage Museum, New Westfort, UNA

During the 2071 “cleansing” nuclear weapons were deployed in an effort to eradicate the alien parasite Protoporidea, more commonly known as the Kepler-38 Parasite. It is believed that nearly 20% of the world’s remaining population at the time was eliminated, roughly 850 million people. Another 7% was lost during the second wave five months later.

The idea of large-scale extermination projects was first purposed by the Italian government in 2070 to an outcry of opposition. But as the parasite spread and every other option failed, one-by-one other countries began to agree. The United States of America signed the Rome Accord on June 7th, 2071.

And on June 30th, 2071 the greater Seattle area was cleansed.

It was the first major city in the United States to undergo the process and the only one that was not given prior notice to the event. And around 100,000 uninfected people died as a result. It also resulted in the largest single casualty count to occur in North America during either wave of the cleansing with an estimated 20,000 deaths within the first 24 hours after impact.

The first of three bombs that were dropped in King County, Washington was deployed at 6:37 am; killing about 8,000 people almost instantly. The owner of this locket was crushed to death when the house she was in collapsed.

Her name was Mary Courcy, and she was 15 years old.


“Noah, I hope you’re the one watching this. And if you are not Noah… I hope some of this information at least proves useful.

Though I also hope no one is seeing this. But if you are, then that probably means you’re alone.

I’m sorry about that. I didn’t want to leave you, none of us did. But life isn’t fair, and if you haven’t learned that already, you’re going to by the time I’m done.

Still, I want you to know that I love you, Noah. We did this so you could live. One of us at least should live. And even though you’re still young I believe you have the best shot. Or at least I hope so. God, I wish mom and dad were here so I could ask them.

Right, moving on. I’m not crying on this one. I’ve already had to re-start five times.

Let me start by telling you a bit about yourself. I have told the McAdams some things -they asked more questions than I answered. But let me tell you a little more here. Your last name is Courcy. You might be too young to remember and I doubt the McAdams will. I hope they at least remember your birthday.

Actually, I’ll include that too.

You were born on April second, twenty-sixty-eight at one-thirty-five in the morning. Mom was disappointed because she really wanted you to be born on April first. She was going to wait until you were older and then pretend to forget your birthday as an April fools joke. Dad and I were glad you weren’t born on the first.

Oh… Perhaps I should’ve started with that.

Our parents’ are James and Patricia Courcy. Or at least they were James and Patricia Courcy. Anyways, my name is Mary, I’m your big sister, and I’m so sorry I can’t tell you all this in person.

I hope that I will get to tell you all this in person. Of course, if you’re watching this it means I’m not. It’s actually really weird trying to record something for a future that may or may not happen.

On the one hand, if everything goes as planned and you never have to see this I’ll feel kind of stupid for having made it. But on the other hand, if I don’t make this and things don’t go as planned you’ll be left with nothing. This is all so morbid. But I guess that’s kind of the world right now.

Perhaps you are listening to this in a better world than it was recorded in. Perhaps, all of this will be useless by the time you are old enough to find it. If that’s the case, then I’m glad.

Truly I am. Even if I don’t get to see it for myself.

But if not. If you can’t go outside. If you have never seen the sun. Then I want this chance to tell you a little bit about it.

Oh, I suppose you might be wondering how you ended up with the McAdams. Well, you see, that’s actually a rather long story so for the sake of time, I’ll summarize.

It’s a complete coincidence actually. We’d never met the McAdams before. Nor had our parents, at least not that I’m aware of. You see, we were trying to leave Seattle and head east to a safe zone in Utah, but things happened and dad died.

Mom, you, and I got a little further when we ran into Daniel McAdam. He offered us shelter for the night before we continued the next day. But at some point, mom had gotten infected. She sent us inside with Daniel and she remained outside. I can still see her from the front windows. She doesn’t move anymore.

It’s a little eerie to look at. But I feel like if I don’t then I’m pretending like she isn’t there and I don’t want my mom to feel abandoned. I mean, I know she doesn’t know, but still…

Anyway, that’s how you ended up where you are. Assuming you’re still with them. And I won’t tell you which one is her. I don’t want you to know or to think about it.

But that isn’t really what I wanted to talk about. I want to tell you why I’m not there. The dead have an automatic excuse, but I’m not dead yet.

You see, this isn’t the first message to be left in this locket. Mom left one for me. I was going to just leave her’s in here but I need it to know where I am going. And you’re too young to do anything right now. Plus if I just left you mom’s then you wouldn’t know what happened to me. And I want you to know what happened to me.

In her message, mom told me that the government has set up a safe zone somewhere in Utah. But she’s not sure of the exact location. We were going to go look for it when mom got infected.

They have a way to test if you infected even if there isn’t any growth in your lungs yet. It turns out there are actually two types of polyps, the one that builds in your lungs and the one that builds in your brain. And they can test for the presence of the brain one before the lung one is active.

The government is quarantining those that aren’t infected in these camps so they can get to work trying to kill off this parasite. But the nearest camp is a long way away from us.

Mom’s biggest concern was the size of the camps and how many supplies they have. She didn’t hear anything about there being a limit to the number of people they’re willing to take in but there has to be. Right? I mean they can’t support everyone. At least not for an extended period of time.

Mom told the McAdams about this but they said they were too old for it. Which doesn’t make any sense if you ask me. Why would they turn people away based on age? Or maybe they mean they’re too old to make the journey. But they seem healthy enough.

Regardless, they don’t want to come. But I also don’t feel comfortable taking you with me. At least not yet.

That’s why in three days I going to leave you with the McAdams and try to go find this place for myself. If I succeed I’ll come back and get you. If not then you’ll have this. And maybe you can come find me.

The McAdams are a nice couple and I trust them not to screw you over or kill you the first chance they get. But they are also the kinds of people to welcome strangers into their house and who knows who else they’ll bring home while I’m gone.

That’s why I am going to hide the chip in our mother’s locket and hope you still remember the password when you’re older. I’d leave that here too, but, well...

And I won’t leave them outside the locket in case someone else finds them first. This is for you Noah. I want you to survive no matter what.

The coordinates mom left me are 40°43'12.0"N, 114°01'48.0"W.”


From its contents, we believe the house was the residence of Mr. and Mrs. McAdams. The locket was found around the neck of a teenage girl, one of four remains found: Emily McAdam (69), Daniel McAdam (73), Mary Courcy(15), Noah Courcy(4).

This video was found on a SanDisk MicroSD inside a locket in the debris of a house just outside the Seattle area. This in itself is quite significant as we had previously believed that the MicroSD had become obsolete by the mid-2050s, SanDisk had stopped making them by 2058 before being bought by MW in 2060. This discovery has lead to new research into the technological developments of the pre-Potoporidea area.

Short Story

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