Unpopular opinion: Vegetables are better than dessert

by Arlee Maxwell 6 months ago in healthy

I said it, now read it.

Unpopular opinion: Vegetables are better than dessert

Long ago when we were each a young child, I’m willing to bet you heard your parents trying to bribe you to eat vegetables by threatening you with the loss of dessert? I myself have done this many times as a parent, have you? This common strategy may backfire and increase your child's resistance to eating vegetables or other healthy foods. As a child I remember hating vegetables not giving them a chance, because of being forced to eat them just so I could eat my cake too. It has instilled it into our brains that dessert is better than vegetables that’s for sure. As I got older I realized how many vegetables I use to turn my nose up at that I actually enjoy and prefer over any type of sweets or desserts. So here I am with my unpopular opinion to many and ready to debunk that dessert are better than your veggies.

In case you didn’t know desserts are made up of refined carbs, trans-fats and added sugars. I honestly feel like this hasn’t been a secret but a lot of people don’t care about what they put into there bodies. With that said, the refined carbs in which makes them calorie-dense. Again, no surprise that may result in some extra body weight gain (excess fat). Not only weight gain as a factor, but consuming a lot of dessert can be harmful to your health. Many desserts that are enjoyed by many are have the same key ingredient, which is dairy products.

Cows milk and other dairy products are the top source of saturated fat in our diet contributing to many health issues such as Alzheimer's disease, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. As if that’s not bad enough, many studies have been done concluding that the consumption of diary products have also linked to an increased risk of ovarian, breast, and prostate cancers. Dairy products were made for cows and there calf’s. You don’t see a cow coming up to you after you gave birth sucking on your boob for milk do you? So why do we not only steal their milk but also the babies from birth keeping them from drinking it? Did you also know puss and blood is in the cows milk you buy from the store? You just can’t see it but I promise, it’s there. Just do your research and you’ll find how each country allows a certain amount of puss and blood in the milk that you drink because they can’t filter it all out.

I feel as though I’m bringing about more than just one unpopular opinion to people’s attention, but I care about you and want to hold you accountable even if it doesn’t make me seem all that popular anymore. I’m not trying to turn you vegan but more so show you that there are far more healthier options to bring to the table by using vegetables and plant based milks. Am I saying desserts are bad? Of course not! But desserts made right using plants is where it’s at.

Vegetables are parts of plants that are consumed by humans or other animals as food. How do you thinks cows get calcium that many people steal second hand? Ding, ding, ding! Plants! Okay I’m done referring back to cows milk. Maybe. In all seriousness though, vegetables are very important sources of many nutrients, including folate (folic acid), dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin A. I definitely urge you to read each benefit of the nutrients above so you’re aware why they’re an important part of your diet. Vegetables are definitely top dog because its an overall healthy diet, you can’t go wrong with them (unless you’re allergic to something) and instead of them increasing health issues, they reduce risk for heart disease, including heart attack, stroke, and so much more. Just to top it off on why vegetables are better than desserts, they're vital for health and maintenance of your body. How? Well all the nutrients they have in them, as I gave examples above.

So before you grab a slice of cheesecake or whatever you usually have for dessert, I urge you to do your research and consider a better option. Life isn’t boring with plants, I promise. You’ll be amazed at how many sweet tooth recipes you can make using vegetables. Best part? You won’t feel guilty for going back for seconds.

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