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Top 10 Breakfast Places In India

by Ravi Bhanu 10 months ago in restaurants

Indian Breakfast

Is the budding chef in your head over heels in love with the assortment of breakfasts in Indian cuisine?

Does your day never begin without breakfast done to perfection?

Are you not beyond traveling for hours for that perfectly cooked alu paratha or a plate of crispy sambhar vada?

Indian food’s USP lies in its authenticity. With the British and the Portuguese teaching us a thing or two about food, their influence also finds equal representation in today’s Indian breakfast cuisine. Across the length and breadth of the country, breakfast specialties are specific to different regions and variations subject to creativity and possible distinctions in ingredients. Hence, to not include examples of the immeasurable diversity we have under the umbrella of “Indian breakfast”, would be nothing less than an injustice!

This article brings 10 of the best breakfast places in India for the chef in you. They all boast of a legacy of charm in the Indian food palate.

1) Di Ghent Café in Gurgaon is a place that smells delicious. You walk into it and the love which the chefs pour in the food travels to your senses. The café specializes in Italian food and thus always has freshly baked goods to set off your taste buds. In addition to their widespread bread, they also have waffles, eggs, and pancakes. Ah! Not to forget freshly brewed coffee to top it all off. Gorgeous and scintillating array of breakfast variety from all over the globe bowls you over. Not to be missed is their Eggs Benedict. Until you get a chance to visit the café, you can drool over this picture.

2) Going south, the Murugan Idli Shop has its origins in Madurai. It is a simple joint that puts up the softest and tastiest Idlis – as they say, the best in India. These idlis are served with mouth-watering sambhar and chutneys. This place not only does alluring idlis but also dazzling dosas and full south Indian meals. Pick your choice for breakfast and do not forget to sip on the famous filter coffee.

3) The Egg Factory is on St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore and it is your ultimate breakfast stop if you are an egg lover. Whether your interest is in having an educational culinary experience or you simply can’t have enough eggs – this is it. Eggs in all formats, shapes, and sizes are served here – right from scrambled eggs to omelets, French toasts, frittatas, and more. Don’t miss the egg burger for the little enthusiasts.

4) Cafe Mondegar, Mumbai is also called Mondy’s lovingly. If the novice chef in you is looking for a satisfying experience for breakfasts with a foreign twist, then a trip to Mondy’s is just what you need. The place has a distinguished celebratory flavor unparalleled to any other early morning joint in Mumbai. The egg and bacon breakfast dish served with toast, sausages, and fresh juices is food to die for.

5) Another place famous for its out-of-the-world breakfast is Shamiana, Taj Palace, Mumbai. One of the earliest coffee shops in Mumbai which initiated the buffet meals has over 50 varieties of dishes in its breakfast spread. The authentic flavor of the food is a big draw for culinary students. It definitely offers the best of Indian breakfasts among few others.

6) Flury’s, Kolkata is a legendary place in Kolkata that serves breakfast food all day long. The place has a heritage value and is an absolute boon to culinary art aspirants to experience good breakfast first-hand. The unique menu boasts of all kinds of assortments in pastries, cakes, and freshly baked savories. The place is famous for its signature beans and toast & ham and cheese–stuffed omelet dish. The dessert tray is another surprising mixed bag of delicacies to watch out for.

7) MonuKulcha Corner in Amritsar is known for serving this fine local delicacy in all its genuine taste and look. It is something the locals take pride in with the best Indian kulcha complemented by spicy and tangy chutney and irresistible channa. This place is still untapped by tourists and something to discover for Indian breakfast culinary experts.

8) The Rupam Poha Wala is a very famous poha (flattened rice) stall in Nagpur. It is in Kasturchand Park and is a must-visit for budding chefs looking for typical Indian poha served with chutney and a mouth-watering garnish of chickpeas.

9) The India Coffee House down south in Trivandrum, Kerala is a place to go when you are looking for some serious comfort food. It will always have a hot cup of coffee with an extensive spread of tasty dishes on the menu for the hungry you. These dishes give an authentic feel of south Indian breakfast to culinary enthusiasts.

10) Serving to highway travelers, chance visitors, and culinary aspirants, the Gulshan Da Dhaba in Murthal, Haryana is a popular destination for breakfast. The famous paratha served with kali daal complimented with pachranga achaar and homemade curd is finger-licking delicious.

While the smell of a good breakfast tingles everybody’s taste buds, only a chef in the making will read this article and resolve to dish out even better recipes! Explore your love for all things that taste divine and enroll in the dual degree culinary program offered by AIMS Institutes, one of the best culinary schools in Bangalore.


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