The Secret to Starbucks

secret menu drinks that you will love.

The Secret to Starbucks

HEY guys! This blog will be everything that a basic white girl loves. I will do blogs on secret menu items for starbucks, top netflix shows and movies I am currently watching right now, amazing songs that will make you ten times happier than the average e-boy on tik tok and drinks from local coffee shops including starbucks that I made up myself and are enjoying at this current moment. Today's blog post will be about five drinks that I have enjoyed at Starbucks and that I have made up for myself. I hope you enjoy them, and leave a comment below if you try one of these creations and enjoy it. Also below there will be exact how to order it so that no one is confused. Do not worry, I have some experience with this. Thank you to all those who have followed the instagram, if you want to it is royallydramatic. Alright onto the actual blog.... thank you once again.

1. The first drink I am writing about is probably my favorite sweet drink I have ever created, and it has become some of my friends' favorites. It has that spark of raspberry and the apple juice is a good combo. So here is how to order it : grande strawberry acai' sub apple juice with three pumps of raspberry. It will blow your mind, and you will forever thank me.

2. Second drink I have to decided to grace yourself with is probably the most basic drink and it has a little twist from yours truly. I took cinnamon and toffeenut and added it to our beloved caramel maachiato. Now you must get this with all the extra drizzle and blonde espresso or it wont be as good as you want it to be. How to order it: grande iced blonde caramel maachiato with 2 pumps of cinnamon dolce, 2 pumps of toffeenut and extra caramel drizzle. YOU are very very welcome, and enjoy the sweet treat for days to come.

3. I promise you this third drink is for you christmas lovers and the cold foam lovers. I was not a big big fan of cold foam until I tried chestnut praline and it blew my ever loving basic white girl mind. How to order this drink: grande vanilla sweet cream cold brew with 2 pumps of peppermint and extra chocolate curls. This will blow your mind, and you will love cold foam just like I do now.

4. This next drink is for all the non coffee lovers that want a sugar rush to the ages. Vanilla bean frappacunios are my go to when I'm not feelin like getting coffee.... How to order: grande cotton candy frappacunio w breve. The cotton candy is vanilla bean and raspberry which is the sweet part but the breve will make it creamier and just that more delicious.

5. The last drink is not for the faint of the heart, and for someone who doesn't mind a bit of a complicated order....... actually I am lying to you; it is probably the most simple order I Have ever constructed....... Most of the drinks I add a few pumps of something or have a different sub for something but this one is the easiest to remember, and the most delicious. How to order it you are probably wondering: grande blonde white mocha with chestnut praline cold foam. It has the sweet, the coffee, and the creamy with the cold foam. I promise you will die for this, and it will be your new obsession. And yes, I do realize I just took basic white girl to a whole new level.

There you have it, 5 awesome Starbucks drinks that will blow your mind, taste buds and make you not want to save your money. Let me know if you try one and what your thoughts are. Also, don't forget to follow the instagram and have an awesome day everyone.

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