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High Protein, No Cleanup (Except your face)

Did i nail the middle-of-the-burrito-reveal-shot aesthetic?

I began a miniseries on Youtube called Turtleneck Chef, where I experiment on turning scrap foods into healthy and delicious meals (in style). I try to target inexpensive ingredients, commonly found leftovers, and uniquely beneficial ingredients in my videos in order to provide new information to my audience. I care about helping people, and what we eat is a big part of our lives to ourselves and our surroundings. eating takeout is expensive, typically unhealthy, and horrible for the environment. So i want to show people that you can have plenty of fun concocting thoughtful meals.

This recipe is high in protein and super easy to make with almost no cleanup!

Enough chit chat, lets get into it

If you don't want to watch my 3 minute youtube video, i'll break it down below


1 tortilla

1 banana

1 teaspoon vegetable oil

2 servings of peanut butter

1/2 serving of jelly

amounts are more or less based on preference and tortilla size, but I got down to these portions based on trial and error. Too much jelly will result in a very messy plate because the jelly will melt into a thin liquid and it won't add to the meal when it's all over your plate. But it is still nice to have a small amount for that perfect sharp tart sweetness every now and then in a bite. a good alternative to jelly would be honey, or marshmallows/fluff.


1. Apply peanut butter to half of tortilla, follow with a thin line of jelly going down center of tortilla

2. Slice half the banana in a line down center of tortilla, use more than half if you want a dense chew

Tip: a banana is still going to have hints of bitterness if the peel still has green coloring, a completely yellow banana with some slight browning creeping in will provide the highest sugar content and be noticeably sweeter. Letting the banana get too brown will impact the texture making it mushier as it gets more and more ripe. While everyone has their preference, i don't feel most people know when the best time to eat a banana is, so another hint worth mentioning is that the banana will have brown dots scattered across the peel like freckles, these are nicknamed "sugar spots" and are a tell tale sign that the banana will be sweet. By the way, banana ripens best and healthiest at room temperature.

Tip 2: Open the banana by pinching the end opposite where the elongated stem is. By doing so you can peel the individual sections of banana peel much easier without damaging and bruising the delicate banana fruit. this technique is displayed in my 3 minute YouTube video linked to this article, please watch it if you are confused or interested!

3. Fold into burrito, be sure to pinch ends tightly for about 10 seconds so they don't unfold

4. Set stovetop to a 5, or medium heat

4. Apply teaspoon of vegetable oil to the outside of burrito

5. Cook both sides 2-3 minutes, it will be ready when you have a light to medium brown on the tortilla

6. Enjoy! I added chocolate syrup on top but it doesn't add much to the already sweet pallet. You can add ice cream, powdered sugar, freshly sliced fruit, as you wish

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed this recipe and if you did, please subscribe to my YouTube channel through the video I posted in this article. On my Youtube channel i have my Turtleneck Chef miniseries, but i also make music. I do plan on adding anther miniseries or two regarding environmental topics with hopes of educating people how to better their lifestyles in helping the environment AND their wallets. If this is something that interests you please subscribe and also feel free to contact me! im on instagram/facebook/twitter, etc. Thank you, and have a great day!

Dante Hendee
Dante Hendee
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