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Ten (Not So) Eggs-emplary Steps To Make The Cadbury Russian Doll Easter Egg

A Very Chocolaty Challenge!

By Michelle HunterPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - April 2022

You are egg-straordinary Mr. Cadbury!

How I adore your egg-cellent creations and cute ‘How To Make…’ videos with tips from the one and only egg-spert that is the Easter Bunny.

Take your Russian Doll Egg for eggs-ample - it’s an egg, in an egg, in an egg, in an egg!

Not only eggs-quisite but surely so simple to create that I think it’s worth giving it a twirl?

1. First, gather everything you need:

That’ll be mini eggs for the surprise filling, melted chocolate for sealing and of course, four different sized chocolate eggs - Thank flake for Tesco and their clearly labeled small, medium, large and extra large eggs!


... But hang on - I can’t help but notice that while the small and extra large eggs are clearly complying to their own size thing, the other two eggs are kinda the same...

Yes Mr. Cadbury, ask any Easter Bunny chocoholic - even those under the age of five and they will clearly tell you that your medium and large chocolate eggs are in fact eggs-actly the same size!

The packaging is all a lie! I’ve hunted high and low and hopped here, there and everywhere but I cannot find four of your different sized chocolate eggs anywhere.

Can you even begin to imagine how eggs-tremely eggs-asperated I am feeling? I’m gonna have to sacrifice my 2.4 Russian doll Easter egg family and make do with a 1.9 Russian doll Easter egg family instead.

2. Unwrap the eggs:

Oh for the love of all things chocolaty Mr. Cadbury! This is easier said than done. Why are my eggs so tightly wrapped - unlike yours where the foil appears to fall off so effortlessly? How can such a simple task be so eggs-cruciating?

Trying to unwrap these eggs without inflicting a single, tiny tear is nearly as nerve wracking as trying to eggs-tract the breadbasket in a game operation. I’m now crying tears over the tears as I face an eggs-tensive rewrapping dilemma.

3. Split in two:

Ha Boost-y ha! Mr. Cadbury. Your large and extra large chocolate Easter eggs ARE NOT simply chocolate shells with two halves...

Sod fingers, I need a chisel to separate the fudging things and even then, they don’t split along the seam.


They crack every which way they can, leaving me with an eggs-tra tangram challenge. It’s not looking pretty and I don’t think my chocolate loving Teens and Tweens are going to be very impressed with my chocolatiering.

4. Melt some chocolate:

And eggs-hale. This I can do.

5. Fill with mini eggs:

But I do have to confess... There was more eating than filling going on - which, Mr. Cadbury, was justified because I did need eggs-tra consoling. You have after all, put me under egg-streme stress.

6. Stick together and then let it cool:

Oh Mr. Cadbury! I love you so much and right now I could eat you all up... But I’ve spent far too much time, energy and money (more than £10 to be eggs-act) on this creative, chocoholic project to give up now. I will persevere and make you whole again.

7: Pop the eggs inside each other:

You’ll be pleased to know Mr. Cadbury that I’m egg-celling all egg-spectations right now!

8. Seal the edges:

But even with my d-egg-sterous chocolaty fingers Mr. Cadbury, I am now missing a vital piece of my 'not so' egg-quisite tangram. Did it melt? Maybe crumble?


Possibly I ate it...

If I’m honest, I couldn’t care less. My Russian doll egg now resembles some sort of gruesome, alien infected egg.

And while I’m on a rant about misrepresentation, what is it with Easter cakes decorated with chocolate bunnies and eggs? Aren’t our children confused enough in life without the implication that rabbits lay eggs?!

By Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

Be warned Mr. Cadbury. My language is becoming more and more eggs-plicit and I hope your bunny ears are burning.

10: That’s a wrap!

Really Mr. Cadbury? I don’t think so. Are you forgetting my tears over the tears? I've no yummy, purple, signatory foil left... Tin foil from Tesco will just have to do.

I’m eggs-austed.

But all is not lost. Move over Mr. Cadbury because I’ve discovered a new eggs-pert in the box! The genius that is Mr. Nestlé has generously created not just a chocolate egg - but smarties nestled in another chocolate egg hidden inside in chocolate chicken!

Job done and all for £3!

Eggs-emplary Mr. Nestlé. Lets get cracking!

Happy Easter everyone!


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This is me - a self confessed chocoholic into all things creative.

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