Quarantine Spelt Bread

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I ordered way too much flour!

Welcome to my crazy lazy vegan kitchen where I make easy things with enough steps to entertain me, but not too much to overwhelm me.

It seems like everybody shifted from panic buying toilet paper to baking bread instead. Everybody including myself have become quarantine bakers!

In this recipe I will be showing you how to make this easy Spelt Bread. And it’s vegan, Yay! Side-note: Bread should normally be vegan anyway.. this one is definitely is too!

I am vegan and try to avoid gluten for the most part. Spelt is an ancient corn from the wheat family which contains gluten, however, in a lower amount. Now I have no gluten intolerance, but have noticed a positive effect on myself when I avoid it. Me, aswell as many other people have no complaints when consuming spelt flour. If you are allergic or intolerant to gluten you should not use this flour!

If you are currently struggling to get hold of flour or any baking essentials, you may want to order these online as I did. It did take 3 weeks for my order to arrive, but I made sure to order a few more at once. (I accidentally doubled my order and received 12 bags instead of 6, but you don’t need to do that!)

For the main body you will need:

500 g spelt flour

0,5 L Sparkling Water

1 Pack of Baking Yeast

I am also adding:

Pumpkin Seeds (You can add other seeds or leave plain)

Sea Salt (don't add salt if you intend to consume the bread with sweet toppings)

And some vegetable oil to grease the pan I am baking the bread in.

The Preparation:

Start by adding a few teaspoons of your sparkling water to the yeast and set aside.

Then, mix in your water with about half of your flour and the yeast, adding a bit more of flour and water when necessary. You want your dough to feel nice and fluffy but without sticking to your hands or surface. I am using one hand to knead the dough, keeping one clean to add any extra ingredients. Make sure to wash your hands before you touch food!

Once you are happy with the consistency of your dough you can move on the the next step.

I am using a large, wide pan because I really like to crust of the bread, but if you prefer the soft inside of the bread, you can take a slimmer pan. Ensure that your pan is large enough, as the bread will rise.

Grease your pan with your vegetable oil and put the dough inside. I like to stick my pumpkin seeds on the dough and add a sprinkle of sea salt on top. Sunflower seeds, chia and olives are also great alternatives for a savoury outcome. Now you must cover your pan with a clean kitchen towel and let it rest for as long as you want. I recommend at least an hour, but I left mine overnight… because I forgot about it. But the outcome was amazing!

Bake your bread for approximately 20 minutes at 150˚C. Check on it frequently so that it doesn’t burn. You know your bread is ready when you smack the top of the bread and it sounds hollow.

Allow your bread to cool and you can remove it from the baking mould. I usually wrap it in some greaseproof paper to protect it from moisture or stow it in a tin. The bread gets more intense in flavour as it ages, so feel free to store a few days before you eat it!

And that's it! Enjoy with your favourite toppings. I love spicy hummus, but even plain margarine tastes great. I just really love the taste of brown bread!

I hope you enjoyed reading this recipe and maybe try it out. Thank you very much for reading. I am very grateful for your support. With Love, Gabriella.

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