Life Skills Everyone Needs: Making Tea Or Coffee

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It’s Not Your Fault If You Weren’t Taught Them

Life Skills Everyone Needs: Making Tea Or Coffee

You might not think it’s a necessary thing to write a 600 word minimum article about. But believe me it is. There are people out there who don’t know how to make a cup of tea or coffee for people because they either don’t drink it or have just never had to do it before. 

My cousin is the prime example. She doesn’t like tea or coffee, so until she was 19 she’d never made a cup. The first cups she made were for me and my wife. They weren't good. But I don’t suppose the first coffee I made was good. 

Whether you drink it or not, you should be able to make a decent cup of tea or coffee. So whenever anyone comes to your house, you can at least offer them one. 

Get Decent Tea And Coffee

I’m not suggesting you spend a fortune on it, especially if you don’t drink it. But don’t get the really cheap stuff. Especially cheap coffee. That is just bad. If you don’t drink it a lot, wait until you see some decent stuff on special offer. Like I said, you don’t need to spend a lot. A couple of pounds per item is fine. And a lot of brands are much cheaper than they used to be. 

Ask How They Like It

If you’re British, then you’ll know the answer you normally get is “as it comes, really.” Unhelpful, but polite. But it’s polite to ask. And if you are lucky enough that they actually tell you how they like it, listen. Make it the way they wanted. If someone tells you they have 3 sugars, that’s what you should be putting in there. Don’t be one of those dicks that doesn’t put that much sugar in because you don’t think they should have that much. My sister does this, and it always bugged me so much. Why ask someone how they like their coffee if you’re not going to make it the way they like it? It’s rude.Ask if they have sugar and milk and whether they like it strong or not. Some people like strong tea and it makes others feel a bit sick. My wife is the prime example of this. Her tea is weak and milky and barely even tea. But that’s the way she likes it. So that’s the way I make it.

Boil The Kettle And Let It Cool For A Minute

Technically, you’re not supposed to pour boiling water over coffee, but everyone does. But the manufacturer normally says not to. Open the lid or spout for a minute or so to let it cool off a little. 

Put The Stuff In

Don’t use a level teaspoon of sugar or coffee, but don’t use a massively heaped one. It should be generous, but not excessive. Put the required amount in the cup and pour the water on. Stir until everything is dissolved. Pour the milk in afterwards. Even if it is a cup of tea. I don’t care what anyone says, if you put the milk in first you get that gross scum on top. 

Guest Mugs

You should really have at least 2 mugs that are for guests. And I don’t mean friends or family. People who are new to your home. Workers, new friends, etc. Your friends and family can use any old mugs, they won’t care. But as I discovered a while ago, giving the boiler repair man a mug shaped like the T.A.R.D.I. S was a bit weird.

Making a decent cup of tea or coffee is a life skill. Especially in Britain. But if you are good at it, you’ll be asked to do it all the time.

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Claire Raymond
Claire Raymond
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