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How To Make Tasty Homemade Pizza

by Hajii Brown 7 months ago in recipe
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Whipping Up The Italian Favorite

How To Make Tasty Homemade Pizza
Photo by Nadya Filatova on Unsplash

A very popular Italian dish, Pizza was cooked first by the Italians for pie. The fact that it looks so good and is so amazing in taste are two of the reasons why it got widespread popularity within a very short time.

Today, in Italy of course, as well as in many other parts of the world - such as the USA - it is one of the most favorite foods of many people. 

In the Pizza Hut, various types of pizza can be seen available for grabs. Are you thinking of how to make tasty homemade pizza? As a matter of fact, it is not as difficult to cook pizza as it appears to be.

By shaian ramesht on Unsplash

Steps to Cook Delicious Pizza at Home

First and foremost, you have to gather all the ingredients - including the toppings and the base.

Gather the Ingredients

You need to have six different things to create the base for the Pizza - which include sugar, flour, dried yeast, water, salt and olive oil.

Once you have done that, you have to purchase pepper, basil, oregano, tomatoes, some garlic and an onion. All these things are used as important ingredients for the pizza.

You can make your Pizza tastier and more nice to eat, with enough Parma, cheese and some tomato sauce. It is important to prepare all these things beforehand.

Prepare the dough

It is important to have enough patience; given that some time will be needed for the preparation and cooking processes. Before you cook the pizza, you have to make some dough.

First and foremost, you have to combine the yeast with some amount of water and sugar in a glass. Keep it aside for a few minutes, until you can see some foam arising.

Next, you have to pour yeast, water, salt and olive oil into a larger bowl, and combine the same. Then, you have to add in the flour.

You have to knead the mixture until you can get the dough. Put it there for 10 to 15 minutes under a towel cover.

By Nadya Spetnitskaya on Unsplash

Make the Piazzaiola

While you are waiting, you can proceed to the following step for making the Piazzaiola. Add the peppers and tomatoes into the fried garlic and onion pieces.

Use your fingers, in order to spread parts of the dough evenly in a pizza pan. You have to cut the mozzarella as well as the whole toppings. Once you have done that, have the piazzaiola spread onto the dough. Keep the toppings atop and the cheese at the bottom.

Bake the pizza

Now comes the last and the easiest part of the cooking process. All that you have to do is - put your pizza in the oven and bake it for a few minutes. 

You might have to spend some time and effort into the process of preparation, but you will find it all worthwhile when you finally sense the delicious homemade pizza touching your taste buds.

By following the above steps, it can be easy for you to cook a tasty homemade pizza and enjoy it while watching TV or having a conversation with a friend online.

How to create a gluten-free pizza recipe?

If you suffer from gluten sensitivity, you can make a gluten-free pizza recipe. You need:

 Tapioca flour - 1 cup

 Gelatin powder - 2 tsp, unflavored

 Salt - 2 tsp

 Xanthan gum - 2 tsp

 Yeast granules - 1 package

 Sugar - 2 tsp

 Olive oil - 3 tsp

 Cider vinegar - 1 tsp

 Lukewarm water - 1/2 to 1 cup 

Even if you do not suffer from gluten sensitivity yourself, with a gluten free pizza recipe you can make your Pizza parties more enjoyable and take care about the special dietary requirements of somebody at home or your family.

You can search the web for more Pizza recipes that you would like to cook and enjoy, whenever you want.

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