Grocery Store vs Fast Food

by Emanuel Mann about a month ago in fact or fiction

where we purchase our food..matters..Literally

Food is composed of energy on some level. All things are, including ourselves. What I am about to share, is anecdotal, but I feel that it does matter where we get our food from. That I have gotten different feelings (emotionally and physically), from different kinds of food, (but for this article), from different places that I grabbed the food from. Have you ever heard the expression, “I made it with Love”? My experience is that, it is more than just an expression. There is one experiment that I can allude to, to give foundation as to why I believe that the place from where we get our breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, matters.( For those who choose not to read the article, it has been shown that our energy has an effect on the structure of water. Positive energy yields stable structures, while negative energy produces unstable structures upon water molecules. To be quick to the point, I believe that food cooked in many fast food restaurants, (or any chain style restaurant) is more defiled energetically, compared to food you would go to the grocery store to get. I have worked for a chain style restaurant, in fact, all restaurants may be chain style. What I am considering as chain style, is when food is prepared in a rush, and robotically, as if it were in an assembly line. Within establishments such as, McDonald’s, or Taco Bell, (even In the restaurant I worked in), there is not much “Love” or any love at all going into how the food is being prepared. People are there to work, they detest their Job, and are likely to be stressed, basically seeping in negative emotions, especially when it gets busy. The Language and attitude of every employee surrounding the food, can IMPRINT the food at an energetic level. So when you open your mouth to take a bite of a McDonald’s double cheeseburger, or feast upon a pizza pie from your favorite restaurant, you also swallow A portion of the emotional states that were in the people who prepared it. When you go to the grocery store, although there is interaction between the people that stock the shelfs, fridges, and freezers, and the items they stock. For the most part, the Stocking is done during the “after hours”, or when things get slow. I am not saying Walmart workers can’t hold negative energy, I’m saying they are probably less stressed stocking food, then a Line cook who has to prepare it on demand, And the Demand does tend to be high in places where food is prepared for us(especially chain operations). I have talked with many cooks who work in chain restaurants. I even lived with one that was working at an Outback Steak House, and he rarely, very rarely, came home talking POSITIVELY about work. 90% of the time (no exaggeration), we would pick him up, and immediately he would talk down about his Night at work, and would be in a miserable mood, eager to just get to sleep. The key point is that energy affects food- there are certain environments where energy is “cleaner”- these environments should be where we get our food from and it matters. Literally, has influence on our bodies(matter) when we eat what we eat. Preparing your own food, allows you to bond with the process of cooking, and appreciate it more. It allows you to watch what goes into the food, and it is Cheaper! I am not saying NEVER eat out, But I am also not saying ALWAYS do. I am just saying you will feel better getting food and cooking it yourself. It is scientifically proven.

fact or fiction
Emanuel Mann
Emanuel Mann
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