Eating At Home Vs Eating Out

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The True Cost Of Food

Eating At Home Vs Eating Out
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I grew up in a small town, in a country with less than a million people, so it was very easy to try every restaurant worth trying. For a long time I was content with eating in, even when I moved to Los Angeles, literally in the center of DTLA, with all the world renowned restaurants, I must be crazy right? I simply wasn't interested in eating anything but my own.

But then everything changed when I met my boyfriend. He took me to his favorite restaurant and I WAS HOOKED. The food and the ambiance was absolutely spectacular. I was like a moth drawn to the fire, but soon I found out how expensive it is and I detested the idea of eating out. Nevertheless, I do it more often than I would like, turning it into my guilty pleasure.

But why with all this continuous variety and convenience I would prefer to eat at home, well here it is.

Savings, Savings

In the long run, preparing meals at home may save you money. A group of basic ingredients often comes with a significantly lower price tag than a single restaurant dish. You can also end up getting more meals out of a recipe you make at home than if you order takeout. After just a few weeks, you could see noticeable savings start to pile up.

I would go to whatever grocery store was nearest and pick up two 8oz salmon fillets and a lemon, both costing no less than thirteen dollars total. Taking it home and dabbing it in all the seasonings and baking it with a simple lemon slice. Maybe a quick stir fry as a side!

And just like that a dinner for two is approximately twenty dollars. There isn't a place in LA where you can have a salmon dinner for two costing twenty dollars.

Which Is More Convenient?

An Aspect of purchasing take-out involves waiting for the meal to come or to travel to get it. Based on where you are, when you order, and whether or not the delivery guy is good with instructions, this could potentially take more time than if you just had a home cooked meal!

Am I the only one that lives in delivery hell? The countless times when my food either came cold or didn't show up at all has been too many to count. These inconveniences waste valuable time.

Cooking At Home Improves Over All Health

Many findings indicate that people who prepare food more frequently than take-out have a better overall diet. This findings further indicate that restaurant meals usually contain higher levels of salt, saturated fat, total fat, and total calories than home-cooked meals.

The average restaurant order ranges from a limit of 1,100 to 1,200 calories – most of the daily recommended calorie consumption of a woman (1,600 to 2,400 calories) and almost two-thirds of the daily consumption of a male (2,000 to 3,000 calories). And if you figured that local restaurants and smaller chains would do well, think differently. Those restaurants  pump up even more calories, for an average of 1,327 calories per meal.

Preparing a meal for oneself means that you can make sure that portion portions and caloric intake are wherever you want them to be. Ingredients also come with dietary details and recommendations for serving size, which makes it much simpler.

Cooking will also give you a chance to reconnect with your spouse and loved ones. Cooking also has other advantages. The American Psychological Association says that doing new things together — like learning a new recipe — may help keep a couple linked and committed in their relationship.

Cooking at home gives you the chance to consume the food you love no mater how much you like enjoying it.

When you're preparing a meal from scratch, you'll learn and play with various recipes, seasonings, and dishes. And as with any operation, the more time you spend in the kitchen, the easier you get to make delicious meals!

The Take

These are experiences I can testify to myself, eating at restaurants can easily attract unwanted pounds and malnutrition no matter how health conscious it may seem to be. In every situation home-cooked meals trumps eating out.

Sandra Thuesday
Sandra Thuesday
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