Cooking 360 (Pt. 2)

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Cooking 360 (Pt. 2)

Pasta is one of those foods that almost everyone loves. There are many types of pasta dishes. There are many different kinds of pasta and shapes. This story is going to be about types of pasta dishes and a recipe.

There are many delicious sauces such as alfredo, marinara, ragu, pesto, bolognese, and beurre noisette (browned butter.) There are many types of pasta dishes. There are many types of ways to make pasta different with ingredients such as seafood, veggies, meats, cheeses, and some a mix of these ingredients.

Fresh pasta is one of the easiest things to make but a bit messy.

Pasta Recipe

  • Three large eggs
  • Two cups of all-purpose flour
  • One tablespoon of olive oil
  • One teaspoon of salt

In a medium bowl, crack eggs and beat well. Add olive oil and the salt and mix. Add flour and mix until dough is formed and a ball forms. (If the dough is a tiny bit dry add a few drops of water.) When a ball is formed, wrap the dough in plastic wrap. Rest on the counter for 30 minutes.

Or: On a large cutting board or really clean counter, put the flour on the surface and use your hands to make a big well. Once the well is formed, crack the eggs into the center of the well and add the olive oil and salt. Using a fork, whisk the eggs and slowly combine the flour. After a few minutes, use your hand to make the dough a ball. (If the dough is a bit dry add a few drops of water.) (This is the messiest way to make pasta dough.) Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and rest on the counter for 30 minutes.

Rolling and Shaping Pasta

You can use a pasta roller or also known as a pasta machine. Easy work just cut the dough in half and run through the machine if the dough is a bit wet sprinkle with flour. If you are rolling the dough by hand, its a lot of work, and it's very tiring. You want the dough to be paper thin that you can almost see through it. Cut and shape it however you like. (If you don't use the sheet of pasta right away place it on plate or cutting board or counter. (If your placing dough sheets on top of each other sprinkle a good amount of flour to prevent sticking.)

Cooking Time

Have a large pot of water and add two tablespoons of salt and a quarter cup of oil. Let this come to a boil. Once the water is boiling, add in the pasta. Fresh pasta cooks so quickly, so don't walk away. Once the pasta floats to the top of the pot or you taste a piece and it's the way you want, drain it. Mix with the sauce of your choice.

This cooking method is the same for dried boxed pasta, those just cook longer.

Mix with whatever sauce you want and enjoy. That's all for making pasta. I'm gonna talk about pasta now.

Pasta is a dish where you want different textures. Creamy, crunchy, soft, chewy these are important to make pasta dishes perfect. The textures of a dish are what make the dish what it is.

The flavors are really what makes a pasta dish. Salty, sweet, tomato, basil, parmesan, olive oil, buttery, cheesy, these are few types of flavors you will get in a pasta dish.

I choose pasta for this story because I met a lot of people who say their favorite food is pasta. And it's a proven fact that most people love pasta and say it is their favorite food. I'm making cooking 360 based on peoples' favorite foods. Or very popular foods.

Until next time!

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P.R. Cooking
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