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Best Crops To Grow In The Summer

by Taul M 2 months ago in organic
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Three great foods to grow for the summertime...

Best Crops To Grow In The Summer
Photo by arty on Unsplash

Plenty of people like to talk about what food is the tastiest to have in the summer or what is the best dish to cook during the warmest time of the year, but very few people discuss what is the best food for someone to grow during the summer for a good harvest either in late summertime or early fall. So this time, I am going to be talking about the three best crops for those with a green thumb & a pension for gardening to start growing in the summer months to make themselves some delicious meals in the near future.

The first summertime plant that seems to be a good choice for this time of the year is tomatoes. According to the website homefortheharvest.com, you would not be alone if you started planting tomatoes this summer since tomatoes are considered the most popular summer garden vegetable in the United States. The good thing about tomatoes is there are various different breeds of tomatoes you can grow depending on how much land you have to start growing with and the amount of time you want to put into tending to your plants. If you only want to be growing tomatoes in a small garden or you live in an apartment & need to grow the crop in a series of pots, then the Tiny Tim Tomato plant is probably the best crop for you. You can plant these bad boys early in the summer & have have some red cherry tomatoes fresh off the vine in as little as two months. You can then eat these small tomatoes as a snack or put them on a salad for some extra flavor? However, you might want to grow bigger tomatoes & if that is the case, you might prefer some Brandywine Tomato plants. These are the largest types of tomatoes you can grow with some of these fruits weighing up to one to two pounds. However, you will need much more than a simple pot to grow these since the vines for a Brandywine Tomato plant can be over ten feet long! These are best grown using cattle fencing, large tomato cages, or garden arches. These tomatoes are a lot of work, but they will ripen within seventy to ninety days. No matter which tomato plant you decide to go with, it is best to plant these in a temperate climate some time between May the tenth and June the fifth.

Another good plant for the summer is green beans. These beans are actually the second most popular vegetable grown in the United States. When growing green beans, there are two types of crop that be used: bush green bean plant and pole-line vine green beans. The pole beans usually need some kind of support to hold them up while they grow. Because of this, you should probably provide a fence or a trellis for these plants to help them grow. Pole green beans are considered harder to harvest than their bush counterparts, but bush beans are smaller & do not require any support. These beans should be planted between April the twenty-fifth and July the fifteenth. Just like the tomatoes, they thrive the most in temperate zones.

Finally, there are sweet potatoes. Unlike regular potatoes, this variant prefers warm weather and much warmer soil. In fact, sweet potatoes tend to be very sensitive to cold climates, so the summertime is perfect for these crops. Sweet potatoes are probably the easiest crop to grow and all you really have to do is plant them in well-drained soil or compost. Sweet potatoes should be planted between May the tenth and June the fifteenth in a temperate environment.

And with that, we have the three summer foods that are the best to grow and enjoy in the summertime. Whether you prefer tomatoes, sweet potatoes, or green beans, any of these foods can be grown around this time of the year by even the newest gardener!


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