Beef Tip Noodles

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Beef Tip Noodles
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Beef-tip noodles has been a comfort food for my family before I was born and that was over 21 years ago! Great for just about any occasion, this noodle dish can be used as a side or a main course, but make sure to have plenty of time for preparation!


One roast, chuck is recommended, weighing about 1 pound.

One large bag of egg noodles, any brand of your choosing.

One carton of Great Value brand beef broth.

2 cups of water

1 pinch of Paprika

1 pinch of Garlic Salt

1 pinch of Cajun Spice

1 pinch of Black Pepper

1 pinch of Salt

Preparing the Roast

Turn your oven on to 300 degrees. While the oven heats, place your two cups of water into a baking pan big enough for your roast, then place the roast in the water. Take your spices and evenly coat them over the exposed part of the roast. For extra flavor, you can always use a little extra of each spice in the water surrounding the roast.

One you have seasoned the roast to your liking, cover the pan with the roast tightly with aluminum foil, as tightly sealed as you can manage.

With your oven heated and your roast ready place the prepared meat into the oven, then set a timer for five hours. Yes, that is right, five hours! This way the roast will fall apart in the pan the way you want it to for later.

Preparing the Broth

Once the roast has finished, remove it from the oven and take the aluminum foil off of the top. Give the roast a little time to rest so as it will cool enough to be shredded, then dig in. My personal way of getting this part of the job done is using two forks and pulling the meet apart in separate directions and with how tender the roast will be, it will fall apart like hot butter on a roll!

Once the roast is fully shredded, take your Great Value beef broth and pour it into a medium sauce pan. Turn your burner on to a mid-simmer, and add the shredded beef to the broth by the spoonful until all the meat is submerged in the broth. Continue to let the meat and the broth simmer for about twenty minutes until the consistency of the meat is soupy.

Noodle Time!

It is time to prepare the noodles. Fill a pot at least 3/4 of the way with water and add a pinch of salt to help the water start to boil. Once the water is visibly boiling, add your noodles and give them the occasional stir so they do not stick to the pot. It usually takes a maximum of about 10 minutes for a full bag of egg noodles to boil and be moist. Once they are finished, give them a good rinse in your pasta strainer, then return them to the pot they boiled in.

Time to Add All the Pieces!

Alright, here comes the best part! Slowly as to not cause a mess or burn yourself, add the simmered broth and meat to the egg noodles and turn the burner on low. Allow it to slowly simmer for another ten minutes or so, so as the noodles have time to absorb the beef flavor and become extra juicy with flavor!

Wah-la, your beef tip noodles are ready to be slurped with happiness! Some good sides to accompany this delicious dish would be garlic bread, grilled cheeses, or any type of dinner roll that you and your family enjoy.

A Note from the Author

Thank you for your interest in my recipe! I hope it is easy to follow and makes you and your family happy and full when and if you ever have the chance to prepare it! My grandma showed my mother, my mother showed me, and now I have shared it with all who read this article! I have always loved to write and if I can share something I enjoy with anyone, then my night is made! Again, thank you all who read!

Hannah Hare
Hannah Hare
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