Are My Uber Drivers Taking My Food?

by Nancy D 7 months ago in product review


Are My Uber Drivers Taking My Food?

I've been noticing for a while now that there is quite often one or two things missing when I order Uber Delivery. Every time I blamed the restaurant... I mean, not in person... but in my head. It took me way to long to realize that it is quite possibly the Uber Driver themselves that are taking their dinner from the delivery. Which I find conflicting, is this actually their dinner or do they simply feel ripped off from making so little?

When I checked the receipt it said exactly what I ordered. Two wraps were listed... but not in the bag. With that said, there were also a couple of other mistakes that the McDonald's staff must have made... so... did the staff forge to pack the snack wraps... or did the Uber driver take my food?

I honestly don't know. I made sure to tip the Uber driver ahead of time and I want to say that is enough for someone to not be angry enough to eat the food they are delivering.

Apparently I'm not alone... when I looked at UberEats reviews I found that a lot of people have had the same experience. Some people had even worse experiences than me.

"I’ve used this sight a few times and i’ve always had some problems, my most recent delivery was: 2 big mac meals both with fry’s and drinks, we received 2 cold big mac meals, half a portion of fry’s and 2 half filled drinks without straws. i’m pretty angry at the minute, i want my money back but we can’t get in contact with uber eats, don’t use this sight, I won’t use this service again and i wouldn’t even give it one star."

- Maya M

"If you like buy the uber driver lunch then use ubereats."

- Grant Pazzoli

"I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on Uber Eats but the past month I’ve ordered service is getting worse and worse. Finally a couple weeks ago I placed an order the driver never showed up never called never texted nothing but said the order was completed. I contacted Uber eats very annoyed and got the normal we will refund your money. Weeks go by and still no refund I reach out again and they blame my bank. I called my bank and they said “at most it might take a week but we don’t even have that refund on your account” I reached back out and they sent me the same electronic message. It’s very sad to me that I have supported this business for years and spent my hard earned money and to them it’s couch change and instead of a call or anything apologizing with a speedy refund I’m almost a month in still no money and no apology. I will never order again they lost a long time customer with their horrendous customer service."

- Rachel T.

"Would not recommend . Placed order , could see drive on the map and he was clearly lost , tried to call him for half hour no answer , ended up going to walk down the road and actually found him !! Asked why he didn't answer calls as he had his phone in hand . Food stone cold. Tried to get a refund.... no refund issued! Disgrace of a company. Asked for a call from a manager. Still waiting . Not a good company taking money off people and not providing a service !! ...Will not use again!"

- Sammy B.

After this horrifying realization, I don't think I could ever bring myself to order Uber Eats again, but not for the reason you might think. I'm not upset because someone ate my lunch... I mean, that too. What I am really upset about is the thought of someone taking a sip out of one of my drinks and leaving their possible contagious germs on the straw. I am more worried about getting sick than I am about losing money.

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