Animals Deserve Equality Too

by Kendall Cwik 2 years ago

Every year, 56 billion farm animals are killed for people to eat and devour in the United States.

Animals Deserve Equality Too

Stated by the Animal Legal Defense Fund, factory farming industries currently have no federal laws regarding conditions the farmed animals are raised in. Factories as well, individually pick the animal cruelty “standard.” These farm animals suffering are not exempt from state animal cruelty laws, why? Why would state laws of animal cruelty not be applied to farm animals of the state? There should be federal rules and regulations that end animal cruelty.

Every year, 56 billion farm animals are killed for people to eat and devour in the United States. This means that 56 billion farm animals are tortured and endure awful cruelty everyday of their lives from the day they are born. This figure does not represent fish and seafood, that would be a number added on top of 56 billion. I personally am a vegan, which is a full plant-based diet that includes no variation of any animal products. By being on this diet, Peta states, “Since vegans eat no animals, each vegan saves nearly 200 animals per year” Every year, I, individually, am saving nearly 200 animals. This number can multiply so quickly if more people would adopt a vegan lifestyle diet.

The cruelty, these farm animals endure everyday is mind blowing. To start with the main livestock, cows, female cows are forcibly impregnated in order to be able to produce milk. Since there is no such thing as a cow whom is able to produce milk naturally, they need to be forcibly impregnated. Cows utilized for milk live at an average of 5 years in factory farms, in nature that is 5 times shorter then it should be. Cows should be living an average of 25 years not 5. Calfs, baby cows, are torn away from their moms shortly after birth and even then can be shot or raised just a short amount of time for their veal before slaughtered. Not only are the way they are handled is disgusting but the living conditions as well. Living conditions of a slaughter house are cold, hard concrete, dark, and loud noises which withholds screams and cry of cows. In some slaughter houses, cows are put in rows and lines and one by one are slaughtered, which means they see the other cows being knifed and killed right before them. This adds to increased stress and fear right before they die, yes animals do have emotions.

Second, chickens, turkeys, and ducks. Animal Equality states, “‘Broiler’ chickens who are raised for meat, turkeys, and ducks, are crammed into huge sheds and bred to be ready for slaughter so quickly that their legs often cannot support the weight of their bodies, and many suffer heart attacks.” This quote explains how not only are these animals crammed together, they are poorly raised and overfed to the point that they can not stand on their own two feet. Naturally, chickens and turkeys are very social animals whom love to run around and be in the sun and have company. Taking this away from them, by storing them in small, crammed containers and not even being fed properly takes away any freedom they had the second they were born. They were better off never born in the first place.

Third, pigs. Pigs are probably the most playful and aware of enjoying their life more so then most animals. Animal Equality states, “They can spend hours playing, rooting in the ground, lying in the sun and exploring their surroundings with their keen sense of smell.” This quote accurately depicts the quality of life that pigs want to live and are cut away from when stored in slaughter houses. The female pigs “sows” are repeatedly impregnated just like cows in order to reproduce for more pigs. They are confined and immediately after birth, the baby pigs are ripped from their mothers. The female pigs that are unable to give birth are immediately killed because they have no use for them. What could be so wrong with letting them free or letting them be adopted instead of killed?

Overall, animals do not deserve and should not be tortured and killed for food. At the very least there should be federal laws and regulations to animal cruelty especially of farm animals and slaughter houses. There is no reason to why an animal should have to lead a life when they are going to be killed anyways in such awful conditions. There should be changes in rules of how the animals houses and kept, bigger places with light and non-confined areas, preferably being able to range on grass and lead an almost normal life. Mothers should not be ripped away from their babies and vice versa. There is no humane way to torture and kill an animal, which is why I strongly believe they should not be killed in the first place. But if there was a way or law for a better version of a way an animal was to be killed that should be in place now. Animals should not have to watch their loved one and friends be killed and ripped apart in front of their own eyes. Would you want to see your family murdered in front of you, because I would not. I am doing my part of being vegan and advocating for these poor animals, you too should join the fight to change these rules and help animal cruelty.

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