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Addicted To Sweetness

by Stella Macus 2 years ago in healthy
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I Love You Sugar!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Have you ever heard of the word “Sweet Tooth”, a term that refers to someone that has a strong affinity for anything that has a sugary taste?

Do you see how that child in the picture above is having fun licking on that spoon? I did that a lot as a kid in fact when my mum baked, she always leaves a little something in the bowl for me to lick if you know what I am saying.

Sugar is very essential to human survival. The brain needs it to function and our body also needs it for energy. This is one of the reasons why as humans we subconsciously have an automatic inbuilt preference for sugar. Children are known to love sweet things a lot, including adults. There’s this photo online if you google it, of Warren Buffet sipping a can of Coca-cola, I love that photo.

Almost every anyone you see today, have some sort of sugary foundation from childhood. I like sweet things a lot since when I was a kid till now I am an adult. I don’t take alcoholic beverages, I take only soft drinks.

Though in one of my previous articles, I mentioned the time when I was cajoled into taking a bottle of rose champagne in the company I worked. It tasted sweet, so I drank it like I would do juice and the rest was history.

As you grow older, health expects do advise a reduction(not elimination) in sugary intakes, which I think is true, especially when you seldomly do exercise or workouts.

When you love sugar so much as I do, it kind of becomes an addiction, which can be harmful. I had nice sets of teeth(not anymore), and I always had bottles of Pepsi drink every day along with sugary snacks of course.

One beautiful day, I was munching on some really nice stuff. As I took a second bite, my tooth followed!

That’s how I lost a front tooth that wore out as a result of excessive consumption of Pepsi cola.

Sugar can be addictive, studies show that sugar similar reactions in the brain to the use of addictive substances. It releases natural opiates and causes some sense of fulfillment.

A person with a sweet tooth or sugar cravings usually struggles with withdrawal symptoms as seen in drug addicts.

In the past and it still happens a little now, if I haven’t taken any sugary beverage for some time, I used to feel restless and couldn’t concentrate on anything.

Some desserts have very high sugar content. Like cake or ice-cream. That’s why whenever I attend a birthday party, I always go for the average or smallest piece.

It’s dangerous to take so much sugary stuff when you don’t work out often or your work is highly sedentary.

One of the ways I burn excessive sugar is, I love taking very long walks and I dance a lot.

That way I keep my sugar level to the barest minimum. When I don’t do the above for a period of time, I reduce my sugar intake. This way you stay healthy.

There are healthy sugar alternatives that one we sweet tooth can consume so as not to get into the trouble of diabetes. You can use honey as a sweetener and there are lots of natural sweeteners.

So all is not lost when your doctor tells you to cut down on your sugar intake in other to live.


About the author

Stella Macus

A professional writer that loves to munch Oreos while writing :)

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