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9 Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids

by Health Journey 5 months ago in how to
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Boost your kids' health with these nine healthy lunch ideas for kids

9 Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids
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Kids always find a reason to complain about school lunches. If it is healthy, they probably will say that their friends aren't eating it and if the food is unhealthy, they argue that someone else's mother makes better things for them. But whatever the case may be you still have to pack them a lunch box every day so what can you do to make them happy? Here are some lunch ideas for children that will make you popular with your kids.

1) Salami sandwich: This is an easy to prepare snack idea, all it requires is simple ingredients like bread (bread slice), salami (thinly sliced), cheese (grated) and mayonnaise or mustard sauce. If you want, add in some carrots and celery sticks for a crunchy treat.

2) Strawberry sandwich: This is another simple but effective idea that kids cannot resist. All it takes are strawberries (sliced), bread, butter or margarine (for making toast), and honey (optional).

3) Cottage cheese, fruit, and nuts: Mix cottage cheese (150g), with your child's favorite fruits (sliced) like apples, pears, or grapes. Nuts act as an additional treat; you can mix in some almonds, walnuts, or cashew nuts. You can also add in a bottle of water or fresh milk.

4) Cottage cheese, fruit ,and toast: If you are looking for a simple meal idea for kids, here is one. Cottage cheese (250g), feta cheese (100g), bread slice, pears, apples or grapes. Make tasty toast by adding butter or margarine with some salt and pepper to the bread slice.

5) Grilled cheese sandwich: This idea is ideal for older kids who can eat solid food. A grilled cheese sandwich can be made by adding butter to the bread slice and then placing a slice of cheddar cheese on top. Put this between two slices of bread and toast lightly until golden brown color appears on both sides.

6) Rice ball: This is a Japanese dish that not only kids but adults also love. The ingredients needed are cooked rice (50g), nori seaweed paper or cheese slice, cucumber pickles, and raw tuna flakes (optional).

7) Unagi donburi: Unagi is an eel dish that has lots of healthy benefits. All you need is unagi (very thinly sliced), cooked rice (50g), and Japanese-style dressing made of soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and dashi broth. You can also add in some cucumber or boiled egg to make it tastier.

8) Fish fingers: You can make this for your children by simply baking or deep-frying fish fingers. Add it with some mashed potatoes, vegetables, and ketchup sauce to make it more appetizing.

9) Italian sandwich: Another simple idea that kids will surely love is the Italian sandwich. It requires cheese (sliced), ham or chicken sausage, pickles, and mayonnaise sauce. How to make it? Just prepare some tasty toast by adding butter or margarine with salt and pepper to the bread slice. Add in the meat items, cheese slices, and pickles for taste then cover with another slice of toast.

Benefits of healthy meals for kids:

● Provides essential minerals like iron, calcium,and potassium.

● Gives the body all the necessary energy it requires for physical activities throughout the day.

● Offers low-calorie content to burn calories while maintaining a healthy weight.

● Can help prevent obesity which is common in kids these days.

That's all the healthy lunch ideas for children you can use so that your children won't complain about their school lunch box. These ideas are not only good for the kids but also for the parents because they can make them more popular once they share these snacks with other moms and dads in the community. Remember, healthy living starts from a balanced diet and activities like exercise which will help you live a long and enjoyable life.

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