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8 Delicious, 'After Dinner' Dessert Ideas

Check out these sweets to help chase down a main course of the night.

By The Writing CasperPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Dessert can be slightly stressful in terms what someone craves at the time; especially when trying to decide which one to indulge. Whether it be cake, ice cream, pie or even foreign pastries, they're usually delicious and could complete the night properly.

There is more to dessert than satisfying a sweet tooth. It's a common tradition and the choice depends on which one. But not everyone can make a choice because there are just so many. Also, there are many flavors, textures, and sweet scents to draw someone to give in to temptation.

Something sweet which is appetizing, but not too heavy, considering the time of night, should be considered. Or something which will fill the small space of what is left of an appetite.


This is a list of ideas for people who find it difficult to settle on one dessert which will do the trick:

8. Ice Cream Sundae

Ice cream topped with nuts, whipped cream, a cherry, chocolate syrup, and decorated with two flavored sugar straws in a parlor glass

Classic, famous, and still a choice when in search for a dessert which isn't only ice cold but also drenched with toppings such as nuts, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and a big cherry.

Any ice cream flavor can be used as long as the sundae stands ready to be eaten while every bite is savored.

A tall parlor glass filled with each and every ingredient is standard and more enjoyable.

7. Banana Creme Pie

Banana-flavored cream on crust and topped with sweet cream on a white plate

This could be made with either the banana flavor, slices of fresh bananas, or a mix of several bananas into a puree.

For people who love the fruit, just imagine an entire pie which is moderately sweet and topped with a thick sweet cream. The banana flavor is unmistakable. A thick crust is practically an edible base, as well as doughy, but baked until golden brown.

6. Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake covered with frosting and sprinkled with red velvet cake crumbs on a white platter

Yes, there is a cake which is the shade of red. Blood red, to be more specific, in terms of the color as well as the shade. The cake is spongy and thick enough for someone to sink their teeth into.

The frosting is usually interesting. There is a flavor which is both sweet, sour, and the texture is pasty.

5. Boston Creme Pie

Spongy chocolate cake, vanilla custard, chocolate frosting, sweet cream, chocolate mousse, and chocolate crust on a white plate

Chocolate mousse, which has the same consistency as pudding, and is nearly similar, combined with a creamy topping.

Chocolate cake is the top layer while a creamy vanilla custard is the second layer and both stand on a chocolate crust.

4. Angel Food Cupcakes

Paper pastry cups filled with angel food cupcakes topped with sweet cream

Practically the angelic version of devil's food and much lighter rather than rich.

One bite just isn't enough considering it's texture which is usually spongy and sweet. This cupcake can be further dressed with frosting and sprinkles. However, to be eaten plain is fine.

3. Cannoli

Butter cream decorated with crushed pistachios in a deep-fried crust sprinkled with white powdered sugar on a white dessert dish

Cannoli has made its mark around the world. Traditional and also a common choice among other pastries and is constantly re-created.

The deep-fried crust is great when crispy and should wrap easily without breaking.

The butter cream filling is both sweet, sour, and mixed with milk to give it a creamy texture.

Pistachios or chocolate chips, buried into the filling, are great as toppings. Various colors of granulated sugar could be used as well as chocolate syrup.

2. Triple-Layer Fudge Cake

Fudge frosting covering spongy chocolate cake with mocha filling on parchment (waxed) paper

Exactly three layers worth of devil's food cake combined with fudge syrup and also fudge frosting. For this to be rich is quite an understatement.

Each layer contains chocolate cake which absorbs all of the ingredients. And as an option, shavings of chocolate could be sprinkled all over the entire cake for decoration.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

A bunch of layered chocolate chip cookies on a white plate

What could possibly go wrong with these? Cookie dough which is made from scratch with the standard ingredients of flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, and baking soda.

The chocolate chips are what truly stand out and also what make the cookie what it is.

Whether crunchy or soft-baked, it's a classic go-to dessert after a hearty main course.


Think of this as a great way to finish off as the last thing to eat in order to aid a sweet tooth. Or if there is room for more, choose another which is different from the first choice such as ice cream and then a mousse. The key is to complete the search with a result to soothe the craving.


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