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Why It’s Important to Have Date Night, Especially with Kids

by Jessica Skube 11 days ago in married

With so much going on and around you, it’s important to take out time to relax and reconnect with your partner and as a couple.

Being married, having kids, and feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities can be a lot to handle as a couple. It becomes even more responsibility when you have as many as seven kids, and you put in more investment into your marriage than most people would.

In order to have much more than just your kids connecting you together, you should have regular date nights to reconnect, have fun, feel cozy and prioritize your marriage. So, irrespective of how many times you decide to have a date night, weekly or monthly, it is important to ensure that it happens and you begin to steadily see a difference in your life. Here are some important reasons you should have date nights, especially with your kids!

An opportunity to communicate, reconnect and deepen your relationship

Being in a setting where you don't have to worry or see the kids can bring a lot of relief to you and your partner, and you have the opportunity to discuss other important matters aside from your kids.

With seven kids, you feel you don’t have a choice other than to discuss your kids, make important decisions about them, put them to sleep, take them to school, or anywhere they need to go. Even when you take family camping trips to relax, you’ll realize that it’s more about the kids and ensuring that they’re safe all through it. The list is endless. There’s no limit to what you need to do for your kids when you have them.

That’s why you need a date night once in a while. It can be an opportunity for you to communicate, reconnect and deepen your relationship with your partner. In a serene space, you have a chance to reconnect on your thoughts, talk about the changes happening to you individually and as a family, and decide on how you’ll face new experiences or challenges you’re still facing. You shouldn’t forget that the foundation of a good family is first having a good relationship with each other.

Relieving stress

Again, this is an issue every married person that has kids can agree on - STRESS. No matter how good you’re at parenting, the chances of stress seeping in once in a while are very high. There’ll be unexpected situations, you’ll have to balance your own work-life with your family life, and your kids will grow up faster than you expect. If care isn’t taken, you can experience stress at the highest level.

And because you don’t want your stress to influence your decision-making and how you relate with others, you need to find a way to relieve yourself of the stress. And what other way than to relieve the stress you feel with your partner in an environment that’s meant for you both?

Date night is your best choice to relieve stress. Date night allows you to enjoy time with one another, away from the pressing issues of your regular life. You can see it as an opportunity to extend emotional support to one another in those moments when you need them.

To rekindle the romantic spark and find each other, again

Do you ever feel like, as a result of your long to-do lists, the bills you have to pay, and the responsibilities of handling and caring for your kids, you have lost the spark that was there when your marriage initially started? Are you beginning to feel like your marriage is all in a routine, and you’re already looking to the end of the day right from the beginning? Then you need an opportunity to rekindle that romantic spark and find each other, again.

Date nights have a better chance of strengthening and rekindling the romantic spark that can be helpful in sustaining the fires of love over the long haul. Use it as an opportunity to have all those traditions you once had, do those seemingly little things that you’ve always wanted to do, and find yourselves - the way you were before the stress and the kids - once again.

To help your kids see a healthy relationship

Inasmuch as date nights are mostly about the couple and their marriage, it can also act as an opportunity to have an impact on your kids. Date nights can be about your kids too. First, it shows them that as their parents, you have ‘a life’ beside them, so they know it’s okay to be separated from you for a bit. No matter how young or old they are, they begin to see their parents as separate people who need a time out together. Also, successful periodic date nights can show kids how a healthy relationship should be like.

When young children get used to their parents treating each other well, it plants something positive in their minds, and they plan to treat others right. From their friends to their partners as they grow older, they can replicate what they’ve learned from you as they grow older.

It can also put them on the right track in their dating relationships. Your date moments can be teachable moments to pass along your values and behaviors when it comes to dating for your kids.

Date nights are more important than we actually think. It’s much more than dressing up, eating fancy food at a fancy restaurant. It’s more about the short and long-term effects it can have on your marriage and how you treat each other, even when the kids aren’t in the picture.

Whether you’re having the time of your life raising your seven kids, or you’re looking for a way to relieve yourself of the pressure you’re constantly feeling, then you should consider investing more in date nights!

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