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Why don't cheating men get divorced and marry the other woman?

Why do most men who cheat never divorce and marry a mistress? To sum up, there should be these.

By testPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Reasons in this respect:

First, no matter how excellent and beautiful the mistress is, it may not be the dish of cheating men.

It takes capital to be a lover, either young and beautiful, intelligent and capable, or understanding.

Meaning, but lovers are not necessarily the type of cheating men, at best, cheating men after the boring marriage

A snack used to stimulate and relieve fatigue, not to mention that the other woman is also a woman, is a woman, it must be

There will be a day when one's appearance grows old and youth passes away, "there are mountains outside the mountains, there are people outside the people", and they are having an affair.

In a man's eyes, the weight of a lover is far less important than that of his wife.

Second, no matter how old and ugly the wife is, the marriage is still a good match.

It is undeniable that men who cheat have their wives' reasons. They either ignore their husbands, or they don't know how to dress themselves up, or they don't want to make progress. But even so, in the hearts of cheating men, he always knows that if there is no wife of chaff at home, he will not have the glory of his career. Even if he betrays his wife, he still feels guilty and sorry psychologically, unless his wife is overbearing and unreasonable. Unreasonably hard to push the husband out, the vast majority of cheating husbands will not take the initiative to divorce, in his view, marriage is always a good match, another woman as a wife, there may not be the original happiness and happiness.

Third, the heart has scruples, or career, or the future, divorce is not a small loss.

Although this reason is objective, it does make men have scruples after having an affair. They either worry that divorce will hinder their career, or they fear family criticism, or they fear that their future will be destroyed. Even if the mistress is forced by death and threatened with pregnancy, if he really wants to divorce to marry the mistress, the cheating man will weigh it back and will not easily take the wrong step. Although men have strong animal instincts, men have strong animal instincts. However, when it comes to their own vital interests, the mistress also seems insignificant. Once the mistress is enough to become a stumbling block to a man's career and future, the man is still willing to kick the smelly and hard stone of the mistress far away. Unless he's really abnormal.

Fourth, cheating men are very clear about the relationship with the other woman, even if they have feelings, it may not be the cornerstone of marriage.

When all men cheat, they are infatuated with the appearance and sex of the mistress, and they all start an extramarital affair with a playful mentality. even if they really have a relationship in the end, in fact, in the hearts of cheating men, they all know very well that this kind of relationship is always mixed with "interests" and "each takes what he needs", although the mistress will keep saying, "it's not for your money." But cheating men will understand "will you love me without money", this is very practical, this reality let cheating men all know that their love will never go into marriage, it is not the cornerstone of marriage.

Fifth, even if he has no feelings with his wife, the cheating man will not be able to pass the child level.

"Women can be other people's, children are always their own." this is the mantra of many cheating men, and it seems to be the true meaning of all normal cheating men. In any case, even if the relationship between a man and his wife has died, their marriage has not improved, but in the face of children, men are always distressed. This may be a man's inner and instinctive interpretation of fatherly love. Think about your own children. Especially when children face critical periods, such as graduation exams, employment, poor health, and so on, they will not hesitate to refuse the "forced marriage" of the mistresses, and even in their hearts they will hate the heartless of the mistresses, and decisively choose "for the children" and will not divorce and marry the mistress.

Sixth, extramarital affairs will also be regular, cheating men will not be hanged on a mistress.

A man's animal instincts destined him to like the new and hate the old, just as when his wife changed from a young girl to an aged woman, he went for sex hunting. similarly, when the charm of the mistress is no longer, they will still continue to look for the next younger prey, and it seems more ruthless and thorough to get rid of the other woman. What's more, extramarital affairs are also feelings, and they also have the natural laws of their development, and there will be first love, passionate love, running-in period, transition period and aging period, and it can not stand the test of time. Therefore, cheating men are not doomed to catch a mistress tree. What they want is a large forest full of vitality, and old cattle always like to eat tender grass.

Back to the title, in real life, it is not without those unfaithful men who mercilessly abandon their original wives, or even wolf dads who ignore the growth and future of their children, or stupid men who are so stupid that they are completely deceived by the sweet words of the other woman and the kung fu in bed and leave a good career and a future regardless of divorce. But these three types of men, no matter in terms of intelligence, human nature, or moral criticism, are really abnormal men, or they are not a man at all, and they dare, ruthlessly and foolishly abandon their wives to marry the other woman. It is by no means a normal man. For such a man, isn't it lucky that his wife chooses to leave?


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