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What Types of Construction Jobs Need a Concrete Cutting Sydney

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By Maria WilliamsPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
What Types of Construction Jobs Need a Concrete Cutting Sydney
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Concrete cutting, as the name suggests, is the cutting and removal of concrete to create openings, passages, holes, or joints.

It is a complex job with drills and saws, typically coated with diamond, as it offers the best results. However, concrete cutting is an extensive category of services and can tackle various construction projects.

Types of Construction Jobs That Require Concrete Cutting Sydney

Virtually every construction project requires some concrete cutting. It is common in domestic, civil, commercial, and industrial projects. Some examples include:

Shopping centres


Office buildings




Swimming pools

Bridges and more.

Different Techniques Are Suitable for Different Projects

Concrete cutting may seem basic and straightforward, but it is a very complex job requiring you to pay attention to many factors to ensure safety and optimal results. There is a wide range of techniques you can employ to cut concrete. Different techniques and mechanisms are suitable for different projects. Following are some standard techniques and the projects they are used for:

Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling is usually required for all concrete structures and construction projects. It helps create a circular opening on basically any concrete surface. It is used in projects like:

Bathroom trench work

Electrical conduits

HVAC ducts

Cutting main doors and windows

Fire suppression and sprinkler pipes

Handrail and pipe bollards

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is a complex concrete cutting technique maneuvered by remote control. It is particularly suitable for vertical concrete cutting and used in the following construction jobs:

Installation of new doors or windows

Expansion and remodelling of concrete structures and facilities

Installation of new dock levellers

Hand Sawing

Hand sawing is one of the most traditional and oldest concrete cutting techniques. It is ideal for cutting in tight spaces where it is difficult to fit other cutting equipment. The construction/renovation projects this technique is suitable for include (but not limited to) the following:

Bathroom trench work

Concrete pipe to fix elevations

Manhole tops

Finishing work

Cutting main doors and windows

Slab Sawing

Slab sawing is a popular concrete cutting mechanism used to make deep cuts. Slab sawing uses a big saw with significant horsepower and is ideal for cutting pavement, floors, or slabs. It is used for these projects:

Large slabs and concrete floors

Elevator openings

Curb and street cuts

Parking lots and asphalt/concrete driveways

Plumbing and electrical trenches

Wire Sawing

Able to cut from a wide range of angles, wire sawing is a very versatile concrete cutting technique. The equipment used for this technique can cut a piece of concrete of virtually any size. It is suitable for:

Overpass supports

Bridge piers and column removal

Parking deck columns

Concrete porch columns

Large industrial support columns

Sewer line tie-ins

Concrete cutting is a broad category of services, and many construction jobs need a concrete cutter. With each project requiring a specific concrete cutting technique, you don’t want to waste valuable effort, money, and time by allowing an amateur to take charge.

No matter the scope of your project, it is recommended that you hire reputed concrete cutting Sydney so you can have peace of mind that the job will be carried out safely, accurately, and quickly.

City Cut has become a leader in the concrete industry and one of the most respectable concrete cutting and demolition companies in NSW.

It won't make a difference if you're a homeowner or are in charge of a sizeable commercial property - our experts can handle any concrete cutting work.


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