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What makes parents happy when they see their children succeed?

by Monmohan 10 months ago in parents
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What makes a parent proud of his or her children?

What makes parents happy when they see their children succeed?
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This usually happens in families that cannot afford to give their children a lot and help them grow. When children are young, all parents like to give them the best possible like good education, clothes, food, and shelter. Not all parents can do it in the best way possible, but they make sure that they do their best.

Children watch as they struggle not to ask their parents for anything. Additionally, some children still plan to help their parents in more than one way. If the father does not earn much money and the mother is at home, the family cannot afford the luxuries, and the children do not expect them either; Instead, they still plan to earn money and help the parents.

In some families, children start working at an early age and save their future studies. In addition, they pass a part of it to the parents. However, the main thing is that these children do not neglect their studies and work hard in their academic fields. Some parents are not involved in their education but look forward to seeing the best in their children.

"Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life."

Albert Einstein

Some children say that they can never forget the joy on their parents' faces when they heard that their child had reached the top of their school. Children from these families are used to seeing the sad faces of their parents as they cannot give the best for their children. However, when the child tells them something like this: "I have the highest rank in the class", the children look happy and feel proud of the child who has never seen anything like it before.

Children like this always work hard to reach the top, mainly to please their parents, and in the end, it makes the parents happy forever. Once they get higher education, they start deciding their future in terms of jobs. There is no way you can get access to high-paying jobs only with certifications from high-level exams.

Children do their research and choose a line where they have the passion to never discuss anything because parents trust their children and are happy with their decision. Most of these parents pray for the well-being of their children and can give them advice on how to manage their energy.

"With every word we utter, with every action we take, we know our kids are watching us. We as parents are their most important role models."

Michelle Obama

I would say that the parents of these children are lucky and blessed to have such responsible children in their lives. When their children find a well-paying job, they continue to plan how they will bring their parents out of their lives. These babies build homes for their parents and keep them happily alive until they are alive.

One of the political leaders of an Asian country had a government car to go to a political conference because that leader never had a vehicle. They passed in front of the rice fields where he saw Mother working on this land; When the driver of this car tried to stop the car to talk to Mom about this boss, Mom refused and refused to talk to the boss, thinking it might upset the boss. Therefore, some of us live short lives and engage in what we have to serve. He inspires others who look up to him.

This shows that the parents of these individuals are proud of them, the whole society is proud of them. And later when people read their life story, they feel happy and grateful for this type of person. I wish I could live like this.


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