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What Does a Real Estate Agent Bexley Do?

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By Maria WilliamsPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
What Does a Real Estate Agent Bexley Do?
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If you plan to sell or buy a property, you will likely hire the services of a real estate agent Bexley. Real estate agents are licensed professionals who offer their services to represent buyers and sellers in property transactions.

An experienced agent can make a real estate transaction flow smoothly. They do that by performing a number of duties. These include the following:

Acting for the Client

Real estate agents owe a fiduciary duty to their clients. This means that they must act in the client’s best interest. They must also treat all parties fairly, including disclosing all known facts and information regarding the property and transaction to the client.

Searching Properties

A real estate agent working with a buyer looks for suitable properties. Their primary duty is to find an available property that best satisfies the client’s needs. On the other hand, if the agent is working for a seller, then their job is to look for buyers. They help find a qualified buyer to buy the property of their client.

Marketing the Property

When searching for a buyer, a real estate agent helps market the property. Their duties include advertising in print and on the internet, installing a for-sale sign, creating a virtual tour, preparing and distributing a flier, etc. The listing agreement typically governs the advertising’s extent. Therefore, a client may pay more for additional services. Keep in mind that personally locating a buyer is not the responsibility of a real estate agent. However, they do reach out to other agents who have suitable buyers.

Disclosing Important Information

Making a full disclosure to all parties involved in the property’s transaction is an essential duty of a real estate agent. However, an important thing to note is that agents keep their clients’ confidential information safe and never disclose it, mainly if that information can give the other party an advantage.

Negotiating the Best Deal

Getting the highest and the best sale price for the client who wants to sell a property is another important duty of a real estate agent. If the agent represents a buyer, then their duty involves negotiating for the lowest possible price for their client. During the negotiation process, the agent gives their client all possible information and advises them. However, it’s not their job to make the final decision for the client.

Navigating Through to Closing

Navigating the transaction through the entire escrow process to closing is another essential duty of a real estate agent. Much of this job might involve providing information to the client and answering any questions the client might have. The agent also follows the timeline of contingencies to ensure that all deadlines are met and fulfilled.

Although you can buy or sell a property without the assistance of a real estate agent, their services are too valuable to ignore. A reputed agent can help you through the complex and rigorous process of buying or selling a home.

Before you hire a real estate agent Bexley, it is recommended that you do some background research and learn about the services they offer. The extent of an agent’s duties may vary by state because real estate laws differ from one state to another.

At Onyx Estate Agents, as a professional real estate agent in Bexley, we understand that you want to ensure that you are delighted with your decision to make a financial commitment. We also understand that the most crucial factor is you when buying, selling or renting your property!


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