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it's about life with four kids

By Heather HublerPublished about a year ago โ€ข 4 min read
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The story I'm about to tell is just a tiny glimpse into life with four children. And by children, I mean a 21, 20, 17 and 15 year old. They may drive me absolutely bat-shit crazy most of the time, but they are without a doubt, awesome.

Let me set the stage for you. We have a group chat set up that my daughter named 'slay.' We live in a big house with stone walls, and it's not easy to hear one another when you're on a different floor. It's easier to text 'dinner' than go and knock on 4 different doors. I also use it to round up help bringing in the obnoxious amount of food and personal hygiene products it takes to maintain a family of six, lol.

So, this particular tale begins at 11:22am on February 22nd when this chat goes out to 'slay' from my daughter:

everyone is under investigation do not leave the country

I knew she'd just been getting ready in our upstairs bathroom as we currently only have one shower while we work on our master bath. I thought immediately it was because one of her brothers didn't flush the toilet or missed it a bit...hahaha. Life with those that can stand up to pee.

I simply responded with a question mark figuring I'd get an in-depth story once she emerged from getting ready.

But the plot thickened as another text arrived only 6 minutes later.

private investigation wait for your turn

At this point, I think someone has stolen something of hers as we put initials on stuff in the house that is not for everyone, usually food or drinks that they've bought themselves or that was specifically for them. We have sharpies everywhere. And my first question after being told something has gone missing, is 'did you put your name on it?' That's a big family rule as it helps to manage the chaos, and everyone abides by it.

Well, she never came down to tell me anything after the shower, so I let it go figuring she got over it or got revenge, ha!

That was just the beginning.

A few hours later, I heard her going door to door asking everyone to give a writing sample next to their name on this piece of paper she's made up.

I thought these were unrelated incidents and that the writing bit was for a school project, she does cyber school. The only sample she couldn't get at the time was her younger brother's.

All was quiet for the next few hours until after I picked up my youngest from school. My daughter was apparently swift with getting his writing sample and completing her investigation.

She marched into the living room, where I'd gone to sit with one of her older brothers and proceeded to tell me that my handwriting was a match.

I'm clearly confused because I have no idea what she's talking about, until...


Now I need to pause a moment and explain that we moved into a house several years ago that was built in 1750, which is old for my neck of the woods. Everyone loves to ask if it's haunted. I always answer, 'if there are any ghosts they better start contributing to the mortgage or get the hell out.' Makes total sense right?

Alright, unpause.


Until I ask her what on earth she's been going on about. I now suspect that the handwriting thing is not for school and I'm being drawn into some situation unknowingly.

She then begins to explain letting us know that earlier in the day she'd placed a highlighter on her desk in her bedroom and it mysteriously moved itself when she left the room for a bit.

Oh spooky...except she has a cat, and I'm sure the highlighter became a casualty to her curiosity. But my daughter maintains the cat was in the same spot on her bed when she returned.

That was apparently mystery #1.

The second incident occurred after she showered that day when all the texts first began to show up. Again, I thought this was in relation to her brothers failing to replace toilet paper rolls or dribbling on the floor or something.

And then she finally revealed that after her shower, a message appeared on the steamed up mirror.

Now as she's telling this story, out of the corner of my eye, I see one of her older brothers trying to contain laughter. Like the full-on, belly-aching kind. His eyes are even tearing up.


So, I stop her and ask him if he knows anything about these troubling events.

The mysterious spirit is finally un-masked (un-sheeted?).

He then proceeds, while laughing hysterically, to tell us that he wrote "Fear me" on the bathroom mirror the night before to scare her or his younger brother, whoever saw it first.

Now, I am laughing so hard at his bizarre humor (too much like my own), his sister having been the one to find it and completely in love with her epic investigation.

What the hell? I live with such a crazy bunch.

Here is the picture of the message, although only the word 'Fear' showed up.

taken by author

A remaining text went out to slay that day at 4:51pm.

btw jacob was the spirit do not be scared

For the love. This is my life.

And I wouldn't change a thing.

(Well, maybe I would add more time to write and a personal chef, lol.)


Thank you for reading!! I hope you got a laugh out of this one.

Here are some other works from me if you'd care to read. You can also subscribe to me, it's free!


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  • Lilly Cooper11 months ago

    Ah families. They cost us a fortune, but we are so much poorer without them ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Queena Rowe12 months ago

    Great story and sounds like a great bunch of kiddos! Thanks for sharing your story.

  • J. Jayabout a year ago

    That was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed this story with your family and their shenanigans. Thank you for sharing it!

  • Samrah nadeemabout a year ago


  • Shiva Sharmaabout a year ago

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  • Mariann Carrollabout a year ago

    Enjoyed this story โค๏ธ

  • Leesa Stowabout a year ago

    hehe great story. I should do that to my husband.

  • bisma elahiabout a year ago

    such a fun and engaging story

  • Jay Kantorabout a year ago

    Hi Heather - It was pointed out to me that your fun story "Wanna hear a funny story? | Families" came up, as you scroll down, with my comment to you under my Google: Vocal Media/Jay Kantor; I don't know how they do that? *Anxious to see what you have in store for us next? Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, Cal 'Senior' Vocal Author

  • Gina C.about a year ago

    Such a fun and engaging story, my friend!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ Simply loved this!! Your family is so beautiful ๐Ÿค— Congratulations on Top Story!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Samuel Oforiabout a year ago

    That was awesome

  • Gal Muxabout a year ago

    Hilarious! What a lovely family you have! The group chat is genius! It's name is one another level too!

  • Loryne Andaweyabout a year ago

    Your son just gave me an evil idea! I can't wait to try it out ๐Ÿ‘น. Thank you for sharing this chaos with us ๐Ÿ˜‡

  • Jay Kantorabout a year ago

    Heather - Many can 'relate' as evidenced by your comments - I've written many stories "For the Kids Someday" and 'Love' stories as you do. Such as my 'The Last Valentine' - Fun to archive 'favorite' memories. I will be following you; with pleasure. Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, Cal 'Senior' Vocal Author

  • Kristen Balyeatabout a year ago

    What a fun and hilarious family you have! Loved this story!

  • Muhammad Aliabout a year ago

    This story is a hilarious and heartwarming glimpse into the chaos and joy of family life. From the "slay" group chat to the mysterious bathroom message, this family keeps each other on their toes with their pranks and investigations. Despite the craziness, you clearly loves and appreciates her "awesome" children, and readers will too.

  • KJ Aartilaabout a year ago

    Lol! Sounds like a busy life, but at least the banter makes it worth the chaos. I can just see it! Oh, the drama! Teens can be the most funny when they're actually very serious. :)

  • Aphoticabout a year ago

    This was such a fun and wholesome story. Your daughter sounds like a riot. Actually your whole family does lol you must have so many more stories like this one!

  • Laura Vincentabout a year ago

    Great read!

  • Arhealthiabout a year ago


  • R. J. Raniabout a year ago

    Oh Jacob ๐Ÿ˜‚ I can only imagine what he must have been feeling during his sisterโ€™s investigation. Did he fudge his handwriting sample? ๐Ÿคญ It sounds like you have a wonderfully full family life in a home that allows for such creativity, Heather! What a wonderful life ๐Ÿค—

  • Sneha Pradhanabout a year ago

    Haha this had me smilingโ€ฆlove your daughterโ€™s style. ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Sonia Heidi Unruhabout a year ago

    Love how you unpack this slice of life! Congrats on top story.

  • Leslie Writesabout a year ago

    ๐Ÿ˜‚ I love it. Could your son have been inspired by the broken mirror challenge? Congrats on top story!

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