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The Rain of Cherry Blossoms

by moladda 3 months ago in Short Story
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Cherry Blossom Garden is only famous in these years.

After the second road of the seashore crossed the railroad bridge into the port and became Qingdao Road, it just started to intersect with the Haiqu Road coming from the old city into a big intersection, the cherry blossom garden is in the northwest corner of this intersection, it occupies the prosperous location, but also creates a quiet place for the people of the small town.

This year, just like the copy three years ago, also in April day, I changed my phone case from the flip type to the silicone transparent type, at noon when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, I wandered on the pathway where the cherry trees were shaded like a huangyi, thinking about the mood depicted by Mr. Lu Xun: "When the cherry blossoms in Ueno are rosy, they look like scarlet clouds". The light clouds, one after another, turned into a beautiful scenery into the cell phone, and the pink and white of the fluttering quiet beauty made the eyes drunk and the heart even more drunk with romance.

The difference with this year is that the bad luck is following the eyes drunk heart drunk. The same time this year I purposely came here, in fact, in order to enjoy the intoxicating beauty of the scarlet light clouds, forgetting what was there, something I did not want to stay in the memory. After moving to Shishu, I think I gradually fell in love with this cherry blossom garden, with the quietness of the stone along the road that is only separated from the noise, and with the quietness of my loneliness.

On the Wendeng Road at the west end, there was only a natural entrance that "cherry blossom fans" trampled on the holly trees, but now this entrance has been carefully repaired and replaced by a red brick paved road and a small square full of various vehicles parked there. When I passed through the gap of cars and came to the curved path paved with red bricks connected to the square in the south, I felt the deepness of the shade of the cherry trees.

Crimson light clouds floating in the branches of the sparse shadow slightly transparent, curling graceful neither dense nor pale, elegant and pure Ying Ying linked into a sea of clouds. The fluttering softness of the blue sky like a falling cloud, before the green leaves bloom, hanging in the diaphanous forest tops. There were handsome men and women in different poses on the trail, and the drone hovered over the treetops and emitted a beeping tone. There were special and simple communication devices at the entrance of the trail, and the "netizens" of the Chinese photography were broadcasting live in front of their cell phones, spreading the beauty of this light cloud to the world.

It is conceivable that, with the help of drone shooting, plus the mellow voice of the "netizen", this scarlet light cloud is shown on the net in a panoramic three-dimensional way, so that the world can marvel at the strange and different in the great change of the small town in a multi-dimensional way, and marvel at the cherry blossom event which is so woven by the visitors. The women who stood by the path under the hagai, with fluttering clothes and smiling faces as if they were sent by spring, came to add some spring colors.

They are intoxicated under the flowers or picking flowers to sniff or climbing branches to look back, silver bell-like laughter in the shadow of the flowers reverberate. Even the children were moved by the "flower cloud", they broke away from the adult's arm and ran in the green of the cherry trees with "aww". The old people with white hair were full of happiness and intoxicated under the flowers, and their smiles revealed the tenderness at the bottom of their hearts, not knowing that their cherry blossom-like bodies had already stood in the screen and shared the beauty of the cherry blossoms with others.

Under the tree to see the flowers, the sunlight sift down dappled, flowers bright dark distinct, layers of petals stacked, clumped together, layer after layer, so that I can not help but want to lift a hand to fiddle with it, the middle of the petals, stamens like a sun flower, dancing in the wind, graceful. A heavy, a group, a cluster, light pink, dark pink, creamy white, really dazzling, growing in Qingdao road side watch over the intersection with the Haiqu Road intersection of the white cherry tree, its branches stretch freely, the body is like a delicate traffic police flower, guard the traffic bustling intersection, the garden just built up to attract my attention.

The beauty of white cherry blossoms, I dare not easily depict, that pure and extreme beauty, the snowflake's floating, fine porcelain luster, the virgin skin's fine moist are not enough to describe, I will comfort myself white cherry blossoms beauty is compatible with the qualities of these three. I am a part of the mortal world, it makes sense that I can't depict it. In this sunny spring day, looking at it from afar, this cherry blossom looks like it was born from a misty illusion, so I think this is also a special taste.

Before the green leaves bloom, I suddenly remembered that there is another kind of flower, with cherry blossom this kind of quality, that is azalea, in Wulian Mountain South Park, Jiu Xian Mountain black cattle field and boot stone and other mountain clusters, every year in April days almost and cherry blossom bloom, that petal dou dou tree composed of a sea of fire red cloud, release the azalea embracing the warmth and exuberance of spring, I just walked into here, fire red in the nose of the flower fragrance, let me feel that this is It is the symbol of the Korean nation and their totem.

Now the person who taught me about jindalai flowers is already miles away from me, at this moment when I walk on the path of cherry blossom garden in the small town, the air is swirling with the mellow fragrance that goes straight to the heart, I don't know if that person is walking on which street in which city in the country of cherry blossom, when he is enjoying the blooming cherry blossom with his friends or family, will he think of the jindalai flowers in the mountains of Yanji, will he feel the aftermath of the bad luck, my I feel lonely and helpless.

The time on the path slowly wandered through all the corners of the garden, like a long but not steep enough hill, the foot of the day permeated with spring shine, not as bright as the one falling on the Haiku road, moved little by little on the hill with some effort. The distance from early morning to late evening felt twice as long as that of the Haiku Road, due to the quietness of the flowers and the looseness of the footsteps of visitors left on the path. The speed in this garden is exactly the speed I feel at this moment, I didn't realize that in such a speeding up era, some things still stubbornly keep the original slow.

The cherry blossoms in the warm breeze, rippling out like water waves cascading smiles, the quiet smile slowly transformed into a youthful shy smile, oh, is the woman who taught me about the golden dahlia. When the department organized a spring excursion to the Fengwu Reservoir in Tumen in my freshman year, she pointed to a mound of jindalee flowers blooming in the rock pile and said that the flowers bloom in the craggy early spring before the green leaves, and when they are in full bloom they are bright red like cuckoos crying for blood, condensing sincere friendship and pure love. I folded a cluster of gold dahlia flowers handed over, she hesitantly took it, her face drifted off red, words seem superfluous, smiled and hid in the flowers like a deer swift.

And cherry blossoms almost at the same time up, is the Yanji mountain forest jindalai flowers of fire red and warm, crop after crop, but the beautiful "human face" is missing. North of the garden is looking at the sea and cherry garden two neighborhoods, looking at the sea, because not far to the east is the sea, standing in the neighborhood above the tenth floor can take in the waves there, cherry garden, because this annual on time floating scarlet light clouds it. Previously connected by a dirt road and the sea qu road, more early is by the community residents' shoes in the garden out of the amount of a path, but now it has become a flashing white light with road markings of the cement road, the road on both sides of the cherry trees have been extended into the community, the whole community are surrounded, so this place has become a sea of cherry blossoms.

In the new area of the small town, it is unique in the city and even in the province's urban green space to have such a large scarlet light cloud drifting every year on time, shading the sky between Haiku Road and the living community to form a deep floral cover. I have thought more than once, if my wallet is full enough to let me choose again, I will buy a place where I can see the sea and enjoy the good flowers of the flats to live, just to be able to live in this fragrant deep sea of flowers for a long time. I can't do what he did, and I can't reach his level, but I can be a person of the cherry blossom garden for the dark fragrance of the cherry blossoms, the snow and the poetry.

This must be the largest and most seaside style cherry blossom garden in the city. It is not really like a garden anymore, but more like an exquisite woodland set in the city, those pavilions made of green or red bricks or wood for visitors to rest and sit, mostly covered in the tall and strong cherry trees. Walking in the garden with green grass and flower canopy, it was hard to distinguish whether I heard my breath or the breath of trees or grass. The characteristic mellow scent of cherry blossoms and green grasses calmed me down, as if the trees, flowers and grasses understood the changes I had suffered in that spring, knew my specific pains, and they silently soothed me, acting as an analgesic to me.

Here, I was willing to be more lonely than the signboards on the twin towers and high-rise residential buildings on the south side of Haiku Road; here, I was willing to say all my thoughts only to each cherry tree and the light cloud over my head. Crossing the concrete road that shines and marked all the way to the cherry blossom garden, the cherry blossom trees on the east side do not seem to be as tall as the ones I just saw, as if they were not planted at the same time, and the forest is not as big and dense, and the high shade can not be seen on both sides of the path, and there are occasional pines, red-leaved heather and other exotic species growing together.

Through the top of the cherry trees here, you can also see the figure behind the glass of the balcony of the residential building of the cherry garden district, that is a family because of the love of life and put on the balcony full of flowers and trees, the owner is spraying water and fertilizer to these green life, I believe that in the flowers and trees are also hidden like drinking a pot of sunshine green tea as slow and leisurely life. In the thick grass in front, there is a family of three squatting at the edge of the prop to take a picture. Overhead are the cherry trees with twisted flowering branches, the grass green reflected under the thick and light flowers, their figures bathed in the sunlight, the young parents holding their happy son, the expression framed in the frame.

The sky here is not as high as that of Haiku Road or Qingdao Road, because the cherry trees are sandwiched by the path, and you can only see a "line of sky" separated by cherry trees, half bright and half dark, with a trivial vividness and secularized elegance, which looks lower and closer to the earth. In a few days, if the wind blows here and the rain falls, the cherry blossom petals will fall gracefully and slowly, so slowly and beautifully, I really want the time to be fixed in this moment. But the petals still float down, like the very colorful rain, falling on the grass, paths and ditches, it chose to bloom in front of the spring, but also chose to wither in the most glorious moment of spring, so many spring flowers are coming, but it waved a tearful farewell, not yet a good look, it hurried into the earth, is to leave a mellow fragrance, but also a moment.

I thus took the cherry blossom forest that looked like scarlet light clouds as a barrier, and temporarily escaped the hustle and bustle outside the cherry blossom garden. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and people were also dense, and the petals floated down by my sleeves to moisten the mellow fragrance. If I didn't leave here for a whole day, few people outside Haiku Road or Qingdao Road would miss me. The people who once taught me about the flowers of Kingdalai no longer care about where I have gone, about my bad luck and changes, or about my present despondency and helplessness. I would like to be like the light clouds of scarlet that rise regularly in the garden every year, waiting for the lush green leaves of the tree when the petals fade and the light clouds fade away.

I came to the cherry tree like the flower of the traffic police guarding the intersection, this piece of white cherry blossoms in front of me is light and elegant, holy, purifying the mind, cultivating the sentiment, joyful heart again, I can't help but, foolishly, greedily look at a, a group, a cluster of white cherry blossoms smiling happily. This misty phantasmagoria of the feathered life thing, is from the cherry blossom country clear in my joyful sense. The big intersection around me is bustling with traffic, signifying that this small city is running at high speed without stopping, and the twin buildings of Tiande in the distance and the twin buildings of King's Landing in front of me are echoing each other across Qingdao Road, and the high roofs of the buildings are glittering in the sunlight.

However, when the sun went down in the west, I still had to leave. When I turned around and chose the north side of the path towards Wendeng Road, the wind blew by my cheeks and the cherry petals slipped between my lips, as if I heard an invitation from the cherry petals on the tree, the wind came, let's float together. And so, the garden scrambled, fluttered a cherry blossom rain, in the most beautiful moment drifted down, will be eternal beauty fixed in the eyes of visitors.

I had been entangled in the short-lived emotion of the first love, for a long time can't extricate myself, also had to their own fate of the vagaries and changes, have a million of consternation and confusion, but at this time walking in the cherry blossom garden path to see the colorful cherry blossom rain, finally understand the first love although short, as long as in the heart to leave a worthy memory of the beautiful, at the same time since they can't grasp the fate of the vagaries and changes, as long as reached the heart of the ideal once the peak The first time, just like the cherry blossoms fade in the most beautiful time, are worthy of comfort and appreciation.

How many people can't let go of the prosperity of the time, until the fragrance is scattered only resentful exit. Learn to grasp, but also learn to let go, when the pain or graceful turn is also not lost a kind of opportunity and wisdom. Nearly to the Wendeng Road, cherry blossom garden in the northwest corner of the tall cherry blossom woods, actually stood a lot of black plastic bundled tightly and not more than a meter high trees, about is cultivating the need to avoid the light of the cherry blossom seedlings, look over, they are like a group of bowed body ambush there masked bandits.

I thought that in this cherry blossom garden in the small town, besides the Confucians and poets, there should of course also be hidden sword warriors with unfulfilled ambitions, perhaps the good men of the Northern Song Dynasty who ran away from the Liang Shan Mountain for nearly a thousand years before lurking here, carrying with them the masked sweat pills and secret letters or notices stamped with the big red seal of the Jeju Prefecture, waiting for an opportunity to finish the business of redressing grievances for the people or helping the rich and poor. In my life after the cherry rain, perhaps I need to have this kind of sword warrior spirit, perhaps I also need to become such a sword warrior.

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