The day....

Neglection day. I'm not sorry.

The day....
Rick and Morty Images (yes this is how I feel for me and about me...)

I guess bird brained doesn't go too far from me any more. My state inspection was up in August... Had no idea because I am oblivious to everything in the world apparently and this douche canoe of a gate guard where I live says that I need to get it done before I get pulled over.... Well now I'll get pulled over because you said something about it asshole... Searched all over the area to find a place to do the state inspection without a wait and could not get a hold of anyone until early this morning, the hubs can't meet me at the inspection place (that is on post because god forbid he be late to work.) and the guy at the shop says it will take all day... Well that was not amusing to hear when I have a three year old that literally wants to destroy everything in a store or throw a fit if he doesn't get a lolly pop at 8am because yolo... I was just lucky enough to get biggie and mini me on the bus before going to the shop and thought well its not that far of a walk home we have done it before on bikes its about (for a normal human or functional family about 15 minutes.) For me and my hellions it took 2 HOURS on bikes..... but without the girls it should be no problem waddling my fat ass and fighting with a three year old all the way back to the house in the 35 degree weather in the sun... it was shady all the way back to our house and I needlessly forgot juniors coat... I was able to get a neighbor to help me with the offer of a cheese Danish so that was good. We get home and by 0945 the shop calls and says the car is done....WOW...thanks....BUT I need a new battery and an alignment … so yea thanks 2020 just keep adding to it. And the dude was like "The battery is only $179.00 with installation and the alignment is only $99 …. yea fantastic news. (I was only planning on spending $20 on the damn inspection and these assholes come to just take it all... (they could have bought me dinner first...shoot)

So I have been meaning to change the bed sheets in the house for a week I have neglected all motherly duties because I hate myself and love rushing to do a job right before everyone comes home or wait long enough to see if someone will do it for themselves, but no. So fun fact about me I don't allow gum in the house due to not knowing CPR... ( I know the basics....) but with biggie being at the highest functioning spectrum of ADHD we felt like it did not need to be around her. Well today we found out she has a dealer..... Not only did I find chewed up gum all over her room and stuck on the walls I found a lunchable and mint wrappers that would make any extreme hoarder proud. So being the best mother I can be (in my opinion) I tore the shit out of that room and took everything out of it except her bed. I then proceeded to mini me's room and found her room in the same state. Apparently clean your room means lets hide all the shit we found and pray we get bugs! cus yay fuk mom. You know... Kid logic. Threw both girls in one room together and hopefully they can't destroy that with only having two beds in there... Yes I am being optimistic.

Gave my two dogs a bath today which was another thing I can officially add to the neglection list. The dogs we have are from a rescue in Kansas called Purple Paws if anyone is over there, they are a bit sneaky when it comes to some dogs backgrounds. We adopted our first dog spur from them he's an Australian Shepard pit mix and he's pretty awesome but now has aged on us over night. He was fantastic he actually knew I was pregnant with my son before I did. After junior was born we got another dog, Sammy. Now I don't know his story and they had no information on this dog and I went off a photo on their website thinking he was a bit older and calmer and relaxed.... NOPE THIS SON OF A BITCH was possibly a bate dog (boxer mix) and was terrified of everything, I should have taken the warning trying to get him into my car the first time. but I kept him like an idiot. He would crawl through doorways and was terrified of every move anyone ever made and would even do the weirdest shit I have ever seen.... Whomever had him first messed him up bad, but after three years and a move he has finally come to the realization that we aren't going anywhere. So anyway back to the bright idea of giving the dogs a bath when it was 40 degrees out thinking it will be fine I had to lift Sammy's possibly 60 pound panicked ass into the tub to scrub him down then get spur's grandpa body in the tub and clean him up too all while my three year old is stripping behind me trying to get into the tub with the dogs... All in all the dogs were clean the boy was clean, the house was destroyed and mama was soaked. So over all... I guess it was a good day????

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