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Thank You Mom

by Mister Walley 2 months ago in immediate family
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A love letter to a mother to express gratitude for the love she gave

Thank You Mom
Photo by Magdalena Smolnicka on Unsplash

Dear Mom,

There are so many things I would like to say to you, but sometimes the words are hard to get past my lips. So I write them to you. Even though you know how I feel, I feel this urge today, this need to leave on paper a trace of my love for you.

You are my mother, my mom. The woman of my life, the only one, eternal, absolute, immortal. I was born thanks to you and my life has gotten a meaning through all that you have taught me, brought, offered and given.

The unconditional love you have for me because I am your child, I also feel it in my heart. And even if I am not a little girl anymore, even if I am an adult now, I will always be your daughter. And in your eyes, I will see that special bond that has always united us, and always will.

Between a mother and her child, love cannot be explained, that's probably why I find it hard to express it in words. It is so instinctive that we feel it, we live it but it is not built with the same "I love you" as a love story.

This absolute love is apart, without conditions or time limits. It is an innate love that then materializes day after day for a lifetime to build memories from our childhood dreams.

My childhood, my adolescence, and my first steps in adult life. All the stages of my life, I went through and lived them by your side. You were always there to accompany me, hold my hand, support me, encourage me, and congratulate me.

But also, quite simply, you allowed me to build memories, slices of childhood to fill my memory of joyful moments in family, precious moments.

You offered me moments of simple happiness, you transmitted to me these values, these principles, these rules which forged my education and my personality over the years.

There are so many memories that come to mind that I would need entire pages to list them all.

Do you remember those snacks on the kitchen table, made of French toast or homemade yogurt cake? The lessons you would have me recite while you made dinner? Of all those books I borrowed from you and devoured in a weekend before coming to talk to you? Of that day when I introduced you and Daddy to my first lover, him so shy and me blushing?

But also of my first heartbreak when you felt so helpless? Just like my teenage crisis that left us with our first bad memory? And I hope one of the only ones...

Do you remember those Sunday afternoons in the forest, picking daffodils or lilies of the valley according to the season? Or simply walking around collecting the pretty colored pebbles we met on our way?

Those moments between girls shopping, going to the restaurant, to the movies? Running to the decoration stores to redo your living room or to furnish my first home?

And above all, do you still remember that special day when I became a mom? When I made you a grandma? That memory is still so vivid. That feeling of feeling the same as you years later. That bond that has grown stronger, that respect and love that is a little more solemn.

That love of a mother and child that never goes away but evolves when you become an adult.

I don't just want to say "I love you", I also want to say thank you. Thank you for all the moments shared since the first day of my life.

Thank you for your love, your benevolence, your kindness, your unerring and unalterable maternal instinct, your presence.

Thanks to you, I became the woman I am today. Full of imperfections certainly, of flaws without a doubt, but above all guided by the values that you instilled in me.

These principles, these reference points, this framework allowed me to grow straight as they say, to take root while having my head in the clouds. Your maternal love helped me to love in turn, then to give life.

Without you, it is very simple, I would not have this desire to do well. Of this conscience which inhabits me to be a good mother, of this underlying anguish which goes with it.

As somebody said, "The most difficult thing about motherhood is the inner anxiety that you must not show".

Today I understand the meaning of this, but I also understand that it goes hand in hand with the maternal love felt.

Love does not go without the fear of losing those we love. Nor without the wish that they be happy.

If I know the meaning and the taste of happiness, even fleeting sometimes, it is thanks to you and your love.

Thank you for that, Mom, thank you for offering me your love and allowing me to find my place in life. Thank you for loving today the little girl you saw grow up and therefore the woman I have become.

Your daughter

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Mister Walley

I write to share and express my feelings and sensation.


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