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A star is born

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“You’re gonna regret that.

You just made

the biggest mistake

of your


The man looked at the woman who had tears in her eyes and curled his mouth up at the sides in a smirk.

“I’m gonna regret what?” he said.

“Leaving you? Leaving this life? Leaving this S H I T H O L E ?


I don’t think so.

I’m not gonna regret jack shit.

What did you think? Huh?

That we had something going on here? Huh?

That this was….


Happy families?


This place is a shithole and I want more from my life and I’m not gonna get it here.

You can come with me or you can stay.

But I’m tellin ya.

I aint staying here….

And I’m also not gonna regret nothin.”

The woman cocked her head to the side and looked at the man who only minutes before had been all over her, trying to have his way.

“Your kids need you.” She said.

“Your kids need you, and I need you….and you just what? Want to pick up and cross country and leave them to me to care for on my own?

No help from my parents.

No help from your parents.

Your son is mentally disabled.

Your daughter is <fragile>

And you want me to have 100% care of them with $50 per week child support from you, whilst you go live your life in another state and pretend they don’t exist?

And you think this is perfectly ok?”

The tears in the woman eyes were flowing freely now, and the smirk on her husbands face was getting larger.

“You know what? Fuck you.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.


The man was laughing now as the children bounded into the room wanting to be seen and heard.

With a wave of the hand they were ushered out, and the man returned his attention back at the crying woman.

“You know what?” he said.

“I aint gonna regret jackshit. There’s nothin here for me. And sometimes a man needs to make a hard decision and this is one of them times.

I mean seriously…. Look at you…

Your nothin.

You’re a shit mother. Shit wife. You’ve got nothin. Your overweight. Unskilled. Never gonna be anythin. Never gonna do jack shit.

You expect me to waste another 3 years of my life here waitin for ya…waitin for what?


Fuck that.

I aint gonna regret jack shit.

If you can’t deal with the kids on your own, I’ll take em with me. But either way, I’m outta here as soon as my application comes through.

The woman looked at the man through tear stained eyes, and anchored the moment into her memory—noting he had just gave her the greatest gift she could have ever asked for.

Her freedom.



TWO-GETHER- chapter 1

“Sally….” Said the woman in the lace dress with opaque tights.

it’s a pleasure to meet you at last….and my sister….” She continued on…”this is Stef.”

“Stefanie.” Said the man. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I knew you were both twins, but I suppose I was expecting identical twins…you two don’t look alike at all” he laughed and the woman with red hair joined in.

“No” she said. “Definitely not identical in hair colour…but identical in other ways, which I’m sure you already realised.”

The man nodded his head and motioned for the women to sit and the blonde haired woman pressed the buzzer on the intercom and asked for the others to join them.

“Stef…..Sallly….this is my wife….Im…” the woman stood and shook hands and after pleasantries were exchanged the party sat and waited the arrival of the others.



“How do you feel?”

The energy worker was wafting incense in the softly lit room whilst the woman sat on the metal framed bed cross legged.

“How do I feel?” she asked.


is it mad?

No actually….

it’s not mad….I’m sad…


is it sad?

Oh I don’t know!!!



Hurt maybe.

Maybe even frustrated.

Im scared.

I’m happy.




Now I think about it, I feel lots of things….is this what it means to have a nervous breakdown? Do you think? Is it possible to feel so many things at once? Huh? Whatdoyouthink?”

The energy worker with the incense motioned for the woman to lay on the bed and close her eyes.

“I’m just going to put this near your temples ok? It won’t hurt you…but whilst I am doing it, why don’t you see if you can tell me whether or not there is a wall or block in your energy field….do you think you can do that?”

The woman on the bed laughed.

A block in my energy field?” she said. “If my energy is blocked do you think it’s because maybe I have too many of these emotions flowing around inside of me huh? Cause whilst all this crazy stuff is going on, then I don’t think any energy is coming in or out…a block in my energy field…hmmmmm….where is there a block in my energy field?

Is it the:

My husband is an asshole energy block? Do you think that’s it? Or maybe it’s the:

My husband is a selfish prick… yes maybe it’s that one…?” the woman on the bed laughed at herself and the energy worker noted out loud that the session may take a little longer than she had originally anticiapated.



“Ladies…I need you to write for a star….not some trashy 99 cent amazon novel, I want you to imagine you are writing for Julia Roberts..yes? I want the next “Pretty woman” to come out of this boardroom…a box office extravaganza!!

Don’t think of yourselves as authors….don’t think of Amazon royalties…..think of yourselves as screen writers…think of something you can write that will set the world on fire and get everyone talking…think of a classic…..something old which we can make new….or try the opposite….think of something new which we can make old.

A modern day classic!

Or a classic new age!!

Whatever it is ladies, let’s make it good!

You get me a good book and I’ll get you a star!

A movie star!!!

Is that a deal?

The woman around the board nodded and the man laughed at his choice of words.

“A star…he said out loud to the others.

“Tell me Im….” He said to his wife. “You’ve given birth before….tell me my love.

“How do I give birth to a star?”

His wife laughed at her husbands simple way of reverting everything back to basics.

“Stars my love….” She said with warmth….

“Are birthed the same way as diamonds…..when light is squeezed under enough pressure for the right amount of time, the nuclei will undergo fusion.”

She looked at her husband who had his head in the clouds, watching as his genius ticked over for all in the room to see.

“Pressure?” he asked.

“Pressure makes diamonds.

And Pressure can make a star.

That does not seem like a hard task” he said to his wife before turning to address the room.

“All we need to do is find some light, and squeeze it under enough pressure and watch it pop.

Do we have any volunteers?” he asked and watched as the room sat back unsure of his craziness.

“Pressure people!!!! “ he yelled to the room.

“I want a star!!! Do you hear me??? A star!! Either it comes from someone in this room, or it comes from the outside world, but I want it, and I want it NOW!! Either someone puts their hand up to be the light, or we go outside and find some.

But you heard the lady.


Squeezed under pressure.

Makes a star.

And by geez this company is going to birth a star if it’s the last thing I do.


Is anyone here going to volunteer or do we go to the outside?”

The board all looked at each other waiting to see each others response, before 2 hands shot up in unison.

One to the brunette.

And one to the red head.

“Two sources of light?” asked the man with a grin and the twins nodded.

“There’s only one small problem though…” said the brunette.

“What’s that?” asked the man.

“It’s gonna take a hell of a lot of pressure to make us into a star.”



The man with the beer can burped, threw the bottle cap in the bin, before threatening his son with a heavy hand, and then going outside for a smoke.

The woman watched him from the window, observing him from a distance and realised he was everything in a man she had ever hated.

She wondered how that was possible?

Surely once upon a time she must have loved him.

Surely there must have been characteristics and traits that she admired and respected….



She watched his muscles flex as he looped the heavy rope across the top of the trailers cage, securing the content inside as the cigarette hung from his lip.

Was it that which attracted him to her?

The smoking?

The way he could do stuff with his hands?

Or the way he flexed his muscles?

Was it those things which had drawn her to him originally?

Surely not.

She watched him laughing with the other man, alternating between drinking, smoking, and climbing over the metal cage of the trailer as he tied the ropes securely over his belongings, hearing the obscenities out of their mouths even as she watched behind closed doors.

What was it She wondered to herself that had made her fall in love with him?

She watched him with curiosity, thinking of their conversation earlier in the day…thinking to herself of the things she truly wanted in a relationship….basic things….not a list of needy trinkets…




She wondered when was the last time she felt those things…and realised she couldn’t say.

The feelings she could say?

Well those were easy.

Things like:

I feel__disrespected_____ in this relationship.

I feel_heard but not listened to______ in this relationship.

I feel my desires/hopes/dreams arent valid or worthy_______ in this relationship.

I feel_belittled/ put down/made to feel stupid______ in this relationship.

I feel_pressured to do things i dont want_to do_____ in this relationship.

I feel___physically you take advantage of your strength over me____ in this relationship.

I feel___you dont see anything wrong with your behaviour____ in this relationship.

She realised she could say an awful lot of things she was feeling now, but as for the positive traits?

What were they?

She sat watching him through the door and realised the same thing then that she had known all along.

If he wanted to be here with her and the kids he would be here.

If he wanted to make things different, he would have made them different.

If he wanted....anything...he would move heaven and earth to do it.

They had been married for years…and yet here he was, out the front of the house, laughing, smoking, drinking, and cussing with mates like it was the happiest time of his life.

She turned her attention back to the children who were clamouring to get out the door, watching the tears well up in her daughters eyes.

“Sweetheart” she said and extended her arms out in an embrace.

“I know you’re sad.

And I’m sad too.

But right now we need to focus on being healthy and moving forward.

I'm sorry for everything that is happening right now, and that mummy and daddy are no longer going to be both together, but I can promise you that eventually with a little bit of time, and lots of love and compassion to ourselves, that we will get through this ok?”

The little girl hugged her mother as tears ran down her face,

and the woman added another brick




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