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Quarantine Boredom Busters

What to do when you've done everything

By Allycia LauraPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Quarantine Boredom Busters
Photo by Hadis Malekie on Unsplash

Quarantine has been going on for what seems like eternity now, and while there was plenty to do at the beginning, some of us (hi, greetings from Michigan) will be under state mandated quarantine until May 15th. Binging TV shows, catching up on hobbies and projects, even learning new skills and getting really into deep cleaning and organization are losing their appeal; we are all starting to get antsy and are running out of things to do in the comfort of our own homes. For those that have children, the struggle to keep them occupied is even tougher; you can only find so many different DIY crafts on Pinterest before the well dries up and you run out of socks, popsicle sticks, or glitter glue, and the kids riot. For those that are at the ends of their ropes and have run out of activities, supplies, or sanity and social skills, here are 3 things to keep you busy during quarantine. I hope these activities can help give you respite from the difficult times we are living in, and if you try any of these, share your photos and the link so your friends can try them too!

• The Burrito

Every child knows the absolute joy in rolling themselves up in a blanket and wiggling around on the floor like a fuzzy little worm; every adult knows the satisfaction of having the majority of the covers after stealing them from their partner when they’re sleeping. Now, you can have both of those feelings, by creating the ultimate Human Burrito.

It is the simplest task on the list, but perhaps the most fulfilling; you just get every available blanket, sheet, and comforter and begin rolling yourself into them, leaving only your head poking out. This may require help from other family members, and at the end you can request a single blanket draped over your head-hole to complete the illusion that you are not a human in quarantine, but a giant cocooned butterfly or moth. Alternatively, this is a great way to keep the kids out of your hair.

• The Dream Bath

Each day that goes by in quarantine reminds us of what we lost, and what we will one day reclaim; stocked shelves, feelings of security, getting our online purchases in as little as 1-2 days with priority shipping. There’s a lot to miss, and everyone has a list of what they will do once quarantine is over. For the Dream Bath, all you have to do is write down everything you miss, or missed out on during the quarantine period. Write down everything you are going to do, everywhere you are going to go, every restaurant you are going to eat at; fill pages with what you hope the world will be like after such an event as this, pages outlining your perfect post-quarantine world. Now shred all of your writing into confetti—this will be especially fun if you used colored or patterned paper, as bright colors will infuse a surface level feeling of joy into this activity. From there, all you have to is stand or sit in a (dry) bathtub and dump your shredded dreams over you, in an attempt to bring positivity and a semblance of hope back into your life. It will also give you something to clean up, and having something new yet easy to clean is an exciting prospect. Maybe not the best activity for very small children if you don’t want to have a conversation about existential dread and anxiety.

• The Walking Closet

Just put on as many articles of clothing on at once as possible. 10 shirts, 3 pairs of pants, 15 pairs of socks; really push yourself to get as crazy with it as possible—we’re living in a bizarre world right now, so we might as well act just as bizarre in our housebound activities. This requires no supplies or artistic skills, and will provide a good workout when it comes to taking all the clothing off and then folding/putting the clothes away. On top of that, you can make it a community challenge; share your results on social media with friends and family, and challenge them to document their endeavors. A tip for maximum efficiency in layering: put on smaller, tighter fitting articles of clothes on first, and then work up to the bulkier/ looser fitting items. This may not work with very small children, as they don’t have great motor skills, but it will definitely keep them busy or immobile long enough for you to go to the bathroom or eat something without being harassed by tiny hands. Also kind of fun if you’re drunk.


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