Proof that Santa Exists

For All You Non-believers

Proof that Santa Exists

So, we're approaching the winter holidays, and now a lot of controversy arises around the existence of good old Father Christmas. Younger kids have been taught to always believe in Santa Claus and he will always come to them, while skeptical adolescents are in their stage where they question everything, and they're not sure what to believe. Their peers influence them and tell them that Santa Claus isn't real but the truth is, he is. Read on, and I will tell all of you exactly why you should never lose faith in the jolly fat man with the white beard.

Now, I realize that not all of you reading this believe in Santa, but this is just to get my thoughts out on paper and share it with the people of the world who care enough to read it.

1. Christmas is one hell of an expensive holiday.

During Christmas, kids will write down every single thing they want on their Christmas list, and no matter how much they put on it, or what the value is of the items on it, their toys and games always seem to appear on Christmas morning. Now a lot of you may think that this is all the parents, but you've got to keep in mind how much parents already do for Christmas. They buy the feast, they buy presents for relatives, they get decorations, and so much more. Now tell me to my face that parents, especially those of less fortunate families, are going to have the funds to buy two Xboxes for their children. Yeah, I thought not. There is no way that without a Santa Claus, Christmas morning would be as exciting as it always is. A counter argument that some of you may use is that you've seen your parents' shopping list online and in paper. But, here's the thing. Santa Claus obviously isn't always going to get every single thing that you want. Therefore, parents are sometimes going to have to step in and help out with that, so that he can move on with his night, and the kids of the world won't be entirely disappointed when they wake up in the morning. Moms and dads have to buy some of the stuff that kids want, because Santa can't always get every single thing on their list. So yeah, parents may help out every once in a while, but the truth is that Santa does the heavy lifting. Because, be honest, you know that your parents' shopping list never had EVERYTHING you asked for on it. And yet, it appears under the tree on Christmas morning...

2. Big companies spend big bucks on trackers every year.

NORAD, Google, DirecTV, just to name a few. More and more big companies seem to be cashing in on the whole Santa tracker deal, and do you think that they'd spend that kind of cash on something that's non-existent? The Air Force has better things to do than track a fake legend, and yet every year at NORAD, a new Santa tracker appears on their website every year. Now, even BIGGER companies have started doing it, like Google, for example. And while Google may have the money to fund a project that doesn't exist, that would be ultimately pointless. Even DirecTV is doing a Santa tracker this year, for God's sake!

3. Santa's, like, ANCIENT.

Santa Claus, also known as St. Nicholas, has been around since 280 AD. 280 AD. Yeah, that's right. 280 AD. Would a joyful man who, not to mention, was also a SAINT, stick around for so long if he wasn't even real? He's brought happiness to children of the world on December 25 for almost 1,738 years, and as long as children keep believing in him, he'll keep coming for centuries to come. As his popularity keeps spreading from year to year in the form of music, books, movies, or whatever, his magic will never die.

If you still don't believe in Old Kris Kringle, then just remember, he's always watching... 🎅

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