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Orthodox Conservatives

by Tom Guyton-Day 7 months ago in lgbtq

Out of touch, kept out of mind for too long

Orthodox Conservatives

Many Young Conservatives may be greatly in touch with the mood of society - a more equal society - accepting of different family structures, for the most part and striving forward with the aim of accepting gay men and women as part of norm, as they have been for hundreds of years, however until recently kept behind the doors of Britain's semi-detached homes.

Being a gay man in the Conservative Party has always been fairly easy. The party is pretty much open to gay men with many holding prominent positions, as are many political parties, but this one specifically has a large gay leadership, even if not publicly.

Any gay man that has been to Party Conference will know, the Party has a heavy population of gay members, mixed in well with the rest of the straight membership, and don't raise a fuss. They are quiet and don't shout about it, keeping their heads down for the most part, but everyone knows they exist. The worst kept secret in British politics... is the number of gay people in the party, though much of the British public do not know this, interestingly.

I've had the luxury of mixing in circles within the party that are very open and most people within the party are very accepting and supportive - this is modern Britannia, open and welcoming to all.

There is however a particular grouping of non-tolerant and openly homophobic members that most of us tolerate, in the belief these people have a great deal in common with us, for the broad church.

However yesterday, I decided enough was enough. This tweet was the major instigator. A tweet squarely aimed at those without the ability to have 'heteronormative relationships', suggesting that instead gay men and women, single mothers, fathers, grandparents alike, cannot provide a stable setting for their children to grow up in.

To suggest that children 'NEED' a mother and father is grossly offensive to the thousands of single mothers and fathers that manage to bring up children in perfectly stable homes, not to mention the selfless acts of many same sex couples that have provided safe and stable homes for the many needy children seeking adoption.

The tweet stinks of an attitude amongst 'Orthodox Conservatives' of their rancid levels of disdain for gay and lesbian people, along with the trans community, and feminists, single mothers, and anyone that does not fit in with their 'ideal homes' perception of British society.

People that called out the tweet were accused of being 'soft' and 'snowflakes' and didn't belong in the Party because they weren't really 'Conservatives', along with the sarcastic comments of the people calling out the homophobia as 'not being very tolerant'.

The organisation stands against time and the long held beliefs of most Conservatives about the good sense of most British people, the need to be left along - away from state tyranny and to succeed unfettered away from the dictating Nanny on how to run their lives. The Orthodox Conservatives relate to a time of state paternalism that is no longer wanted nor needed.

What the tweet fundamentally fails to address is that, it is not about the sex of the parents or their 'heteronormative' structure, or even the number of parents, the stability in a child's life is far more important, potentially with Government support, if and where needed. It is however, not up to the state to dictate to single mothers how they should bring up their children.

Overall I believe, along with a vast number of Young Conservatives, that we collectively have had enough of tolerating the attacks on minorities and the Orthodox Conservatives do not belong in British politics and more specifically in the modern and inclusive Conservative Party.

Tom Guyton-Day
Tom Guyton-Day
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