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by deanna cree 9 months ago in parents

I did somethings stupid. part 1


So, grandma (81 this year) has been up my ass about keeping a journal of everything that is going on right now so here goes. Amelia is 9 and in 4th grade, Raynen is 5 and is in kindergarten and Rj is 3 and is home with me. We live in fort lee right now and my husband, Bobby (30 this year) has just had his 3rd spine surgery and now awaiting the promotion board (he is in the army) and finding out when we will be moving. I am 26 credits away from my BA in history. The coronavirus pandemic has been a pain in the ass and the 2020 presidential election was a complete dumpster fire. Yay 2020 and the best part was carol baskin and the memes from that world.

--------------------so my dumb ass had this bright idea to start a garden….because like if my neighbor could do it so could I……..in November….without bees…..fu*k……so looked up a few websites on what plants can grow and this and that without bees… which I have planted green peppers, strawberries, carrots, kiwi…. Only ones that will possibly survive will be the carrots and if I am lucky green peppers but I guess that is a trial and error thing. The websites were great one was about sexing green peppers and cross pollination…. I better make my grandpa proud if I can get something to grow…. I kill everything that comes out of the dirt…. So glad I managed to keep the kids alive this long…. cookie for me….

Also baked 3 billion cookies for Rayny’s kinder class and burnt a lot of them so they will all get about a half a cookie each so … yea go me. I feel like I get overly excited over something and it comes back and shoots me right in the foot… Nothing new I guess

My publisher has been calling as well and I really need to get my manuscript to her but I keep changing the beginning of the story and how I want it to go and changing the drawing that it has made me completely insane. The book I am working on it lovingly referred to as my first child and I will nurture it until I die from it. My first few books that were published by one company totally are sh*t…. So now I am working diligently on fixing it…. all to go back to the way the first book looked and was drawn and… well… lets be honest…. I know what’s going on but good lord I hope to hell I don’t scare the rest of y’all with what is going on inside this mess.

…I had to add y’all to my dictionary what the heck I thought that was already common sense and in here… anyway along with my grand idea of doing a garden in FRIGGING NOVEMBER I bought my very first poinsettia from The Home Depot today and it was totally on black Friday sale for $1.99 so of course I couldn’t say no. The tinies (the two younger kids as we call them) decided to destroy my husband’s measuring tape today to the point of I could not put it back in the shell or whatever it’s called and had to run to town after the girls got on the bus today. These kids had 25 feet of measuring tape all strung out throughout the living room and kitchen…. Needless to say, the 3-year-old calls it the zippy and so we had the cram the damn tape and case into the trash can and hide it. I was totally prepared to get a new one and replace it with the same exact thing…

So, I was so captivated by the Christmas stuff there we ended up going to Lowe’s as well and getting the potting soil and planters I needed for my miracle garden to grow this winter and we saw all the Christmas stuff and it was BEAUTIFUL I wanted it all. I have been harassing my Grinch of a husband to put my tree up already because you know…. Its 2020 and what else could go wrong? But the hubby hates Christmas…. Loathes it to the point of him gagging every time we put stuff up, so since he refuses to let me put the tree up, I have come to put up one Christmas item every day and see if he notices…. He found my penguin toilet seat cover and rug yesterday and freaked out would be on the light end of it…. I had headphones on listening to music while I was doing my homework and the words, I heard come bellowing out of the bathroom almost made me die I laughed so hard. This is coming from the man that sits in front of his PlayStation and yells at it when he dies…. damn campers….

So, yea that was today

Have a great day and hopefully see y’all soon!


deanna cree
deanna cree
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deanna cree
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