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On time

by Annamae Troxcel 3 months ago in values
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On time

There is a common saying in my hometown: "when the time comes, take responsibility, cook sweet potato soup without rice." This is an optimistic and natural sentence, which is roughly equivalent to "when the ship comes to the end of the bridge, it will be straight", or "when the soldiers come to block, the water will cover the earth".

Because I was used to hearing adults say this sentence when I was in my hometown, it was deeply imprinted in my mind. After I left my hometown, every time I encountered obstacles or difficulties, this sentence crept out quietly: by the way, when the time comes, I will bear the responsibility, and cook sweet potato soup without rice. What's the big deal? When you think about it like this, your heart will settle down and you will be able to get through the difficulties and difficulties naturally.

When I was young, I often heard my father say this sentence. Once I couldn't help asking my father, "cook sweet potato soup without rice. What if I don't even have sweet potatoes?" My father used to pat me on the back of the head and laughed: "Han chimney! People say that there is no way for heaven and man. It can't be so bad that even sweet potatoes can't grow!"

Indeed, our children growing up in farmland have experienced many storms, floods, droughts and even large-scale insect pests. Sweet potatoes are probably crops that will never suffer. As long as they are planted, there will be no harvest. Therefore, farmers in our countryside will set aside a small plot of land to grow sweet potatoes. They usually pick leaves to make green vegetables. When they harvest, they pile the sweet potatoes under the sleeping bed at home for emergencies. When I was growing up, my bed was full of sweet potatoes all year round. Every day when my mother made a fire to cook, she grabbed two and threw them into the ash at the bottom of the stove. When the meal was cooked, it would be better to stew the hot and fragrant sweet potatoes.

Even in the years when the Sino Japanese war was the fiercest and the air raid escaped, the sweet potato harvest did not fail for a year. In my previous experience, the age is really like what my father said. It can't be so bad that even sweet potatoes can't grow. We know that there are many frustrations in life. As long as we can stand it, there is no way out.

Later, I learned that, like "when the time comes, cook sweet potato soup without rice", comfort in my heart is more important than real life.

"Taking responsibility when the time comes" is not only the wisdom refined by Taiwan farmers in their lives, but also very consistent with the spirit of "being right now" and "taking responsibility directly". You can take responsibility at this moment, so you don't have to worry about future problems. Because at that moment, we also bear the same responsibility. If we can't bear it now, our worries about the future will be useless and futile.

There is also a saying in our countryside: "if you want to be an ox, don't be surprised. There is no plow to drag." Translated into Mandarin means that as long as a person is willing to bear hardships, he will never be afraid of not having a job or not being able to live. This is often used by elders to comfort and encourage young people who can't find a job and are willing to put themselves in the most affordable position. What's more surprising?

This sentence is also moving. Cattle and horses are always the symbol of the hardest burden in the countryside. However, only cattle and horses can drag the heaviest plow. The same is true of people. If they are afraid that they can't bear it, why are they afraid that there is no

living beings to measure! In this way, we can better understand the profound meaning of "to be the horse and ox of all living beings first for the Buddha, dragon and elephant".

"When the time comes, you can cook sweet potato soup without rice." We should also do such a view. When we really have to eat sweet potato soup without rice, can we also have no resentment? If we taste sweet potato, it also has the aroma of sweet potato, that is the real commitment.


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  • Giorgina Mcclafferty28 days ago

    very great! thank you

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