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Men's living habits determine your future marriage.

by test 2 months ago in divorced
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I have a friend named Nie Xiaojiu, she is a love supremacist, of course, at least half of the women are the same, there is nothing special.

Nie Xiaojiu met a man, this man is very interesting, humorous talk a lot of friends, and very good at playing, with Nie Xiaojiu eating and drinking all over the world, two people fall in love with others.

In the eyes of others, this man really has nothing to choose from. People can not be said to be handsome, but they also need to be tall and correct. Although the income is not much, it is also the establishment of public institutions, and there is a large house at home, and it is not long before I have a car to take my place at work.

His character is recognized as good, but also has the interest of life, the greatest wish is to have a child as soon as possible, several members of the family live together in a reunion.

Such a man is really suitable for Nie Xiaojiu, who just wants to live a small life. So much so that her girlfriends all got together to force her to get married as soon as possible, otherwise they would carve up and rob her.

Nie Xiaojiu is basically satisfied with her boyfriend and made up her mind to get married early, but she always has bad feelings about a normal life of her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend is the establishment of an institution, and he often has some socialism. what he says well is communication, and if he goes to an indecent place, there will naturally be a lot of indecent women.

Erotic social activities have almost become the identity cards of successful people, and Nie Xiaojiu's boyfriend can not get rid of this fate, he has to attend two or three times a week.

No woman can accept that her boyfriend often goes to erotic occasions. Nie Xiaojiu has said this several times, but there is no way to change this. If he wants him not to go, unless he resigns, how can a man give up his career in order to get married? Even if he is willing, Nie Xiaojiu may not be willing.

Things got tangled up like this. finally, the boyfriend assured Nie Xiaojiu that although he would go to these places, he would not do anything out of line, and he would definitely report back home before 12:00 in the evening. No matter what others have done, he will certainly keep himself in good health.

Nie Xiaojiu actually had nothing to do about the current situation. Although she was upset, she was reluctant to ask her to break up. Since her boyfriend was so guaranteed, she reluctantly believed it.

After getting married, Nie Xiaojiu found that it was not up to the two of them to decide when her husband wanted to go to such a place and when he could come back. Often at three or four o'clock in the morning, he came home drunk with the smell of wine and perfume, and asked Nie Xiaojiu to take care of him.

The so-called getting home before 12:00 has long become a joke, what is more, when a phone call comes at 11 p.m., my husband will run out, or even stay out all night.

This kind of life, for a woman, is a strong mental torture, she does not know where her husband is, when her husband will come back, let alone what her husband is doing.

Although Nie Xiaojiu lives a carefree life, he is very miserable in his heart.

This kind of life lasted for almost a year, Nie Xiaojiu was physically and mentally exhausted, finally proposed separation to her husband, and moved back to her mother's house sadly.

Nie Xiaojiu's experience has caused great waves in her best friend circle, and no one can understand why a marriage that everyone envies will end up like this in the end.

The fundamental reason for such an outcome is that Nie Xiaojiu and her girlfriends only saw a man's appearance and material conditions before marriage, while ignoring the man's living habits.

It is precisely this kind of living habit that determines the future marriage life.

The so-called living habits include all kinds of things, such as what taste you like to eat, how your parents have a relationship, whether you like to play games, whether you go to erotic places, who is in charge of the family, and so on, details, and even how to squeeze toothpaste, how to arrange rice bowls, and how to sit.

Among the various habits of life, some are bearable, even concealed by love and invisible. But there are others that are completely unbearable.

Nie Xiaojiu's problem is that she did not examine the man's living habits in detail before marriage, but just appeared two habits that she could not stand at all.

One is to often go to erotic places, and the other is that there is a strong and autocratic mother-in-law in the family.

When we choose a man, we must take a closer look at him to see what unbearable living habits he has.

For example, some men are very lazy and never do housework. So, if the girl is also spoiled, ten fingers do not touch the spring water, you should be careful.

For example, some men will have bad habits, such as playing games, taking drugs, smoking, gambling and so on. If girls are extremely demanding and unbearable, they must not continue.

For example, if some men have problems with their family environment, have a bad relationship with their parents, or have a tangled ex-wife, be sure to assess the risks.

Of course, some people will ask, although I found that men have these bad habits, but he promised me to change ah, can not give people a chance?

Of course not.

In this life, everything can be overcome, only habits are the most difficult to overcome.

It is often an easy word for a man to promise you to change. Which do you think is easier between overturning this sentence or overthrowing your own habits? Of course, it's easier to trick you into admitting that you don't mean what you say.

It means that when you find a man with a certain habit, you assume that he will go on like this for the rest of his life, and he will never change until the day he goes to the grave.


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