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Just 28 Pushups A Day Can Change Your Life

Push Yourself and Do One Extra

By Ananda SubramanianPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Push-ups are a classic exercise that has been around for decades. It's one of the simplest, yet most effective exercises you can do. Just 28 push-ups a day can change your body in so many ways, from improving your posture to strengthening your core, and even boosting your cardiovascular health. In this article, we'll explore all how push-ups can benefit your body and why you should start doing them today.

Muscles Targeted by Push-Ups

Push-ups are a strength training exercise that works to build muscle endurance and strength. For many years now, push-ups have become closely tied to the fitness industry and you cannot mention working out without the word push-ups being included. Push-ups are incredibly effective for working the arms and chest, with the primary target being the triceps, biceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. When done properly, push-ups also strengthen the core and lower back by engaging the ab muscles.

Improved Posture

One of the top benefits of push-ups is improved posture. Improper posture can cause a range of health and comfort issues as we age, and one of the main causes of bad posture is weak core muscles. When push-ups are done properly, they strengthen the core muscles, which support the upright positions of our shoulders and back. With regular push-ups, our body naturally leans towards the proper posture, which helps prevent the development of bad posture habits.

Stronger Core

Push-ups activate the sheath of abdominal muscles where the six-pack abs reside. However, push-ups also have a greater impact on core strength and stability by stimulating the transverse sheath of abdominal muscles the deep-set ab muscle. When this muscle is weak, it can lead to a lack of balance, lower back pain, and gait problems. To maximize this benefit, make sure to engage your abdominal area and hold that tension throughout the push-up.

Increased Upper Body Strength

Push-ups are also great for increasing upper body strength. As you lift your body off the ground, a chain reaction of muscle activation occurs, targeting your biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulder muscles. With 28 push-ups a day, you can build strength in your chest and arms, making everyday life movements such as carrying groceries or shoveling snow much easier.

Improved Muscle Definition

Push-ups are also excellent exercises for improving muscle definition. As you perform the movements, a wide range of primary and stabilizing muscles are recruited. The more muscles are used in a strength training exercise, the greater the production and release of human growth hormone (HGH). HGH production decreases as we age, making muscle development a challenging task for older people. But with push-ups, the production of HGH is activated, ultimately leading to muscle hypertrophy or growth.

Burn More Calories

Push-ups are often recommended in weight loss workout plans, and for good reason. Doing push-ups promotes calorie burning, helping you lose weight faster and safely. As push-ups use a lot of energy and work several muscles in a short time, they allow for greater calorie burn. The more push-ups you do, the more calories you'll burn, making push-ups a great addition to any weight loss plan.

Protection from Falls

Push-ups are also great for protecting against falls. The pushing motion mimics what we instinctively do when trying to break a fall, and by regularly doing push-ups, you'll have more strength to reach out and push away from walls, floors, or other objects to prevent injury. They also work to improve your balance and stability, which can be especially beneficial for older adults. In addition, push-ups engage your core muscles and help to strengthen your back, which can help you maintain good posture and reduce your risk of back pain.

Push-ups can also improve your cardiovascular fitness, as they are a form of resistance training that can increase your heart rate and help to build endurance. Doing push-ups regularly can also help to increase your muscle mass and improve your overall body composition.

Another benefit of push-ups is that they can be done anywhere and at any time, making them an easy and convenient form of exercise. They don't require any equipment or gym membership, making them accessible to everyone, regardless of their fitness level or budget.

Overall, push-ups are a simple yet effective form of exercise that offer numerous health benefits. Whether you're looking to build strength, improve your posture, or just get in some exercise, push-ups are a great option to consider.

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