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by Jennifer Pike 2 months ago in humanity

A midlife female member of Gen X begins a blog

So begins the online journey of a midlife woman…

In the beginning, life was easy. Very easy. I had two wonderful parents and wanted for nothing. Times were simpler back then. There was no (gasp!) internet, no technology the way we know it today. The needs of my family were less as was the drama that later ensued.

Then things changed. My father rose through the ranks of his company fairly quickly. As he did, his time at home and patience for kids was limited. My mother, a stay at home wife/mom, rose through ranks of her own making pretentiousness an art form on the way. Time went by and they managed to successfully raise two children whose thoughts and decisions were for the most part dictated by their parents and the proper social circles with whom they were surrounded. Then there was the black sheep.

Much to the family’s frustration, one child did not grow up like the others. Always the misfit, she just did not succeed in growing to be as narcissistic and self-absorbed as her sister. She questioned her family’s way of living, longed for her own identity and ended up finding herself at odds with everyone around her. So she did what all good misfits searching for something do and moved to Los Angeles because, you know, there are NO narcissists and self-absorbed people there. (If you don’t get sarcasm, this blog might not be for you.) There she, or I if you hadn’t yet guessed, was able to run with all of the other free spirits trying to find their way.

LA was everything you hear – the celebrities, the Sunset Strip music scene – everything you could imagine in your best dream and your worst nightmare all rolled into one. It can be the ride of your life and the cause of your death. Wherever you live within it, once LA gets in your system you never really get away. It’s like heroin. It remains in your system and makes you stay long past the time has come to move on to a better life. If you do get out it will always be a part of you and you will have been a part of something a non-junkie could never understand. If you do escape the ‘Lost Angels’, eventually you will look back and smile. Time has a way of fading bad memories, leaving only the good ones (and there were plenty of those too) as tales to be told. That’s what I hope to do.

Nowadays I am living two very different adventures at the same time – a life abroad and a thing called parenthood. I live in London. Yes, London in the UK. Across the pond from where I began so they say and again it is everything you imagine. Married now I have a whole new family with the greatest husband and in-laws anyone could have hoped for, especially me. I have two fur baby cats each with their own very distinct personalities and a step-daughter that lives with us every other weekend. On the weekends we don’t have our step-daughter we explore the city and all it has to offer. We travel whenever we can. Our friends are from all over the world and it has been a treat to learn about each of their cultures and perspectives on life – so different, so beautiful, something to be celebrated and always something to learn.

This blog might not be for everyone. Not every midlife woman will be able to relate or see the world as I do. It might make you angry, you might think I am stupid or weird or have delusions of grandeur (hell you’d probably be right 😉 ). You might not even believe some of the things I say and who knows, you might be right. I might be using poetic license. The idea is, however, to reach those of you who might be able to relate. I always find it comforted when someone says something that I have thought but never expressed. It makes me feel like I am not alone in this world. I hope I can do the same for some of you. If not, well, maybe I can keep you amused for awhile.

Jennifer Pike
Jennifer Pike
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Jennifer Pike

I am a Gen X woman now finding my way through midlife. Fortunately, Gen X has redefined what that means. Here I will share my nostalgia for the past, my experiences in present time and my perspective on it all.

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