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I Met Him at a Diner.

by Saint Will about a year ago in fact or fiction

A Scene.


Inside a moderately busy 24/7 diner, Ryan, late '20s, sits alone in a booth near a window. Grey skies and a small drizzle of rain is what he sees as he stares out the window, trying to keep himself out of his head at this moment.

Nervousness made obvious every time his focus quickly jumps from the window to the entrance when a guest walks in... Back to the window when it's just another stranger.

Looking around the Diner, he keeps the table cloth handy as he wipes the sweat from his head every five minutes, THINKING IN HIS HEAD...


Maybe this was a bad idea... I mean what if he doesn't like me? look at me right now, I'm sweating the moisturizer completely off my face! I can't stop shaking, and I have no idea why I wore this fucking shirt...

Noticing the sweat stains under his armpits...

I should Go... But I waited so long to meet him... I'm sure I look different than what he probably imagined, what if he doesn't like me? look at me right now, I wouldn't like me... Okay, Ryan, please don't drive yourself into a panic attack, just relax dude...

Suddenly the waiter comes up to his booth.


Hey, how you doin' I'll be your server this afternoon! Can I start you off with something to drink or are you ready to order?? And would you like me to get you another cloth to dry you off? This weather is something ain't it?

You really don't want to know what's going through Ryan's mind right now.

trying not to burst into a pool of tears,


No. Thank you. Just a glass of water and not just yet I'm waiting for someone...


No problem baby, I'll be right back with ya water!

Ryan nervously nods. The waiter smiles as she walks away.

He swiftly wipes himself dry with the cloth, hoping no one is looking.

He takes out his phone, opening it to Tinder. Before taking one swipe, he pauses-- closes his phone and puts it back in his pocket.

Back to his thoughts...


(Checking the time on his watch)

No... I should go. It's 2:15-- 15 minutes late. Maybe he decided he wasn't interested in meeting, I wouldn't blame him! I wouldn't be surprised if he just walked out, it wouldn't be the first time...

Ryan is lost, as the waiter returns--


Here's ya water! Would you--

Ryan is startled back into reality, knocking the glass of water out of the Waiter's hand and into his lap. Ryan and the Waiter are running frantically with each other as the Diner looks at the commotion going on at the booth.

I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you!

Ryan can feel the entire Diner watching. Adding more to the list of things making him want to end this nightmare, but instead, he quickly runs towards the bathroom. As he runs, he bumps into an older man walking in, right into Ryan's tracks.


I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!

But he doesn't stop, he continues his rush into the bathroom.


Ryan is cleaning himself off. Disappointment, sadness in his eyes.


(Back to his thoughts)

Just as I expected... This day just gets worse. I knew this was a bad idea, I'm getting out of here... I don't want to give him any further reason to do the same so I might as well save myself more embarrassment.

He starts to check his pockets-- slight panic comes over him.

(Out loud)

SHIT... My phone.

Rushing, gathering his things, he heads out of the bathroom and walks into the waiter, waiting for him at the door.


I'm really sorry again for scaring you like that-- here you go, I held on to your phone for you.

She hands Ryan his phone.


Thank you... It's okay, no apologies needed...


And your guest just got here, I sat him in your booth and told him you were in the bathroom.

Ryan is wide-eyed, noticeable that he is having about 30 panic attacks all at once. The waiter walks away...

As he stands frozen, he thinks to himself...


Oh no... What the hell am I going to do??? I wanted this... I want this. I'll look like a fraud if I walked out.

Ryan has not moved a muscle, staring down both paths, back to the booth to conquer his fear, or out the door...

He finally snaps back to reality, taking a deep sigh, he decides. He walks back to his booth, he sees the back of his head, nervously getting closer...

(In his head)

I can still make a run for it...

He approaches. As he sits, he is face to face with the older man he bumped into on his way to the bathroom...


Hi, Ryan...

A bit relieved, but still nervous...


Hi, Dad...

EXT. End Scene.

fact or fiction

Saint Will

I don't see myself doing anything else in life but writing. To inform, to inspire to entertain.

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Saint Will
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