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He Doesn’t REALLY Want the Perfect Woman He Wants These 3 Things from You Instead…

Get Happy Relationship

By Chetan TalelePublished 2 years ago 6 min read
Happy Relationship

How much time do you devote to attempting to be the type of woman you believe men desire?

It's a LOT if you're like most women. You spend so much time trying to make yourself look sexy and appealing.

All the while, you're portraying yourself as amusing, interesting, worldly, and not in the least bit needy. You've spent all this time demonstrating how wonderful you'd be for him... how bright his future would be if he chose you as his partner...

It also doesn't work. It's never going to work. WHY? Why do you put forth so much effort... And the guy in your life, if he notices you at all, takes you for granted? Isn't it probable because he's immature? He can't tell when something is nice until it's gone. Or perhaps... It's because you've been taking care of everything for him.

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If He Doesn’t Work for Your Relationship, He Won’t Value It


The things that men value the most are those that they have to work hard for.

If you hand a man a college diploma, he won't cherish it as much as if he had to study and work for years to acquire it.

If you give a man the ideal girlfriend, he won't value her as much as if he had to pursue her for weeks before she agreed to go together with him. This is why it is beneficial to play hard to get.

However, as you've surely observed...

Playing hard to get has a significant drawback. Once he has you, that strategy is no longer effective.

When guys decide they've won you, something happens. It's as though they're thinking, "Game over." Their thoughts are already turning to the next task. What the hell is going on?!

And what can you do to avoid it destroying your relationship?

It’s Not Just You—ALL Women Experience This (That’s Why They Ask for Help)

Many women have given up on finding love. They never got too close to a man for fear of frightening him away. Other ladies, on the other hand, take a different approach. They receive assistance. One of the individuals they consult is relationship coach James Bauer.

Many clients were complaining to him about people who were blowing hot and cold, he saw. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly until...

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Something would change overnight.

A man who had before been warm, affectionate, and interested would turn distant. He wouldn't have time for her anymore. He refused to greet you with a smile. He'd cease looking me in the eyes. His kisses were a little rough. James looked into it since he wanted to aid his clients.

And what he discovered made perfect sense. He understood why these folks were shrinking back. He was well aware of what they required... and what they were not receiving.

There was nothing wrong with these women in the end.

Rather, it all boiled down to "The Hero Instinct," as he termed it.

Most Women Do Something that Drives Men Away… Without Ever Realizing It

Happy Relationship

One of the most beautiful aspects of women is their inherent loving nature.

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Take a look at you. You're always willing to help your man. You're in charge of him. You make time for him all the time. You'd go to great lengths for him.

You never notice it while you're in the middle of it...

You're actually depriving him of something. You're robbing him of his motivation.

He wants to be your hero, you see. He doesn't want you to be the hero of his storey.

Men are drawn to heroes. Consider how many grown guys continue to be enthralled by Marvel comics and superhero films.

Every man on the planet has fantasised since he was a child of growing up to be the kind of hero who would save the world while also getting the girl.

In their 9-5 occupations, most guys don't get to explore their world-saving side.

They aren't in a position to take off their corporate ties and rush into action, showing their superhuman side. Maybe they won't be able to preserve the world. They can still get the girl, though.

For an ordinary guy with a superhero's heart, getting the girl is a worthy quest. It demands a superhuman level of self-assurance. Superhuman enchantment. It's as though you have superhuman pain immunity. All he has to do now is...

You're a formidable opponent. You're self-sufficient. A dripping faucet can be repaired. You are capable of driving a stick shift. You are capable of looking after yourself. You'll never make the Jerry Maguire error of seeking for a man to make you whole.

You, on the other hand, have a lot to offer a man. You're a generous person. Kind. Loving. Giving to the point of becoming a jerk. All you want is to meet a man who is ready to accept everything you have to offer.

That's why you're not seeing any heroes in your life. That's why you've gotten so many responses instead. Guys who steal everything you own and then abandon you. You need to advertise for a hero if you want one. Here's how to do it.

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3 Ways You Can Invite a Hero into Your Life, Starting Today

1. Seek assistance from a man.

Inquire about purchasing a new computer from him. Request that he listen to the strange rattling noise that has started in your car. Solicit his assistance in reaching something on the top shelf. Then, with a wide smile of gratitude, thank him heartily. That does not imply that you are needy. It transforms you into a woman who has room in her life for a man.

2. Enjoy being in the presence of men.

Guys admire ladies who appreciate men for who they are. What if his apartment is a sports shrine? So what if he spends all of his time working on his fantasy football team? So what if the least wrinkled shirt is his concept of a clean shirt? He's a gentleman. It's all right. You don't need him to be more like you because you've already taken care of the feminine half of the equation.

3. Give him a chance to earn your respect.

Superheroes enjoy a good challenge. They do not want a gold medal simply for showing up. They aren't looking for your affection to be served to them on a silver platter. They want to work hard for it. Even more than a woman's eternal and undying love, they yearn for a challenge. As a result, provide him with opportunities to demonstrate his worth. You don't have to put in the effort to win him over. Allow him the pleasure of earning your admiration by sitting back and relaxing.

Keep Learning

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