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Grandparenting in the 21st Century

The Stress is Real

By Jeanell Norvell, S-LPC, Ph.D.Published 2 months ago 3 min read
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According to a 2018 survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, over half (52%) of all grandparents report feeling overwhelmed and stressed due to their grandparenting responsibilities. Sixty percent of grandparents surveyed reported feeling exhausted at least once a week because of their grandchildren's needs. Furthermore, a large majority (81%) also reported feeling concerned about their grandkids' safety and well-being, with 23% admitting to having very high levels of stress in this area. Grandparents play a unique and vital role in their grandchildren's lives. From providing advice to providing childcare to being an understanding ear, they can give love and guidance throughout childhood and beyond. Let's look at why self-care is essential for Grandparents, how it can help them better support their grandchildren, and tips for including self-care into daily routines.

Benefits of Self-Care For Grandparents

Not only is doing regular self-care beneficial - it's essential. Taking the time to relax physically, mentally, and emotionally allows us to show up fully for the people who count on us. For grandparents, this means having the emotional capacity to be present with grandchildren when needed and setting boundaries if required. In addition to allowing them to participate in activities like playing sports or taking nature walks with the grandkids, self-care also increases psychological resilience so that during moments of stress or difficulty, grandparents maintain the emotional tools necessary for their well-being as that of their family members.

Supporting Grandchildren Through Self-Care

When grandparents prioritize self-care, they can keep energy levels high enough to participate in physical activities with grandkids, such as playing tag. They can remain mentally sharp and impart valuable lessons such as problem-solving skills and kindness. Showing children by example the importance of taking care of emotional health helps promote mental wellness in future generations since children learn best through observation.

Examples of healthy behaviors you can model for your grandchildren

Practicing mindfulness and gratitude on a daily basis by taking a few moments to be aware of the present moment and express appreciation for what you have.

Engaging in physical activity regularly, such as walking, biking, running, or swimming.

Eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables and limiting processed foods or take-outs.

Taking frequent breaks from digital devices and engaging in activities like reading, playing card games, or crafting together with the grandkids instead.

Talking about difficult emotions in an open and honest way - helps children learn to better understand their own feelings as well as how to communicate them with others effectively.

Tips For Incorporating Self-Care Into Daily Routines

Schedule Time: Scheduling specific blocks dedicated solely towards self-care ensures you have time deliberately set aside for restorative activities like reading a book or soaking in a hot bath. If you have trouble with your schedule, try creating small reminders through calendar alerts or alarms on your phone!

Small Steps: Although it can feel overwhelming trying to fit more tasks into already busy days, even small steps such as stretching every morning or going for a 10-minute walk every night add up over time and creates long-lasting positive habits that will start making an impact soon after implementation.

Find an Activity You Enjoy: Doing something you naturally enjoy makes it easier to stick with the longer term; finding alternative activities if yoga isn't your thing can make all the difference between success and giving up!

Self-care is just as vital for grandparents as anyone else! From increasing inner resources so they can show up fully when needed to modeling healthy behaviors that young ones can observe, taking the time out for yourself helps ensure everyone involved wins in the end - both psychologically as well as mentally - allowing families to be stronger than ever before.

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Disclaimer: The content of this writing is for informational and inspirational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional counseling advice for serious mental health issues. Content created with Jasper Ai.


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