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by Merjaunie Lena 9 months ago in grief
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But are we really?

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The day one of our beloved one's pass has got to be one of the hardest days to endure I'm sure. But it's inevitable, and will continue to happen as we all cannot live to stay on this earth forever.

But are we really gone?

This is the million dollar question some of us ask ourselves, and some people believe that we never really leave. Physically our bodies no longer walk this earth, but was that physical appearance really us? Or is it what is inside our human shells that really matter? Our souls, and our spirits is what really makes us. When people remember who we were it's not by the appearance, but who we were, what we liked, the lives we've touched, and how we made people feel. Yes we also remember the details of their physical appearance, but it's how they made us feel is what truly matters. We may not be able to physically touch them anymore, but when you remember a certain type of memory and begin to feel those emotions again that's them spiritually being with you. Their energy they brought around you once before is what made up the physical appearance of their bodies.

For example you hear this old song that reminds you of a memory of someone where both of you went out one night and had a crazy good time, you remember how that person was, and how having them around you made you feel, and their free lively spirit. You remember how much they made you laugh when you needed it, and how warm you felt when you needed their guidance. Our physical appearance is merely how we remember what someone looks like. It's whats on the inside that really matters, and that spirit really never leaves when we pass. We will be in that breeze you feel on that warm sunny day during spring, we will always be with you maybe not physically, but spiritually always watching.

Sometimes you can look in the mirror, and not even recognize who you are, or who you are looking at, but others will always remember how you made someone feel. The way you laughed, the way you talked, or even simply the way you would breathe. People remember all these things because you were apart of someone's life, and we always remember the small details about people. It was that someone's spirit that made us feel alive, and remember them for who they used to be, not what they looked like. Our bodies are filled with a mind, a heart, and a soul, and that is what creates us. Without a body we cannot walk the earth, but without a heart, soul, and spirit we could never live. We walk this earth and touch peoples lives, to be remembered by the energy we gave, the aura that surrounds us is what makes up the inside of our souls. Our bodies may leave the world eventually, but our spirit will be released from our body back into this world spiritually.

The next time you think someone is completely gone, stop and try to remember the things they loved and how they would make you feel, and when you do I promise you they are there with you. Remembering them attracts the spirit back. Spirits are always around us, and sometimes we can feel it, and sometimes we can't. Our souls will find somewhere, or even someone else to live in. It could be a bird, a dog, a cat, or even a new born baby. We will always find our way back because we are never really gone to begin with.


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I write to express, and clear my head, it's my therapy.

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