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By Sewing For BeginnerPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Closure is a platform-puzzler video game where the player has to navigate through dark levels by carrying luminescent globes, called "lifebulbs." The game's challenge is based on the principle that where no light falls, nothing exists. The player can only pass through surfaces or objects that are lit by the lifebulbs. The game includes "Eureka" moments as well as "You what?" moments, as the player experiences different tricks of the light throughout the game's four worlds.

In Closure, the player needs to use light creatively to navigate through the levels. Initially, having a light source in hand is important to avoid falling through the floor. However, as the game progresses, the use of light becomes more complex. The player needs to use light sources like pedestals, bulbs hanging from vines, lamps, etc. to trigger movement, cross gaps, and make objects disappear or reappear. The "Eureka" moments happen frequently, making the more challenging moments bearable. The game is often compared to Portal 2, as it requires more puzzle-solving and less speed, but there are still points where speed is necessary. The player sometimes needs to discard the light source or adjust its angle to create a path through the level. The "You what?" moments often occur due to misreading the path.

In Closure, each level requires the player to memorize the different elements, triggers, and tools, and use them in a specific order to move from one point to another. Similar to Portal 2, the elements have a specific purpose, even though the level may seem open to experimentation. The player needs to scope out the area and figure out how everything fits together to progress. The biggest difference from Portal 2 is that in Closure, most of the level is hidden until explored, leading to moments of falling through the bottom or resetting due to a misplaced light or a missing piece of equipment. However, once the player has learned the layout and triggers of a level, they can see the specific position, function, and timing of each element. For example, in one level, the player needs to move a box onto a pressure plate by creating a slope with a makeshift elevator, which requires adjusting the light structure of the area.

In summary, Closure is a well-designed platform-puzzler game that requires the manipulation of light to navigate levels. The game challenges players to use light to create, morph, and destroy the architecture of levels, leading to a sense of control over light that is similar to the control over objects in Portal 2. The levels are short and can be frustrating at times, but the satisfaction of solving puzzles is worth it. The game has Eureka moments and the "you what?" moments, but the former outweighs the latter. The game also made the player think about their own actions and the relationship between light and existence.

In conclusion, Closure is a well-crafted puzzle game that challenges players to think about their actions in a unique way. By manipulating light, players can reconfigure spaces, creating, morphing and destroying the architecture of a level. The game has a sinister and macabre atmosphere, with strange things lurking in the background, which adds to the overall experience. The levels are short, but the complexity can be frustrating at times. However, the sense of creation and the feeling of exploring an intangible world make Closure a captivating and thought-provoking game.

In conclusion, Closure is a well-crafted game that takes a smart concept from a Flash game and expands it into a full title. The game features strong pacing and constantly introduces fresh and interesting ideas without overwhelming the player. The game's use of light manipulation to reconfigure spaces is a unique and engaging experience, leading the player to think creatively and solve puzzles. The game's visuals become more fascinating as the scenery changes, and the sinister circus world adds to the game's eerie and macabre atmosphere. The comparison to Limbo is mentioned, with Closure starting in a bland area and becoming more fascinating as the game progresses.

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