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Creative Colorful Christmas

by Nicholas Rivera 3 months ago in feature

The First Day of Colorful Creative Christmas

Colorful Christmas Tree

Once Upon a Time, there was a Boy, who loves Christmas and Colors. His name is Patrick Kyle Bercher. He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 6, 1987. He is the Youngest in the Bercher Family. His Mother is Lucy Bercher and His Father, Joseph Bercher. Patrick has three Brothers, Jeffrey, Timothy, and Grant, and two Sisters, Heidi, and Christi. When Christmas is almost approaching. Patrick is thinking about what he wants for Christmas. He wants a Colorful Teddy Bear, Disney Character Figurines, and a shirt that says, Mickey Mouse is Awesome. On Christmas Eve 1988, When Santa Clause came to the Bercher's Chimney at their house, Patrick was sleeping in his crib. Santa brought Mrs. Clauses to Surprise the one-year-old baby Patrick to put His Presents in his Crib. The Clauses were putting Patrick's Family's Presents underneath the most Beautiful and Colorful Christmas Tree ever to be seen. The next day on Christmas day in the morning on December 25, 1988, The Bercher family includes Patrick were opening Gifts from Santa Clause. The Mother, Lucy was asking who wants to open presents first? then Lucy said Ladies first and that will be the Sisters Heidi and Christi will go first. Heidi got a Makeup kit, Cinderella Dress and Barbie Dolls and a Doll House for Christmas, and when the 17-year-old Sister Christi opens her Christmas Presents, She's got a Key to a Brand new car and One Thousand dollars in Christi's Christmas Card. Christi was so excited and doing the Victory Dance and said, Thank you Santa, and Thank you, Jesus. The Mother, Lucy loves to cook and She had opened her Christmas Gifts and She got a Red Copper Square pan with the recipe book and a Beautiful Colorful Dress. Then it's The Boy's turn. The Dad, Joseph had opened his Christmas Presents first and He got the Disk Jockey Kit with so many Compact Disks to play the music, while Disk Jockeying, Joseph also got an Addidas Colounge, and White Dress shirt with his Dress Jacket, his Dress pants, Black socks, and Black Dress shoes. After their Father's Turn, It's Grant's turn to open his Christmas Presents. Grant's favorite Sport is Baseball and His favorite Baseball team is the New York Yankees. Grant got a baseball bat, Baseball, National Baseball League New York Yankees Jersey, and His Baseball Gloves. Jeffrey is up next to open the gifts. Jeffrey Loves Art, so He got a Sketch Book, so He can draw, and also Crayola 157 Crayons Ultimate Collection, and Art Supplies with Paint, Pastells, and Colored Pencils. Then Timothy is next to Opened his Gifts. Timothy loves Amusement Rides, Carnivals, Fairs, and Theme Parks. He got seven Tickets to Walt Disney World and seven Tickets to Universal Studios. That's very excited to not only for Timothy but also for the whole family to go to two Theme Parks. And last but certainly not the least. The youngest sibling, Patrick is so ready to open his. Patrick had got Colorful Teddy Bear, The Disney Figurines, and a Shirt, which fits on one-year-old, Patrick that says, Jesus, Loves Me. He is very happy and very Thankful for Santa Clause. The Whole Bercher Family is very Thankful and loves their Gifts. After opening their Gifts, There's more to the Bercher Family. Each Person in the Family of eight had Stockings full of stuff. The Ladies go first and after the Ladies opened Gifts in their Stockings, then it's the Men's turn to open theirs. Patrick was opening his Stocking stuffers and He is so excited that Patrick has so many Stocking Gifts for the very first time in his life as a one-year-old Youngest member in the Bercher Family. After the Celebration of The Most Creative Colorful Time of the year, The whole Bercher family went to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida. They Flew from Las Vegas, Nevada to Orlando, Florida. Patrick is having fun celebrating a Wonderful time with his family. The Bercher family were on one of the rides at Disney's Magic Kingdom and It was Space Mountain. Patrick was way under the age limit and He cannot go on the Space Mountain. The rest of the family went and had an awesome time on that ride. Then the Unknown were taking care of one-year-old Patrick and suddenly hurt him. The Bercher family was looking for the youngest of the family and Patrick was not in Space Mountain, so Lucy and Joseph called for help to find their youngest son Patrick. The Security was looking at the Theme Park and Investigate who had taken care of Patrick and stole him. Mother Lucy was in tears crying that Patrick was lost. Father Joseph was really mad that someone had Possibly kidnapped Patrick Kyle Bercher. Then the Police came and the family was talking to the Deputy and two more officers about Our family member, Patrick. The Police and Security were searching and Investigating who had Patrick.2 hours later, Law Enforcement Officers were kept searching and searching throughout Walt Disney World. Then the News Anchor and Crew Members came and were Reporting at Disney's Magic Kingdom. This is the Ambert Alert that was at the Space Mountain, said the Achor Man, named Jesse Copeland. The Bercher family were asking questions about one year old, Patrick. Lucy and Joseph and their children were on Live Television and Anchor Man, Jesse was interviewing the Family about Patrick Bercher and who had him last.2 days later, while the Bercher Family were at the Holiday Inn Hotel Resort, they just got a telephone call from The Theme Park Authorities and said, Good News, We had found your son, Patrick Bercher, and The Mother Lucy said, Oh Thank You so much and The Police had to ask Lucy, Where are you at, what's the Location? Lucy said, oh We are at the Holiday Inn Hotel Resort at Disney World on the 6th floor in room 607. Five Minutes later someone knocked on the door of Suite 607 and it was The Police officer and Patrick. The whole family was very thankful and excited to Welcome back Patrick to the family. Lucy said to the Deputy, I'm so glad you guys had found our year old Son to Safety. The person, who had Patrick was the Suspect of hurting The youngest son and had arrested this Suspect named, Oscar Ederson. The Bercher family Does not know the Suspect and The Deputy, Stephen Wong said, Please be careful with your son. It is very important to have this kid with you at all times, Said the Deputy, Stephen Wong. The Whole Family needs to be taking care of each other and not be lost ever again, said, Joseph.

Nicholas Rivera
Nicholas Rivera
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Nicholas Rivera

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