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Creating My Own Business

by Taul M 3 months ago in parents
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Following my mother's advice and making something of my own...

Creating My Own Business
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I know this letter comes almost a week after Mother's Day, but better late than never. My mother told me that even if I enjoy my job, I should work towards creating my own business - to create something for myself that I can be proud of and call my own. While having a stable job with a Fortune 500 company in corporate America is good, my mom reminded me that companies are always subject to layoffs and letting their workers go at any time with little, if any, forewarning. One day, you could have a career of your dreams with one of the largest corporations in the nation - and the next day, you could be packing your things & preparing for unemployment because the shareholders decided you were an easily replaceable cog in the corporate machine. Because of this fact of life, you need to be an entrepreneur who has their own business on the side in addition to your main stream of income.

Of course, this sound advice comes to me from a mother that has experience when it comes to things like this. After all, this is a woman who spent a decent chunk of her life working as a chemist and a collegiate teaching assistant at different points of her life. She also raised two kids while preparing her own perfume company with what little free time she had. When she eventually gave up having both of those jobs, the perfume business along with several odd jobs helped her keep the household afloat. By being an entrepreneur, mom was able to give her a strong safety net to catch her when her other forms of employment fell through and she hopes for me to do the same thing for myself to catch myself if my current job ever fails me. Fortunately, I have been working on a secret plan for independence that, up until this point, I have not told anyone in my family about until I started writing this letter...

My jobs have been all about technology and using my computer science skills to help design secure websites for others. However, I had to consider what kind of website I would like to design for myself that people use all the time & had the ability to get a decent amount of traffic every month or so. So I took some time to ponder the kind of website I would like to make people tended to spend a bunch of their free time looking at & I found the kind of website I wanted to make: I wanted to design a news blog! News blogs tend to be good platforms that generate written, current news stories & allow people to quickly know what is going on in their world. On top of that, you could easily use a news blog to earn some kind of money if you needed some cash in a pinch. You could earn money from ad revenue or you could write a sponsored story for someone who would be willing to pay you to advertise their goods or services. With some help, I have been able to design a functional news blog that allows me to manually and automatically give people the latest news stories related to topics like technology, entertainment, business, finance, sports, travel, and more. This particular blog is named Jus 4 News and while it is not fully designed the way I want it, it is still pretty functional. You can go to the url http://jus4news.net/ and visit it to see a complete news site with the latest articles. It even has a section on Google News: https://news.google.com/publications/CAAqBwgKMLCgtwswvbvOAw?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US:en. Once I am done, it should be able to make some money while allowing me to write some stories about the latest news. Plus, it will let my mom see that I have another source of income & something that can help to keep me afloat, no matter what the future throws at me in terms of my current employment.


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