Brandon's Legacy

Stories of a woman with her twins whose biological father doesn't know they exist.

Brandon's Legacy
Chapter 1

In a day that she watched over you, she knew that she can't stay with him forever. His eyes tell her that he wasn't honest while his mouth says, "I love you." Her heart sank because it was just a lied. What she couldn't tell him was that she was pregnant with his child.

She found out that he has a two-week business trip. She was relieved because She had more time to prepare when needed to be done. When he departed, her heart turned into steel because she knew that she has to be strong. She has already had a job and a place to stay. She removed the wedding ring since she no longer feels the need to keep it. She cleaned and reorganize the place to make it seem that a woman hasn't lived here. Wrote a letter to Melissa Bryne, his former lover, that his heart still cares for her. She removed the photos from the wall to the album and his phone. This way, he doesn't have to be reminded. But his cellphone only has a few of us and more of her. She cancels her current cellphone provider and change to a new carrier with a new number. She notifies a few trusted friends that wouldn't share her information. She placed a note along with the ring by the entrance and lock the door.

Good-bye Jason Matheson, may you find happiness with her.

7 Months Later


Panting and holding tight onto the rail.

"Come on, you are almost there!" The doctor says as she checked for the baby crowning. Continued to push with an unimaginable pain until the sound of the crying echo the sterile room.

"It's a girl!" but then another sharp pain came without warning. But she was not prepared for this unexpected set of twins.

"Hold on." The doctor passed the baby to the nearby nurse and checked to find out another crowning one. Goodness, she hopes there isn't a third one after this. "you gonna have another baby. Come on, baby doll, you can do this." The next one was much easier than the first. After the final push, she announces that it is a boy.

"Helen," She looked at her doctor and her best friend of over 20 years. "What eyes did you use to see when we check the sonogram?"

"Baby girl," She snipped the umbilical cord, "the sonogram isn't always foolproof."

"Ohhhhhh, right like you can't see the second set of feet?" She laughed at her expression. "Now, come on! Give me my precocious twins!"

"Skin to skin?" Helen looked at her in dismayed. "Really, baby girl?"

"Helen," she gave her a stern look. "Don't you start." They both laughed as they have their own quirky jokes. Helen and the nurse both handed her babies.

She never imagines that she would have a twin, much less a boy and a girl. This is going to be a challenge since she wasn't mentally and physically prepared. As she stared at her son, she realizes how much he resembles his father. She can only hope to keep this secret for as long as she can.

"What is the name of the father?"

"Brandon Wright." She remembers how much he wanted to be a father, but he never got a chance. Since he has been with me since the beginning and right up until the accident.

"Are you sure?" Helen asked as she knew Brandon isn't the biological father.

"Yes," I nodded. "I am sure."

"Our son will take after his name, and she will be Elise."

"Brandon is gonna be so happy. I wish he was here to see this." Helen wiped her tear when they just buried him a few weeks ago. It was so sudden, and She couldn't believe it. I almost lost our children Brandon. Why did you have to go?

It seems that Brandon had set up an investment portfolio with his most trusted friend. He wanted to make sure that we will be okay. Our businesses grew within a few short months because of Brandon's expertise. He was the best in his field and helps countless small businesses to develop. He taught me everything there is to know.

Brandon, your legacy will live on with our children.

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