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Ban Of The Genders?

Should We Include Children In Our Fight For How We Are Labeled?

By Jassy La’Nae Published 2 years ago 8 min read
Ban Of The Genders?
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I thought long and hard before writing this up. I feared of offending anyone, because that is definitely not my intention. I wanted to be open with my thoughts and questions of what is going on in our world in this time. I’m a very open minded person who loves to question how our world is evolving. If anyone does find an issue with anything I am saying, I truly apologize, although that does not mean I feel bad for asking and giving my opinion.

Lately, there has been an agenda from higher power to change our world. To change the way we view ourselves as people. To erase what we already know, and to remove what we have been labeled since the beginning of time.

I say higher power because you hear these insane, ridiculous things from wealthy people who aren’t even considered in the category of normal every day life. But, they impact our younger generation a lot more than us normal people in society do. Everyone knows that. Children and kids idolize these famous people they see on TV and their phone screens, and are quick to believe almost anything they say. Like Youtubers who upload fake prank videos and acted out drama filled content. Who are those people watching and giving them millions of views and subscribers? Young people. Because their minds are more gullible and quick to give judgment off of what they see.

It is coming to the point where our younger generation and kids will no longer have these gender labels that separate them from male or female. They no longer want us to label our children “girl” and “boy”. It has come to the point where stores are now going to no longer separate the two. Pink will be no different from blue. It will mean nothing other than a color. Boy clothing will be no different from girl clothing. It will just be all one mixture of confusion.

Now, don’t be quick to judge me for not being so approving of the ban of genders with our younger children. As you notice, I only speak of CHILDREN because adults are old enough and wise enough to know what they like and don’t like. Growing teens begin to discover their pleasures in what sex and who they feel they are on the inside, which is normal, and they are not young children, but maturing adults with a wider range of thinking, feeling, and knowing. As you grow in life, and as you develop your character and personality, you begin to notice how you are evolving sexually. Children are not thinking sexually. They are innocents being forced to be confused on who they are and where they belong. At such a young age, one should not have that heavy of a burden as to start wondering if they should be wearing a dress because deep inside their parents feel this is who they are to them. Kids are organically curious creatures of life and living. If a young boy picks up a dress as a toddler, why be so quick to label them as feminine and stop calling him a “he” because of it?

The big issue is, why is it being forced onto our children so heavily? When transgenders and gays began to be accepted it was a good thing, because it was not fair to judge or push out people who are different and love differently than others. It was about time they were acknowledged for who they were and what they wanted to be labeled as. But, a transgender woman is still wanting to be considered a WOMAN. At least, that’s how I thought they wanted to be portrayed as. They wanted to be equal and acknowledged as a WOMAN, and vice versa with a woman wanting to become a man. They want to be treated as such, labeled as “he” and “she”. So why is society trying to erase the two categories all together? For example, the women’s label was taken off of tampon and pad boxes to make them feel more comfortable, but if they are wanting to be considered a woman how is that offensive? You can’t embrace feminism and the traits of being a woman and try to ban the title of being a woman all together. And, what about straight women who didn’t have to go through a gender change? How is it fair to them that is is wrong to have products and clothing designed specifically for them? If want we want is to all be equal, why are we trying to erase the label and category of men and women all together? Where is the equality in that?

My question is: is it right for men, women, and children who are not LGBTQ? As a woman, I would be lying if I said it didn’t hit a small nerve that they no longer want to label me as a woman because they are now being fully acknowledged.. I would be lying to myself if I didn’t say it hit a small nerve that as a mother raising both a girl and boy that society doesn’t want them to be looked at as such, and that people would be quick to call me homophobic or transphobic for wanting to raise my son to be a man and to be masculine. To teach him how to treat women, and raise him to know how a man is supposed to act in manners and respect of others. Teach him how to be a king and how to love a woman properly, and understand the importance of being a protector of women and not a predator.

As a mother raising a daughter, how could I be homophobic for wanting her to wear dresses and have pretty hairstyles? To have her learn to cross her legs when sitting in a skirt or dress, or have her nails painted. To teach her how to be feminine and to have healthy hygiene. Am I wrong as a mother for separating the teachings of both my son and daughter? Does that truly make me homophobic or have a fear of having a gay son or daughter? I can answer that for you without you answering it for me. No, it does not. Because no matter what, my children have free will. They have the right to like and dislike what they desire to play with or what colors they decide they want to wear.

Now that a higher percentage of over 1.4 million people on the planet are now transgender or no longer wants to be labeled with either one, it is now becoming a problematic debate on children who haven’t even been removed from the womb yet! It has shockingly become an issue for parents to want a certain gender or have high hopes for one over the other. The excitement of having your mind guess based on mood swings and belly placement if you are having a boy or a girl can make people believe that you are transphobic. Unbelievable!

Singer, and long ago Disney star actress Demi Lovato believes gender reveals are transphobic. In her Instagram post, she states these words: “Gender reveals uphold the gender binary and the binary prevents people from observing reality.” In which a Trans activist by the name of Alok authored an article saying: “Only individuals can determine their own gender.

I was truly at lost for words after reading such a thing. Me thinking to myself in my own head, I began to question things to myself to grasp an understanding. I first asked myself, how is right for someone to try and label parents as transphobic for having the excitement of having a boy or a girl? And when that child is born with a penis or vagina, how would it be wrongfully so that a doctor claims to be a male or female? How could an infant be so worried enough to say “I am a boy, not a girl.” And, another question I have asked myself is, doesn’t certain traits and body parts have us determine who we are as it has done since the beginning of time? Would you look at your child, have them come up to you and ask “am I a boy or a girl,” and tell them they can determine who they are at a young age of…four for example?

Why are we trying to give our children such confusion at such a young age?

As I said, I do not wish to upset anyone on how they label themselves. But, we should all leave children out of it. And for adults who don’t are not LGBTQ, let them not be judged or labeled with such things as transphobic or homophobic. It is okay to look forward to having a boy or a girl. It is still acceptable to want your sons to be kings and daughters to be queens. As they grow older and begin to learn themselves, that is when there should be a discussion of who they want to be labeled as and who they want be to known as.

This world is big enough for all labels, all genders, and all people of whatever sexuality to fit and live happily. Let us not keep the on going cycle of name calling and judgment going. And let us not, especially push young minds into a big society situation they will not understand .


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