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Answering Your Most Asked Questions!

by Zoe Vanbrocklin 5 days ago in children

If you are curious to learn a bit more about us, like where we come from and how we got to this point in our lives, or if you just want to watch us ramble on, give this video a watch!

You asked, and we answered! In this video, Garick and I serve up all the deets you have been dying to know as we respond to some questions from our followers that we usually would not answer. We talk about family, backgrounds, marriage, parenthood, moving, and more. Nothing is sugarcoated. This is our truth - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Garick: There's been a lot of questions that you guys have been asking in our DMs that have gone unanswered.

Zoe: It's not like we're intentionally not answering them. It's just our lives are just--

Garick: We're busy. We're real people in real life. We have a lot going on.

Zoe: Everything's changing all the time.

Zoe: Some of these are questions that we don't generally want to answer. Just to make it a little bit interesting for you guys we're going to answer some questions we wouldn't normally answer.

Garick: All right, let's do it.


Zoe: Okay, I guess I would ask this question too if we watched us and didn't know the backstory.

Garick: Question one.

Zoe: What were your plans before you started YouTube job-wise?

Garick: What were our plans?

Garick: I feel like we were so young in our relationship and life that we didn't really have long term plans aside from I always had music goals and--

Zoe: Those are goals, but we never really-- you were in construction.

Garick: Yes, I was in working construction and-

Zoe: I was a stay-at-home mom.

Zoe: We went to college.

Garick: We took a college course for phlebotomy and by the time we paid for the schooling and got out.

Garick: The pay wasn't worth what we invested.

Zoe: The class was fun, though.

Garick: It was very fun. I love it. I'm glad we did it.

Zoe: I loved doing it together.

Garick: I'm glad that we did it and it was a lot of fun.


Garick: Question is, why don't you see Garick's mom? My birth mother, she passed away. I'm trying to figure out how I should touch that because--

Zoe: I can see why people could be--

Garick: Yes, it's definitely confusing situation because I have the woman that my dad is with now. That's Amy, that's my stepmother. She has been in the picture since I was, I want to say 10, she's been on the vlogs you guys have seen her. Then another woman Betsy, that's basically who I believe to be my mom from the time I was two until I was eight.

Zoe: She's been in the vlogs too.

Garick: She's been in the vlogs too.

Zoe: I can see why that's confusing.

Garick: Yes, it's definitely confusing. I still reach out to her, we still talk. To me, she is my mom. I found out when I was eight. I was just too young to really truly understand what was going on so I never took that away from the situation. She was always my mom to me.


Zoe: Oh, this is a good one. What's your least favorite part of being parents?

Garick: Least favorite part of being parents?

Zoe: We always answer the mushy like, what's the best part of being a mom or dad? What's the least favorite part?

Garick: There's always negatives and positives to everything, what do you say? Oh, whenever they, Waaaa, at the same time, I guess, I don't know.

Zoe: I wouldn't really say there's-- Yes, things are a little hard.

Garick: There's little things here and there, but there's nothing that you're ever just like, "This is the reason why I don't want to be a parent." Nothing like that.

Zoe: Never. [crosstalk]

Garick: If you could put something at the top of your list, we're like, "Okay, this is the worst thing that's ever happened." Without it being a traumatic event, obviously. I would say, all three of the kids screaming at the same time in the car.

Zoe: Oh, in the car.

Garick: When we go somewhere

Zoe: That's the worst.


Zoe: Are you planning to cut Wilder's hair? No. Hey, I love it.

Garick: No.

Zoe: We get a lot of questions about Wilder's hair, oh, my goodness.

Garick: No, we will not be cutting Wilders hair not until he wants to. He loves his hair. We asked him all the time, "Do you want to cut your hair?"

Zoe: We do see that, it gets in his eyes and stuff and so we have asked him, "Wildie, do you want a haircut?" He has had a haircut before, trims and stuff? He's always like, "No, Mom, I like my long hair." We like it too.


Garick: To answer that question is our house clean? Depends on what time you asked that question. All throughout the day, no, our house is not clean. When we wake up in the morning, typically, yes, the house is clean.

Zoe: It gets destroyed.

Garick: It gets destroyed and then we try to pick up again at night. If you have kids, you know, if you don't, you honestly have absolutely no idea.

Zoe: It's like a tornado every single time.


Zoe: We're so grateful and blessed.

Garick: We're very grateful and very lucky.

Zoe: If it wasn't for you guys, we wouldn't even be where we are today. I don't even know how to put that into words.

Garick: Just very grateful, very blessed.


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